A Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

A beginners guide to affiliate marketing starts with looking at life in an entirely different way.

As a beginner you need successful affiliate marketers to guide you into and through the process of making money online.

The money is definitely in affiliate marketing, but it’s almost impossible as a newcomer to get to it without someone to guide you.

Sure you can spend hours a day on the search engines asking question after question to get you started.

Right to start with, you’ll need to know:

These questions are only the beginning and each one will undoubtedly lead you to more questions.

And the fact is that even when you are searching the web for answers (and wasting valuable time) you’re still searching for someone to guide you?

You can’t learn to be a successful affiliate marketer without a guide, that’s plain enough.

So the real question is do you want to waste your time not doing anything about making money online, or waste your time and money trying to figure out how to make money:

Without spending money?

A Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing

It’s easy to get a free website hosted onto the internet, but the chances of making money with it in affiliate marketing is nill!

Online marketing must be the least expensive way to start your own successful business, but plan on spending money for it to happen.

You can plan on these expenses for sure:

  • Buying a domain name that you renew each year for between $10 and $14.
  • Paying for a hosting provider to serve your website to the internet.

Why free hosting doesn’t work for affiliate marketing

When you, yourself, search for a term or something to purchase on the web you do it like this:

  1. You key into the Google search bar something like this: best running shoes under $100.
  2. You are immediately taken to the first page of the search results for that keyword term, right.
  3. Your look down through the results for something that looks interesting
  4. You rarely go to the second page of the search results

You will almost, practically never, find a website using free hosting in the search results. Even if you look back 20 pages (and who will ever look back that far for anything?).

Free hosting works like this

You don’t use a domain name on a free hosting account. You get a sub folder of a domain.

Yes, even at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s always the same thing, and it looks like this:

At Wealthy Affiliate free hosing looks like this in the search bar — runningshoes.siterubix.com

At WordPress. com it would look like this — runningshoes.wordpress.com

And it will be the same at any free hosting site.

You need your own domain name

Here’s how I learn what search engines like to rank on the pages:

I do a search for any keyword, like this one: A Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing. I just put that in the Google search bar and look through the results.

Go ahead and do that now, I’ll wait on you.

Go through as many pages as you like, and see if you see any search results with a sub-folder domain?

Nope, you didn’t!

That’s why you need to get your own domain name, right there.

You’ll need a guide for successful affiliate marketing

You can waste a ton of time and money going it alone, and waste it you will! In fact most people wind up quitting.

And wishing they had spent the money on a vacation trip. They learned to live in a state of denial about how much they were spending a few dollars at the time to learn.

I think we have it settled now that:

  • Affiliate marketing makes money
  • You will need to pay for hosting
  • You will need to pay for a domain name
  • You can’t be successful without someone to guide you

The best possible solution and method to make a real long term online business is get to Wealthy Affiliate University just as quick as you can!

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