Assertiveness Techniques for Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone

Gecko looking around corner with sunshades and glass of teaSure — your comfort zone is a cozy little place to be — but it’s holding you back

You’ve built fences to protect yourself:

And the only way out is with simple Self Assertiveness Techniques

Your self imposed boundaries keep you safe, comfortable, and unwilling to take the risk to go where you secretly wish to go. 

But there’s a life waiting for you to make a move toward it — so it can move to you.

At the moment your ultimate success is fenced in, and that’s not really comfortable at all. Is it”

Your only hope is to learn how to prepare for success with:

Self Assertiveness Techniques for Breaking Through

You can probably do your job without even thinking? Everything is so familiar to you — that when obstacles or challenges show up — you:

  • Ignore them
  • Put them off indefinitely
  • Pretend you didn’t notice
  • Figure out more cautious ways 

It’s safer that way; no chance for anyone to see you couldn’t do it on the first try.

Oh my, what if you failed completely?

However, there’s always that yearning for more, isn’t it?

It’s that gentle inner voice that won’t let you off the hook so easily.

You know yourself that you’re missing something bigger, but you’re not quite assertive enough to “Go for It All”.

To “Go for Broke”.

None the less:

All the magic of life is right outside of your own comfort zone.

Pushing Through Your Comfort Zone

Two things you need to know about self assertiveness before we begin:

  • Self assertiveness is addicting!
  • We’re not speaking of aggressiveness towards others — But toward yourself!

Did you ever notice that a dog will stay in a pen for years, but when he digs out the first time: you can’t keep it inside anymore. He pushed through his comfort zone, and now he’s addicted to the thrill of being more!


You really only have a couple of choices:

  1. Dig out, jump out, run out, fight your way out — of that comfort zone you have built around yourself — to learn and try some things that may just seem too far out there for you. Really outlandish!
  2. Stay where you’re at, where it’s comfortable with no possible way for anyone or yourself to imagine that you could make a mistake, take too long to get it, or even fail miserably. A place where there are no challenges to take you higher.

I can’t help but to believe you have some hopes and ambitions inside yourself that you’ve sorta put down, repressed, stifled.

I would bet that no matter where you are this minute, you would like to have more, be more, do more.

Maybe you’re a little afraid of letting your ambitions go too far? You know — get ’em out in the open where you can really think them through:

To where the prize is at.

Here’s the big news:

Assertiveness is saying no to your submissive self

Assertiveness is saying no imageYou can start asserting yourself and break out of your comfort zone — a little at the time,

It’s the deliberate taking small chances and asserting yourself a little at the time that begins the process — of breaking you out of your comfort zone.

Once you do:

You’ll soon be digging and scratching to get to the other side.

You’ll be on your way to pursuing your wildest hopes and imaginations.

You can start with simple assertiveness techniques.

Something simple like:

  • Learn a new skill. It doesn’t have to be earth shattering, either. Just go ahead and jump on something you’ve wished you knew how to do. Nothing on that list? Then just pick something, and get started learning a new skill. Playing a musical instrument, learn affiliate marketing, learn how to make YouTube videos, just anything at all.
  • Change some routine you have for doing something. If you’re a man, I bet you start shaving on the same side of your face every single day. If you’re a woman I bet you shave the same leg first, every time? Well, you’ll be surprised what a challenge it is to change sides. Make the commitment, and make it stick! Get up early and run, meditate, go to the gym, write a blog post. Just do something to break a routine.

Here’s some ideas that will change the way you view yourself:

  • Do a simple task or favor for someone who never asked — or even suspected—it of you? Really want to energize your self esteem? Don’t ever tell them it was you?
  • Volunteer to help someone?
  • Teach someone how to do something? Keep asking until you find someone with enough self confidence to allow you to teach them.

Forever, I thought of assertiveness as taking over, or being pushy: you know, crowding a situation, being aggressive with others.

But using assertiveness techniques to break through your comfort zones is nothing like that

And has nothing to do with anyone but your inner most self and desires to be the high achiever you were meant to be.

In fact, asserting yourself can just as well be to ASK Someone To Do You a Favor, or even to Teach You how to do something that THEY are good at.

Breaking out of comfort zones means breaking out of routines

Being assertive is going beyond the norm!

When you assert yourself to change the way you approach life, the entire world will change the way it answers you.

Be pro-active and look for things in your life that is boring or unfulfilling — and go after them! Make something change!

It’s not drastic changes like moving off to an island that really makes a difference in how you approach life.

Just taking small assertive steps to overcome the hum drums of your life sets the ball to rolling.

Once you start, you’ll wonder why it took so long?

Once you see how taking a risk to step out of the boundaries of our comfort zone changes something about yourself, the way you view yourself — you will be addicted to the new you!

You’ll start looking for new places to improve your life, and new ways to overcome the borders you’ve set for yourself.

Assertiveness Techniques for Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone 1
Self-Assertiveness Techiques are risky — but they nurture your best life

Self Assertiveness is Risky

There’s definitely a part of you who wants to jump the fence and stand alongside the authority figures:

But it’s just too scary to risk it all, and go for it.

So, you may have taken a few risks in your life, but you’re still allowing the fear of failure to hold you back from the big challenges and opportunities.

I want to say it again:

You simply don’t have to be on your way to Mt. Kilimanjaro in the morning to prove to yourself that you are assertive and self confident.

On the other hand:

I can’t emphasis enough just how important it is to get out of your comfort zone Today — with smaller lifestyle changes.

Thanks to today’s online opportunities you can stay at home:

Pushing the Boundaries of Your Life

What about this:

Instead of booking the next flight for your first mountain climb — Learn Affiliate Marketing first, then move anywhere in the world you choose?

To be honest:

Making your first assertive move — to quit your job and head out into the unknown — could backfire and cause even more fears?

Then you’d really be in a mess, right?

Online affiliate marketing courses are changing peoples lives every single day — right from the comfort of their home!

So, don’t think you need to quit your day job or move to another country to try new things:

To take your life to the greatest heights possible, to stand on the top of life.

Thanks to “genuine” online opportunities you can now set a new and exciting course for your life.

Pursuing new and profitable skills with affiliate marketing will:

  • Give you that all important sense of accomplishment as you learn new computer and marketing skills
  • Provide the definite opportunity to start living the life of your dreams
  • Teach you invaluable assertiveness techniques
  • Take your to colossal levels of achievement
  • Coach you into taking the risks that will dynamically change your life

Break out of your comfort zone the easy way and

Get started building a memorable life.

Learn techniques for self assertiveness that will super charge your life forever.

See What’s Next!


Just Go For it!

Don’t wait another minute! As long as you stay inside the comfort of your own self-imposed boundaries, you’ll always feel like an outsider.

Change that today! Do something positive to change your life!

Take a Risk: You’ll love the outcome!


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