AWeber Email Marketing Review

flat icon computer with email message on itThe results are in! And this AWeber Email Marketing Review gives you the advantage!

Here’s why

  • Success starts with knowledge and 
  • This AWeber review is a heads up on what to look for when choosing an autoresponder, because
  • Choosing the wrong Email marketing provider can waste valuable time and profits.

AWeber Email Marketing Review

Tom Kulzer started AWeber in 1998 to provide an easy to use autoresponder at an affordable cost for email marketing.

Consequently, AWeber is used by over 120,000 website businesses, bloggers, and entrepreneurs from around the world.

So, this Review checks to see if the company is still living up to Tom’s dreams.

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Is AWeber easy to use?

From my experience, the questions you need to ask your self before choosing an Email Marketing Platform are:

  • How difficult will it be to create a professional email and get it delivered?
  • Will I need to be a coder to get optin boxes on my site?
  • Can I keep my emails out of spam folders?
  • Will there be simple instructions to lead me through the process?
  • Does this company provide real support, or just say they do?

Can I write an unbiased Aweber review?

When it comes to ease of use Aweber is the industry standard!

How can I know?

Because I have used, or attempted to use virtually every autoresponder service out there.

In the first place, most autoresponder providers are simply too difficult to use. Unless of course, you have time to leave your business for days just to get your first optin box in place.

Here’s a Better Solution

getting started video aweber image

Immediately upon logging in for the first time you will see this welcome video. A real person explaining the first 3 steps to get started:

  • Account setup
  • Creating your first list
  • Customizing your first confirmation email

The Getting Started Video takes you straight into setting up your first list and email.

See for yourself the simplicity of AWeber’s dashboard.

Aweber Email Marketing Dashboard
Aweber’s Simple Dashboard

You can’t help but notice that everything flows in a logical order from one step to the next. 


Create a list dashboard at aweber


In the top image you merely click manage list, and the next step follows: Create a list!

If you haven’t been to other Email autoresponders, I can tell you—AWeber is simple to use.

Each step will point you directly to the next step for setting up your own auto responder or broadcast messages.

But what if I get confused?

No matter where you are inside of AWeber, you will see the large blue Help button on the top right. Just click it and wind up here:


Aweber help page


Each help article will be detailed, along with a video to guide you step by step through the process.

And if you’re still confused—there’s a toll free phone number on the bottom of the page.


AWeber Email Marketing Review 1


AWeber’s Email Marketing Features

(A partial list of the many features)

AWeber Email Marketing Review 2Auto Responders

Set up a series of emails to subscribers in a sequence of your choice. Create email courses with as many segments as you like and have them automatically delivered to suit your own needs and taste.

AWeber Email Marketing Review 2Campaign Management

This is the ability to send emails to certain segments of your list based on triggers and tags that you set up. You can set up individual campaigns to deliver exactly the day and time you want it delivered around the world. It’s easy to use and done with a drag and drop editor.

AWeber Email Marketing Review 2Broadcast Email Messages

Broadcast messages are when you need to pump out an email to a list or segment of a list at any time you choose. These are messages that aren’t part of your regular campaigns or autoresponder series.

AWeber Email Marketing Review 2Segmenting Your List

Segmenting list at aweber

At AWeber you can break down any list into subsets of subscribers. By segmenting your list you can deliver information that different groups of subscribers according to their interest.

Segmenting means you can:

  • See who opened specific messages
  • Who clicked particular links in particular emails
  • What pages your subscribers visited
  • The location of subscribers

With sign up forms created at AWeber you can tag subscribers and request specific information if you like. 

By segmenting your list you your readers will only receive information relevant to their own needs. This leaves you with more readers engaged and interacting with your messages.


AWeber Email Marketing Review 2Signup Forms

An extensive collection of sign up forms to be used straight out of the box or easily customized with no coding involved.

Optin box page
Easily match colors to your theme with forms that look good on any device

Getting an optin box and a subscribe message on your website is as simple as it comes at aweber.

Just point and click, and add the generated code anywhere on your website.

optin forms to use


AWeber Email Marketing Review 2Email Delivery

If you’re new to email marketing platforms and autoresponders, you would naturally assume that your emails will land in inboxes to be read?

Well, the sad truth is that most email autoresponder messages wind up in spam boxes and no one ever sees them.

Aweber is constantly looking for deliverability issues. They are the best at staying on top of how email clients are handling incoming messages, and how to keep your email messages out of the spam folder. 

You can depend on Aweber for the best deliverability ratings on the market. You can count on your emails being delivered to the inbox, opened and clicked on.

Green check markAWeber’s Email Editor

  • The drag and drop editor is as simple as dragging blocks into the page to place various elements exactly where you want them. There are also hundreds of ready made and beautiful templates to make your own email marketing easy.
  • Not sending images in your messages? Then use the Plain Text Editor and merely start typing. You can shoot off a broadcast message to your subscribers in minutes, or easily send simple text messages with your autoresponder.
  • Prefer HTML messages? It’s here for you in AWeber’ editor.

image of the drag and drop editor options


Green check mark

Apps to Connect Your Website and Email to Third Party Resources

AWeber has multitudes of apps to connect you to:

  • Content Management/Monitoring
  • Social
  • E-Commerce
  • Landing Page/Lead Generation
  • Customer Relations
  • Etc., Etc.

When you need to connect your newsletter or subscriber list to other tools on the web, it’s here, and it’s easy.

Even though I can’t imagine an app they don’t already have, you can create your own with their free account. 

AWeber’s Support System

Whether you’re just starting out with Email marketing, or a seasoned online marketer, from time to time you need someone to answer questions about campaigns, broadcast, the platform itself, etc.

I could tell you that AWeber has the absolute best support in the email marketing autoresponder industry.

But their support system is even better than that!

I’ve never found better support anywhere on the internet—no matter what it concerned.

You can talk to real people in Pennsylvania, USA Monday through Saturday. Not only are these people friendly and eager to serve, they are knowledgeable. 

Seven Routes to Support at Aweber

1. You never loose sight of the help button.

One thing I really like about working inside of AWeber is that the same dashboard is always there, at the top of the page.

On the right side of that dashboard is the Help Button that follows you everywhere you go.

Remember this image closer to the beginning of this page?  The big blue help button is only the bare beginning of the support system at AWeber.

2. A Categorized Video Library lets you see it in action.
The Stevie Award for aweber
AWebers most recent award, which is like winning the Oscar for online support

I haven’t asked how many videos there are in the library, but I know there are over 300 easy to use and understand videos.

And that doesn’t include the webinar videos. All categorized, informative, and made to help you get the job done with no confusion.

3. Downloadable Pdfs to Help Your Email Marketing

On the Help Page you’ll find PDF guides for everything you need to grow your own email list.

You’ll find Pdfs for how to move a list to aweber, how to market, even how to market your business or blog to differnent industries.

4. Live Webinars

Live webinars on a regular basis to keep you educated about the different aspects of the software and email marketing in general.

There is really no end to the education on both their service and how to market with email messages.

5. The Aweber Blog

Here’s where you’ll find a new post each week to discuss the newest software features, great email marketing advice, and tips for small business owners online.

The blog never fails to deliver insider email marketing tips to help you to success.

6. Social Media Suppport

Leave a comment or a question on Awebers Facebook page and expect a response within 24 hours, and sometimes much faster. They will usually respond to Twitter even faster.

7. Real People to Support You at Aweber

If you find yourself needing an answer from a person, just look on the bottom of every page for a phone number.

Friendly support 7 days a week at aweber with real people!

Whether you prefer an online chat, or live personal support it’s there for you.

What About Pricing at AWeber?

The size of your list determines the price you pay at AWeber. There’s a Free 30-day trail for up to 500 subscribers.

When the 30 days are up, you will opt for the tier your own list fall into:

  • Up to 500 subscribers — $19/month
  • Up to 2,500 subscribers — $29/month
  • UP to 5,000 subscribers — $49/month
  • Up to 10,000 subscribers — $69/month
  • Up to 25,000 subscribers — $149/month
  • Over 25,000 subscribers — Contact AWeber for custom pricing

With AWeber’s 30 -day Free Trial, you will have complete access to all the features.  You’ll be able to take full advantage of everything they offer immediately.

AWeber Customer Reviews

Users at Aweber are amazingly positive about their experience there.  The only complaint’s I’ve ever heard have been about the price. 

But, I’m a little confused about that issue myself?

You can check out AWeber customer reviews at TrustRadius, and here’s a couple from AWeber’s website:

“Nothing is as easy to use and set up as AWeber. It has a solid, easy-to-understand interface and is perfect for just starting out. We were able to get our opt-in forms up quick and create emails on the first day.” Shane and Jocelyn Sams · Flipped Lifestyle
“Ive used several other providers, but just wasn’t happy with the results. I had heard about AWeber for ages from the top blogging gurus. I finally decided to do a trail membership, and I was completely impressed. It’s ease of use intantly got my attention and helped me know it was the right program for me.” Jill Winger · The Prairie Homestead

The overwhelming majority of awebers users know there’s no place that compares when it comes to service, ease of use, delivery/open rate and support.



Aweber Email Marketing Service is:

  • Effective when it comes to deliverabilty (why spend valuable time creating email campaigns that wind up in spam boxes?).
  • Reliable when it comes to up time.
  • Helpful, effective, and more than reliable when it comes to real and personal support for the simplest to the most technical questions.
  • Always fresh when it comes to the latest email innovations.
  • Continuing free education on everything concerning Email marketing.
  • Simplicity of use keeps me from wasting days trying to get through a learning curve just to get one email out to my mailing list.
  • Keeps a wide range of optin boxes, popups, slide ins, and more that are easy to use and implement on to your own website.


The only real complaint I’ve ever heard about AWeber is the fact that they count your unsubscribes toward your total subscribers.

Some people complain about this, and some will not use them due to this. 

If you go through your list and delete unsubscribes, the problem doesn’t exist.

 AWeber Email Marketing Review 1

Sound like this AWeber Email Marketing Review is biased? I can’t help it. I’ve been around the block with ESPs and always wind up back to the best. 

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AWeber Email Marketing

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17 thoughts on “AWeber Email Marketing Review”

  1. I am very new to blogging so it was nice to see a a good detailed review about them. I really don’t want to invest in something that will not help my online business thrive so AWeber seems like a great platform to getting started in sending out autoresponders to my viewers.The simpler the better!

    • HI Liz

      Thanks, and when the time comes I always recommend AWeber to my friends.

      Of course it is not free, so I also recommend that you either have some traffic, or know you’ll continue on in business.

  2. What a really thorough review on Aweber. I am a user of it and with over 120,000 others using it then it just proves it must be a good email autoresponder and email marketing system. It is relatively easy to use and the tutorials guide you anyway. Again, great article on this great product.
    Cheers, Sharon

    • Hi Sharon

      Thanks! I’ve used or tried to use most of the Auto responder services, and always find AWeber to be everything I could ask for when it comes to Email Marketing.

      Like you say, it’s relatively easy to use, with the best support system I’ve found anywhere.

  3. Very interesting reading your Aweber review. I’m still new to autoresponder email system and this review just came at the right time. I’ve been trying to write emails manually and it becomes very hard and I think this article is a great eye opener.

    I like the fact that with Aweber the emails won’t delivered to spam boxes. Personally I delete so many of those even without reading any of them. Just wondering if I have to design the emails myself or the Aweber system will provide templates to use?

    Best of luck


    • HI

      That’s a good question, and the answer is —

      * You will still have to write your own emails

      * Even though AWeber has email templates, they are for the way your emails look visually

      The thing about using an auto responder is that you only have to write an email once. As many as you like, but only once.

      Then the auto responder delivers a copy of that email to as many people as there are on your list. And usually you would write a series of messages and have those delivered to each new subscriber.

      You can sometimes search the web and find email fill in the blank templates to use in your messages, and another way is to keep, and pay attention to the emails that you receive when you sign up to someones list.

      As you watch a series of messages that you are receiving in your own inbox, you can model your own after those.


  4. That is a very thorough review! If I get big enough I will definitely think more about using this autoresponder service. One thing I do look for is quality customer service, and it seems like this system has it. I don’t know much about email marketing and autoresponders, but this was very insightful. Thanks

    • HI Justin

      I agree with you in that there is no need to worry about getting out emails through an autoresponder service until the time is right.

      But because email marketing is such a powerful part of the picture you might do well to start thinking about how you will do email, and where. And you may want to start looking around at free services.

      Glad you responded on the comments.


  5. It is really useful for me, since I am looking for a autoresponder. Mike wrote his experience of using aweber email marketing review and tell us all cons and pros. That will be very important for me if I want to chose a paid autoresponder in the next step. Just same as another comments from Louise earlier, I am a newbie to internet marketing, so maybe a free autoresponder will be good for me.

    I heard somebody said WP has its own email collecting service or plugins. Do you ever hear about that?

    • Hi George

      I think you are right! There is no need to worry about a paid autoresponder service until you have enough traffic on your site to warrant the money? As a matter of fact, I don’t think you need to worry too much about email at all until you have traffic every day. There’s too much to do for your website when you first begin to worry about email?

      Just keep on keeping on, and it will all fall into place.

  6. A useful read as I’ve just been trying to decide which auto responder to use. I’ve heard a lot of good things about AWeber but am still reluctant to pay $19 per month once the 30-day trial is over as I am just starting out.

    I know there are other free auto responders out there – do they not offer as many services? If I started with a free one would it be easy to transfer later?


    • HI Louise

      I don’t see any reason to pay for an auto responder before you have regular traffic on your site.

      I would use MailerLite for a free service. Even though I don’t use it, I have a free account there and find it to be really simple to set up.

      I think MailerLite would be a great choice for a free alternative to AWeber


  7. Wow, you’ve got a good introduction in there.

    This article has been loaded with facts and interesting features in which AWeber is best at. Email campaigns could be so easy with this and less time-consuming too. This means that there are more things to get done when finished with the campaigns at such an earlier time

    There may be a con for AWeber but I think it would be silly to not use this just because of the unscribes.

    Thanks for this!

    • HI Chanan

      Like you mentioned, less time consuming is my top reason for liking AWeber so much.

      It takes much less time to keep an email list cleaned of unsubscribes on a regular basis than to spend hours, days, and weeks trying to get over the learning curve of ESPs only because they have more ads on the web?


  8. Hie Milke
    Thanks for such an informative post on AWeber. Personally, I had never tried it out before but am definitely going to give the free trial a go. Keeping your mail out of the spam box is one thing I am surely looking forward to.
    My question is; do you get some benefits by climbing up the pricing tier or its simply an increment in pricing for your increased services plus to keep the budget affordable to those who still have lower numbers (which is still fair though.)

    • Hi and glad you stopped by

      To answer your question about getting more from AWeber as you pay more—no, you don’t.

      In fact you will have complete accessibility to everything they offer during your free 30 day trail.

      Most Email Autoresponders work on pricing increments and I am sure that’s due to the fact that it takes more service for 10,000 subscribers than for 1?

      Or maybe they just figure that as your list grows, you should be making more cash to share with them?

      I do know that I have the highest respect for AWeber.


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