Best Practices for Successful Affiliate Marketers

best practice for successful affiliate marketersFor myself, learning how to make money online has turned out to be the best thing that’s ever happened to me!  

But to be honest with you:

I wasted a lot of time.

It wasn’t until I started using these Best Practices for Successful Affiliate Marketers outlined in this post, that I found success. 

But today the opportunities from working online is so phenomenal:

That I’m convinced you too can become a super successful affiliate marketer!

With your own affiliate marketing business online you’ll profit from merely sharing information that allows you to earn commissions from other people’s products.

How Do Affiliate Marketers Make Money?

As an affiliate marketer online, your main objective is to make recommendations to people who read your pages.

You see, I’ve discovered that the primary use of the worldwide web is:

Discovering information about particular products before making a buying decision.


Affiliate marketing websites strive to meet that demand with high quality information and reviews!

When someone reads your post — clicks a hyperlink directing them to a product page — and makes a purchase, you get paid an affiliate commission.  

It all started when they searched the web for information.

And that’s where you come in!

With most of the products I recommend I started out with little or no valuable information to share with readers:

But as I research more and more in order to write quality articles about the products, I slowly become an expert on those items. 

And that’s what you, myself, and other people are looking for on the web:

Quality reviews of products (both digital and tangible).

Are All Affiliate Marketers Successful?

In a word: No!

I’ve seen, and learned the hard way, one mistake marketers are prone to make when it comes to earning money as an affiliate marketer:

They get way too concerned with making money, and forget that the first objective of affiliate marketers is to be of service to other people.

Money and success was elusive until I took responsibility as a marketer to practice providing the best possilbe information to my readers. 


If you’re carelessly reviewing any and every product that comes along just as an attempt to sell something, it won’t work?

All of your efforts will backfire, and you’ll wind up with a lot of work and investment of time and money — for no return.

If you are considering Done For You Affiliate Sites, you want to investigate the content you’ll be buying. You’ll waste hundreds of dollars on content if it doesn’t have your readers best interest at heart.

Review Only Products That Your Own Readers Take Seriously

To start with, as with any business it takes time to find and develop an audience for your websites. 

If you aren’t providing good information on a consistent basis:

Readers will never get to a point of allowing you to guide them into purchases. 

The vast majority of readers won’t make a purchase on their first visit to your website, so they’ll need to find you trustworthy. 

Second to tips, advice, sales pitches, and reviews — they will be looking for content and marketing that they feel like is reliable and trustworthy. 

Being Trustworthy Brings an Audience and Opportunities

Best practices for successful affiliate marketers
Don’t recommend something you haven’t reviewed

As your own affiliate website gains popularity, product creators will likely start approaching you to promote their products for them.

On the other hand:

When you find yourself focusing on money only, you’ll also notice your traffic and email subscribers leaving you.

Your marketing audience will quickly notice if  you’re not keeping their best interest at heart!  

How to Handle New Product Promotions

The best practice for all affiliate products is to use them yourself — before offering them to your readers!

Always look for and ask for review copies of digital products, and take the time to really go over them before offering advice to purchase to your readers.

You can even request free review products for many physical products. Just search Google for where to get free review products, and ask.

Can you recommend what you haven’t used?

Taking the time to actually go thorough personal reviews, and even use the product:

Puts you in a position to know if you are recommending something to readers on the up and up.

But, what if you can’t find find free products to review for yourself?

Well, that leaves you with two choices:

#1. You can just forget the product, and not promote it to your readers at all? 

I can tell you from my own experience, that your readers are more important to your overall business than trying to make a quick buck on something that will waste their money. 

Certainly, you can’t be expected to purchase more expensive products like tread mills, or standing desk, though?

Sometimes a lot of real research on your own part is the answer — before ever reviewing and promoting affiliate products.  

#2. Generally speaking there is no excuse for not analyzing digital products yourself. 

Most digital products will be inexpensive enough, if not a free review copy, that purchasing it yourself is a good investment into your affiliate marketing business.

Not only do you have a responsibility to your customers, but you’ll be building a real trust factor with your readers when you write about products you’ve actually purchased.

As you write and market authentic reviews based on your own personal experiences, your audience will come to buy just about anything you recommend.

But that trust takes time, and if you break it:

It’s much more difficult to get it back and make a sale.

Break their trust, and you’ll find it harder to convert them into a sale from that point on.

Be careful not to get caught up in a buddy system where sellers try to strong arm you into promoting their product, even when you feel it’s not very good.


Affiliate Marketers Have an Obligation to Customers

Your first obligation is not to your bank account, but to protect your readers from bad purchases and lead them to helpful remedies.

That naturally means that you’ll be doing negative reviews as well as positive, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry about hurting the feelings of someone who’s product you personally reviewed. Doing the right thing for your customers and honesty is always the best practice for successful affiliate marketers. 

By writing honest reviews you’re readers will see to it that the money comes.

Make Your Product Reviews Personal and Thorough

As you do your own product research you’ll find most of them are old and just boring.

Best Practices for affiliate marketers
Your Job as an Affiliate Marketer Is Research to Report On

There’s a lot of product reviews that are only product statistics:

  • Dimensions
  • Colors
  • Features
  • Etc.

The majority of online consumers want those stats, but they also want to know more about actual use of the products, and how they worked out. What do they do to make life easier or solve some real problems?

That makes it important to think about all the questions your readers may ask or want to know about: and addressing them straight away.

How Do I Know The Questions People Are Asking About Affiliate Products?

Here’s a few places to find what you’re own market wants to know:

  • Forums
  • Quora
  • Facebook
  • Website Comments (your own and competitors)
  • Polling your own readers
  • Amazon

Research is your job, and spending time investigating the places in the above list will help you understand what people in your own niche are searching for.


How Can You Be Better Than Competitors?

I think one thing that’s easy to miss when it comes to your affiliate marketing efforts is:

Asking how your reviews can be the best ones in the search results?

Successful affiliate marketers don’t get so caught up in the day to day scratching out articles and links, that they forget to be the best on the block.


Analyze Competitor Pages for Possible Improvements

The first place to start is to spend dedicated time reading and analyzing your competitor reviews.  You’ll see pretty quickly that most of them are going over the same product basics with repeated info that looks the same.

Make yours better, longer, more informative, with more images for better ranking and more customer response.

What you need is an audience that realizes that your reviews are real, personable, honest, and not the same as the last 40 they skipped through?

Practicing these techniques will make your reviews stand out:

  • Take steps to learn to personalize your reviews. Learn how to let your own personality and opinions shine through your post.
  • Include statements and ideas about why you are recommending a particular product.
  • Explain to your audience why you decided to write this particular review. 
  • Recount how confused you became when it came to knowing just which product to choose. 
  • Try to paint pictures that show your readers that you understand their needs.
  • Last but not least, do include pictures.  If you own the product yourself, adding homemade images goes a long way in convincing your readers that you are honest about what you say.


Use Different Review Formats

What I mean by that, is to vary them!  Don’t get hung up on one format and spend the rest of your career writing articles around the same format.

For one thing, without testing different review formats, you’ll never know which one converts readers into customers better.

Another reason, is that it keeps your website pages from all looking exactly the same to your readers.

I enjoy picking a product and going through every single detail about it.  Then I’m in a position to let my audience know why I think it’s a good choice (or bad).

But I remind myself to vary my review methods.

You will attract more traffic to your affiliate website with several different type post, instead of every page being a straight product review format.

Using these different post types keeps your website and content fresh

  • Use Top 10 (3,5,7,25, whatever?) post because consumers love to see options to choose from.
  • How to and tutorial post are always well read post. Writing a how to post gives you an excellent opportunity to review your affiliate product as you explain the best practices for getting the most from it.
  • Straight review post
  • Compare and contrast products reviews. Everyone enjoys seeing one product pitted against another. With comparison reviews we get to actually see the pros and cons of each product in action. It’s ok to dive into the faults of each product and indicate exactly how they compare with each other. 
  • Warning reviews, or scam alerts are popular because people want to know what to stay away from.  If you’re honest, and not just putting a product down to one up it, your audience will love you. It will prove that you have their best interest at heart. Of course you get to put in your own recommendation at the end of the review post. 
  • Both readers and search engines love Charts, graphs, and infograpics. These visual aides give your readers the opportunity to see at a glance just what the affiliate product offers, and chose the best one for their needs. 
  • Practice writing product reviews for a specific person, purpose, or industry. Some examples of these could be: best premium themes, best themes for writers, motels, doctors, teachers. Best kitchen utensils for beginners, or for professional kitchens.  Best anti aging cream for 40 year old, 30 year olds, 70 year olds.

The most important thing about all your reviews is to be honest, and remember that just because you say that you think it’s overpriced, doesn’t mean other readers will agree. They will appreciate your honesty more than your personal opinions in the end. 

Which Format is Right for Your Next Blog Post by Pamela Vaughan on HubSpot has 13 post variations to help you diversify your content.


The Best Reviews Have More Than Product Details

Product reviews are on the top of list of searches on the web.  This type of  post is popular because people depend on them to make the best purchasing decisions. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m rarely interested in a review post that goes no further than an Amazon image and a short list of stats about the product. 

I get the most from post that have been made into tutorials, tip sheets, and personal accounts of how the product actually worked out for the author. 

Affiliate Product Information Pages

And sometimes I get great information from post that aren’t even directly about the product.

But a post related to the product. 

What if you your website is a site about treadmills:

And you have post that are not review post at all:  But post explaining how to get the most out of your treadmill.

Maybe how to develop a routine that will help you lose weight on the treadmill?

Tutorials Will Bring Traffic To Your Website

Don’t you think an anti aging skin care course would be attractive to some of the people who land on your website to sell anti-aging products?

This is where you begin to expand your audience, and make buyers out of casual readers. You also get your audience coming back to make even more purchases.

It’s selling without a sales pitch. It’s having more post in the search results to increase website traffic

You might create a tutorial series about how to moisturize skin, or remove sun spots. Expanding your reach into topics that go over hydration, and protecting your skin from toxins will keep people on your site and making purchases. Without straight review post.

Of course there is more work involved in creating information post.  But practice makes perfect, and this is how your audience comes to depend on your website for the best information on the products. 

Discovering Affiliate Programs

When I search the web for products, I quickly notice that everyone seems to be promoting the same products? All their niche research seems to be centered on Amazons best seller list?


But the fact is that you can do well by promoting outside the box.

I like to sign up on brand manufacturers websites so that I get advanced notice of everything new that’s about to launch. 

And don’t get stuck on Amazon, either. There are plenty more affiliate product merchant sites to promote from.

  • Clickbank
  • Commission Junction
  • Share a Sale
  • Rakuten
  • Ebay

Besides well known and popular affiliate platforms you can contact product developers, look on product websites for an affiliate link, or search a product+”affiliate” to find affiliate programs.

Most Any Digital Product Creator Is Looking For Affiliates

When it comes to digital products, the sky is the limit. Almost everyone creating digital products are looking for affiliates. Start out searching for products you like on:

  • ClickBank
  • JVZoo
  • Warrior Plus

But don’t forget to look for affiliate links for every digital product you have an interest in, or send an email to the website asking for information.

You can even approach product creators that haven’t opened an affiliate program yet. Just look for the contact form on their website, and ASK.

Try typing your niche+affiliate program into Google. Quite often this will give you access to places like Zaxxa.   You may even find affiliate programs on a site using JRox Jam.

You’ll be finding affiliate resources that most of your competitors aren’t aware of at all. Finding quality products like these will thrill your readers because they are unaware of the product’s existence. 

I’m sure you’re reading plenty about the money being in product creation:

But face it everybody is not into creating products. 


Affiliate Marketers Are Advertising Merchants

There is plenty of money to be made by affiliate marketers who are savvy when it comes to providing honest and engaging reviews to their readers.

And there are plenty of Affiliate programs to choose from that fit any niche imaginable.

Be as protective with your content and reviews for your readers as you would for your own family, and don’t be afraid to let your readers know when a product isn’t a good fit. 

Successful affiliate marketers always learn that the best practice is to pretend that you are reviewing every product for best friends and family members. 


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