Don’t Even Think of Starting A Blog Until You Read This



There’s nothing worse than having the excitement of starting your own blog squashed in information overload and confusion.  For awhile you were having fun and it looked like you were going to really have something to show for all your work.  Now you’re hopelessly lost, confused, and by yourself.

You’ve been locating enough free information—with countless Google searches—to get a worthy start? Suddenly you have no earthly idea how to proceed! You seemed to be learning what you needed, but now it’s overwhelming. After spending months, or years, searching the web for answers, you vow to never think about your blog again.

how to start a blog

My name is Mike Mahaffey and I can assure you that you’ll be in good company. That’s how most blogs and bloggers wind up. Giving up! 

I know because I gave up myself! I just knew I could do it alone with the help of search engines. I could easily find information about almost everything I thought I would ever need in order to have my own blog. Boy was I wrong!

Most of the information was there only to lead me to more “stuff” to buy that would surely help me. And it did help me. It helped me out of thousands of dollars and left me with a blog that half worked, bewildered, and confused.

It’s easy to get started with a blog and much money later realize you’ve been paying for information that you couldn’t use, or figure out what to do with.  And still not have the blog you had hoped for with all your heart, and money.

I am going to share with you from an honest heart how you can short cut that entire scenario! There’s no need for you to struggle alone. No need to spend too much money—wind up with nothing—and quit. 

I am going to share with you the most fair, honest, and economically feasible method to learn how to have your own successful internet business.

I’m going to share with you everything I know about the best possible way to learn affiliate marketing. How to learn it from the bottom to the top. How to make money from your own blog, in your own business.

When I’ve finished sharing what I know, I am going to ask you to merely go and take a look at what I am talking about. I’m not even going to ask you to buy anything.

Just to click on a link and take a look for your self. That’s fair enough, isn’t it? 

You can take a look now if you’re in a hurry to get started?

How saving a little—cost me thousands

Trying to learn everything I needed to know, free, cost me thousands of dollars as I coursed around the internet from one webinar and free download to the next.

When you’re trying to learn by yourself it’s easy to get into a fever pitch of buying one thing after the other in hopes of finally making money.

But I thought I was smart enough to go it alone, without any support.  

To be perfectly frank I thought I could have my own blog and make money from it through affiliate marketing with no cash outlay. That just won’t work, ever!

Any business requires an investment, but affiliate marketing is very inexpensive.

In order to have a successful blog you will need to pay for a domain name, hosting, and constant training. The reason the training is constant is because the internet is constantly changing and evolving.

After a few years of searching I finally realized that the training I was randomly paying for was, well, random.  And usually behind the times.

No matter how you start your own blog, you will soon learn that there are countless opportunities to learn from some of the best bloggers.  But the problem is always the same: they only specialize in one thing, and the cost is prohibitive. 

Hang out with the best affiliate marketers in the world?

A ready supply of successful mentors makes the job profitable

Where I am about to send you is comprised of thousands of active bloggers sharing every possible thing you could ever need to know about blogging. And everything they share is in real time, so the knowledge base is always up to date.  

stronger together

This is a place where there is no such thing as stale information, and it begins from 0 and goes all the way to some of the most powerful bloggers and internet marketers in the world.

A place where you “walk in the door” and the knowledge is alive and welcoming. Even if you have no idea what a website is, you are always encouraged, respected, and given the opportunity to freely receive from masters of internet marketing. 

Live mentors and libraries of up to date knowledge to lead the way

These are live people posting live articles and snippets of information on the same boards that you ask questions about anything 24 hours a day. All in real time.  

There are literally thousands of articles that simplify every single task of setting up your first blog—all the way to how to receive money from customers.  And there are thousands of videos for you to watch time after time as you learn and grow.

The real cost is almost nothing

The cost, I hear you asking? I am going to let you be amazed for yourself when you get there! The cost is amazing because it’s not much more than you would have to pay each year for hosting alone.  AND you won’t need hosting, because it comes in the package. Some of the fastest, most secure, and reliable hosting there is, at that.

Blog Tools

You’ll find even more tools inside that you would be forced to pay for on your own journey, making the real cost of the absolute best blog training possible almost free.

As a matter of fact, why not try it for free?

In fact, since you’ve taken the time to visit, and hopefully read this;  you can even try it out free!  For as long as you want…. I will be honest from the start though: Free is really for you to look around and see what’s there.

You will still be able to get a blog up free, but as a free member there’s an awful lot you will miss.

I simply can’t tell you everything I would like to about this golden opportunity for anyone thinking of starting their own blog.  The opportunity is amazing for people wanting to pursue a full or part time career in affiliate marketing.

I’ve shared what I could with you, and now it’s your turn!  

Go there right now, and then just post any questions in the comments of any page of this blog, and I’ll get back to you, ok?


I almost forgot to tell you—you will find me an active member inside the community.  Always on the chat board, Mike Mahaffeystaying active, answering questions—and asking more than my fair share of questions.  I would never again want to be building a blog, or internet marketing without this community as my own support group.