How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

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Any entrepreneur interested in starting a career in affiliate marketing needs to know How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work! Online marketing continues to be the wave of the future, and Wealthy Affiliate is the gateway to success online.

It can look like all that’s needed is a computer, an internet connection, and a product to sell: but to tell you the truth, you’ll need quite a bit of knowledge to make a success of online marketing. And that’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in to play!

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

First of all you need to know that there is a Free Starter Membership at WA that gives you 7 days of access to most everything inside. With the free membership you will get a free website to keep and use, but after the trial period there is no access to the training, classrooms, live chat board, or premium hosting.

The Wealthy Affiliate Free membership is a great way for you to take a look inside. It’s purpose is to let you see if learning to start your on online affiliate marketing business is for you, or not? Furthermore, you can see if WA is something you think will help you succeed.


Education at Wealthy Affiliate

Because the entire site is set up with education in mind, teaching you how to have your own successful online business, there are a number of ways to learn.

Live classes every Friday

Jay, a long time member and successful marketer in his own right, leads this live class every Friday evening to teach and interact live with attendees. He goes over must have insights, strategies, and skill sets each week, always sharing what does and doesn’t work in his own business.

Replays of Jays Classes

Don’t worry if Fridays aren’t a good time for you. Premium members have access to over 300 hours of every past live class. To tell you the truth most people agree these replays are worth the membership price because they cover every imaginable affiliate marketing subject.

Entrepreneur Certification Course

This is where it starts, and I consider it the core of Wealthy Affiliate Training. 5 phases, or levels, and 50 lessons (many with links to even more lessons and training) is the base knowledge base you need.  You’ll learn in these step by step directions how to set up your first site, how to pick a niche, how to look for and decide on keywords to use for your post, and everything you need to make your first dollar.

► Affiliate Bootcamp

More training: in fact you’ll find 70 lessons in Affiliate Bootcamp. The main difference here is that Bootcamp training is geared toward the make money online niches, and really goes into depth about gearing your website towards selling WealthyAffiliate as an affiliate.

► Wealthy Affiliate Search Engine

Having been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for some time, I’ve learned to go straight to the search engine at the top of every page on the site for information I need. I don’t know how many thousands of lessons and tutorials are in here, but it’s thousands. There are more training modules added every single day, and like any search engine, I just start typing my question. Immediately I can see answer after answer to help me with running my online business.

► Diverse Training

Learn what you need about e-commerce, drop shipping, local marketing, free organic traffic, adsense, Facebook ads, SEO, pay-per-click, email marketing, lead generation, and more at WA. As easy as it to find and use this type of training, if you don’t find what you need, ask for it, and someone will create it for you.

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The best way to discover How Wealthy Affiliate Works is to Try It For Free, right now!


Building Websites at Wealthy Affiliate

► Total of 50 websites

There’s nothing left to look for when it comes to affiliate marketing at WA. As a premium member you can host up to 50 websites on the SiteRubix platform. That’s enough to operate a very large affiliate business and keep you busy making money with what you learn in the class rooms.

► Thousands of Free Themes

You’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to themes for your websites with over 3000 WordPress themes at your disposal. All free and mobile ready themes. No matter what your own business is, you’ll find a theme to match it.

► SiteDomains

No need to go anywhere else to buy domain names with SiteDomains right in your dashboard. A domain registrar on site with fair prices, WHOIS included with every domain name, 24/7 support, unlimited email accounts, advanced DNS management and instant set up and forwarding to your hosting account at Wealthy Affiliate.

► SiteSpeed

Turn on site speed for your site, and you’ll have one of the fastest websites on the web. Why does site speed matter? First of all, who wants to wait for a bogged down site to load, and to tell you the truth — the search engines like google won’t like your site if it’s too slow. Never worry about your site being slow here, plus you’ll be able to see the speed each of your pages load right on your own website manager at WA.

► SiteProtect

If you already have a website, you know how vulnerable it can be to hackers who delight in tearing up things. When you host your site at WA you’ll never need to worry about comment spam, back office hacking, or Botnet Attacks. No need to use free or paid plugins to protect your site either. Don’t worry, site protect has you covered.

► Free SSL

Have you noticed sites lately that returns an unsafe page? Most of those today are because Google is wanting all sites to have a SSL certificate. Those certificates validate the safety of your site for visitors and likely have a green Lock emblem on your computer address bar to show you it’s safe. These certificates usually cost about $50 a year per website, but Wealthy Affiliate has you covered. Your’s will be completely free on each of your domains.

Try It Free Right Now!
The best way to discover How Wealthy Affiliate Works is to Try It For Free, right now!


Hosting at Wealthy Affiliate

This subject needs pages instead of paragraphs because WA provides you with industry leading hosting at blazingly fast speeds, great uptime, 24/7 managed hosting and the best support in the industry. However I will hit the high points here to help you know how wealthy affiliate does work for you.

► 24/7 Monitoring

There’s a team of people “server administrators” keeping an eye on your website 24/7 365 days a year. That means that performance is always top notch, and if anything happens to the hosting platform itself, they are there with it and know immediately.

► Website Support

24/7 support for you personally with any website problems you encounter. And believe me, when you work with your own websites and hosting, you will run into questions and problems. But at Wealthy Affiliate hosting, you can count on fast, intelligent, and helpful answers to help you solve any problems you have with your website or hosting. In fact, the best support I’ve encountered from any hosting company.

► Powerful Servers

You would expect to pay over $200 a month for this level of web hosting. WA is now some of the, or the, fastest website hosting on the market, and efficient to the T. When you have speed and efficient hosting you can count on better page rankings and more success with your own online business.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

I don’t guess it matters how wealthy affiliate works without knowing how much it cost, does it?

I think the best way for anyone to join is to jump on the 7 day Free Membership, and then pay $19 for the first month.

Next you can elect to either pay $49 dollars a month or

Pay by the year for $359

which is less than $30 a month.

If you are an internet marketer or aspire to be an internet marketer, it’s the deal of the century no matter how you decide to pay for:

  • An ongoing up to date education on affiliate marketing
  • State of the art hosting that is fast, reliable, with great support and free SSL
  • The most modern website builder online
  • Free keyword research tool
  • Host up to a total of 50 websites
Try It Free Right Now!
The best way to discover How Wealthy Affiliate Works is to Try It For Free, right now!



Wealthy Affiliate is by leaps and bounds the best place to learn affiliate marketing but that’s just not all they do. Wealthy Affiliate works to not only provide you with a premiere education, but a state of the art platform to host your business to the web.

The fact of the matter is that WA Hosting in itself or any one part of the education system is worth far more than the monthly price if you intend to succeed online. And you get everything I’ve listed above plus quite a bit I didn’t.

You don’t even need a credit card to go inside and have a go at it for 7 days, so what on earth are you waiting on?

If you have any more questions about how wealthy affiliate works, just leave your questions in the comment section below.

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