How To Add A PDF To A Page

How to add a pdf to a WordPress pagePDFs are still the most popular lead magnet for a mailing list — plus some readers like or need to download pages as pdfs, or print them.

Keep reading this post to discover how to add a PDF to a page.

You probably already know how to make a PDF, but just in case you don’t:

Let’s start at the beginning.

How to make a PDF Ebook

The simplest method for me is to create my content right in one of these word processors:

  • Word: In Word just click file > save as > and then save it as a PDF Doc.
  • Open Office: OpenOffice is a little different: Click File > Export as PDF.
  • Google Docs: Google Docs > File > download as > PDF.

Converting Notepad to PDF

If you don’t need any formatting options you can even convert Notepad to a Portable Document Format by using this free online option:

Now that you have your content converted to the format you need, the next step is to get it on your WordPress page.

How To Add A PDF To A Page

The simplest step in this entire process is putting your pdf onto a WordPress page for your readers or Email subscribers to view.

  • In the WordPress dashboard go to Media > Add New
  • Upload your PDF to the Media Library exactly as you would any image
  • Open  a new page and give it a title
  • Click on ADD Media > click on the PDF > Insert into post
  • Publish the page
  • Copy the page link from the editor and insert the link anywhere you like, including an email

As you can see in the image below:

When you insert the Pdf into your page from the Media Library, it will insert as a link.

How to add a pdf to a page

When someone clicks on the link, it will open in their browser as your PDF……

Giving your download away as an incentive for your Email list?

Some people put the link to their download on the thankyou page and allow subscribers to fill out an optin form and go immediately to the incentive.

But is that the best way to use a PDF for an optin incentive?

I doubt it? And here’s why you should never do that:

People will put in a fake email address to get your incentive, and you never get them on your list.

A better way for people to receive your Pdf:

Is to redirect them to the page after confirming to your list.

Now you’re giving them access to your bonus after collecting a valid email address.

Converting WordPress pages to PDFs

Let your readers easily download any page or post with this handy Plugin:


You can either download the file from the WordPress page and upload the plugin to your website, or upload it it directly from the WordPress plugin repository from the dashboard.

Check out this page to see how to add a plugin in WordPress .

Once you’ve configured the settings like you want them, your website will display a button like this:

Convert Web Pages to Pdf

Now your readers have the option to download your post or page as a PDF document, but what if they would rather print it off or even send it via email?

WordPress Plugin to Convert to PDF or Print

Print, PDF & Email by PrintFriendly is the name of a great PDF page converter that your readers will love.

Give readers even more options with this free plugin:

screen shot of pdf

Now you know how to add a pdf to a WordPress page!

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