How To Add An Image In The WordPress Editor

WordPress Editor SidebarAdding an image to WordPress post, pages, and to the Media Library is easy, especially if you already know how? This post will make it easy for the rest of us.

How To Add An Image In The WordPress Editor

Before an image will work anywhere on WordPress you’re going to have load it into your WordPress Media Library .

You can drag an image from your own desk top into the editor, directly to a post or page.  But, you’re still going to wind up in the Library.  

So why not just load it into the WordPress media editor first?

As I write this post in the WordPress editor, I need to upload an image of the editor sidebar for you: That’s it above.  See where it says Media?  When you hover over it there will be a fly-out menu with the options Library and Add New.

Click on Add New!

*Caution If you are writing a post and decide to add an image — be sure to click on Save Draft in the top right corner before you click on anything in the Media tab.  If you don’t you could loose all of your work.


After you click on Add New, you will be on the Upload New Media Page.

The Upload New Media WordPress Page

When you get to the Upload Media page, you can either drag the image from your desktop or click on the Select Files box.  

Get your images ready to upload before you begin

I usually have my images for a post on my desk top.  I just downsize this page in my browser so I can see my images. When I do that, I drag the image onto this page.

Sometimes the page turns blue, sometimes not. Either way everything works to upload my image. But sometimes WP gets squirrelly and won’t take the image, so I upload it with the Select Files Button.

When your image is uploaded, go back to the sidebar and this time click on Library.

When you get in the library of your images, click on the image to open it up in the image editor.  It’s important for you to give your image a title, and Alt Text.

image of wordpress media attachment details

Alt Text is the shortest description of the image that you can come up with.  The Alt Text is important for SEO because if for some reason the image doesn’t render, Google will know how the image relates to your post.

Google and blind people like it when you describe the image.  Blind people can read your post, but without a description of the image, they won’t have a clue what it is when they see the title and alt text.  So put a description in all images, and include your main keyword.

Ok, now head on back to your post in the WordPress editor, and we’ll get the image in there.

Inserting An Image In A WordPress Post

Next you need to make a decision on where to put the image.  Put your cursor where you want to add the image and click there.

Immediately move your cursor up to the Add Media icon on the top left of the editor.  Click it and you will go back to the library.


How to add an image in the word press editor


Chose the image you uploaded and click on it.  When you do that you will have the opportunity to select a size and determine whether it will be in the center, left side, or right side of the line you put the image in.

Once you see your image appear in the post editor, you can move the image from left to right and to the center if you like. 

If you need to change anything at all, just click in the image in the WordPress editor. You can move it, resize it, delete it, or add more info to the image.

When you click on the image you will an edit box appear either at the top or the bottom of the image. 

Edit images in WordPress

Click on any of the position boxes, or the pencil to edit description, alt text, and links.

You’re all done, and should know how to add an image in WordPress now!


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