How to Challenge Yourself Intellectually for Success

Robot man challenging himself intellectually with a square block and different holesThe online journey is an intellectual journey that requires thought, focus, and determination to succeed. Learning how to challenge yourself intellectually will keep you:

  • Focused 
  • Able to make rational business decisions
  • Alert to the constant internet changes that involve affiliate marketing
  • Resolute to see your efforts pay off both personally and financially

Challenging yourself to grow has begun

Affiliate marketing for beginners works best with an easy to follow step by step blue print because the business has many “tentacles” to be learned and implemented.

But it won’t take long to grasp how each of these work together for your overall success:

And then the need to think outside the box is indispensable to your business growth.

Think about it?

If you think about it, most of the people you know can’t even imagine why you’re spending so much time online?

The mere idea of you stepping into the Internet marketing circle sets you apart from the masses in many ways.

You’ve already taken your personal use of computer devices to a higher plane than diddling on the search bar, playing games on the phone, and the same rote computer task at work!

You’re on your way to greater heights

You’re an Entrepreneur Now! With your own business in hand.

And to continue your success and growth you’ll need to continue learning: 

How To Challenge Yourself Intellectually

You can think of thinking outside the box as you would a drawing in a coloring book.

childs scribbling out of the lines for intellectual challengesA successful day of coloring would be to stay inside those lines:

Never straying over into uncharted territory.

But you’re pressing against your own boundaries now!

Staying in the lines may or may not be a great method to teach your children — to take risk, to challenge themselves to think outside the box?

But when it comes to stepping off into the world of online marketing, which is still in it’s infancy:

Those lines can keep your from exploring new and unknown methods of moving your own business up the ladder of success?

Is thinking outside the box disrupting your comfort zone?

What keeps most people from putting their own creative thinking abilities to work is their comfort zone.

Staying inside those lines can protect you from mistakes, failures, and most of all the risk of other people knowing you make mistakes. 

But that’s not even the worse part about your comfort zone:

It keeps you from stretching and challenging yourself intellectually!

When it comes to your business, you are the one who must be on top of planning today’s activities:

Right along with setting goals for next month and next year.

No boss, no supervisors to tell you the next step of the way.

No more sitting on your laurels and depending on someone else to think it all through, while you make judgement calls on their planning and execution?

It’s all up to you now:

And it’s all about challenging yourself intellectually — to try new ways and methods that put you down paths you’ve never seen before. 

Outside the box.

Many times down paths you’re not particularly interested in: only to find out the new learning experience is intriguing after all.

All you needed was the ability to step out, learn,  and do something different: thinking for yourself and challenging. 

How to prepare for the challenges ahead?

#1. Think up something to learn about — that you’ve never considered before.

Check out if you don’t have any ideas at all. Udemy has courses that run from free to quite expensive. Just running down through the list of courses there could get your intellectual and creative juices flowing.

Go to books and pick a category to look through. There are plenty of Kindle books there to help you with new skills you’ve never thought of before. Maybe thought you’d never be able to learn — but now your life is all about a new challenge, isn’t it?

#2. Getting creative 

When you do something creative you are outright opposing the idea of staying in the lines! Creativity is a part of every human being, but for most it’s stiffed at an early age, never to be awakened again.

But getting creative is a great way to start thinking outside the box, and lets’ not forget where we’re going with this:

We need to build a habit of thinking out of the box— to keep challenging ourselves to excel in our online business!


Learning to think outside the box changes you forever

When you turn off the outside noise with painting or drawing you’re moving from your left brain follow the crowd way of thinking — 

Over to the right side of your brain that can get you free to take risks in every part of your life.

Here’s the rules for re-indexing your right brain

  • What ever creative experience you choose to indulge in — doesn’t require you to be a master at it. That’s completely against the point. It’s just about freeing yourself to learn to do something different.
  • It can be anything from doodling to learning to parachute off a mountain top.

#3. Is asking for help your biggest challenge?

Cyber world is too large for you to make a dent in it by yourself. Going it alone, refusing to ask for help to protect your ego will get you lost in outer space.

You can never forget that the core of success in affiliate marketing is helping other people:

And it all starts with you stepping up to the plate and asking someone to help you.

There’s so much to learn about everything from building websites, to hosting, to design, writing, traffic: The list seems to be never ending.

And there are plenty of people just like you — one or two steps ahead — that are waiting for you to ask questions.

To show you the way to your highest achievements.

If you’re a part of the greatest place to learn Affiliate Marketing in the world — please don’t hold back from asking questions on the 24 hour chat board. 

There’s a wealth of information to multiply your own success there free for the taking.

Stepping outside the box is doing your own thinking in unconventional ways.

When you’re in business, there’s so much going on that it’s easy to get stuck in the lines.

But getting your website to the top of the list and becoming an authority in your own niche requires breaking some of your own self imposed rules.

The more you find yourself challenging the status quo the more you’ll see yourself going beyond you’re wildest dreams and imaginations.

It’s going to take some thinking on your part, some planning.

Escaping the obvious methods, and reaching out there with your own intellect and creativity:

Will put you out there in territory you’ve never explored before.

And the payoff is unsurpassed in both your personal and financial worlds.

Thinking outside the box sets you up for what others may see as an unusual method of problem solving.

But as you grow into challenging yourself further and further away from what you already know — your perspectives and personal expectations explode into new heights.

And that’s when entire new worlds in cyberspace open up and become visible. Worlds you didn’t know existed before you learned how to challenge yourself intellectually. 

Can we just talk?

If you have the slightest inclinations toward breaking out of your own box, and challenging yourself to make a better and more rewarding life for yourself:

You simply can’t find a better place to learn affiliate marketing techniques

That are tearing down boundaries and taking people to new heights of life — every day in every way —

than this post.


10 thoughts on “How to Challenge Yourself Intellectually for Success”

  1. I find it funny that when I tell people about online marketing and using the internet to make some extra money, they usually make comments such as:

    “The internet has ruined personal relationships”, or
    “Everyone is always on the internet”, or
    “The internet has ruined our lives”.

    Thankfully, I don’t really care about what other people think and when I hear such comments from people who can’t even imagine stretching their comfort zones, I know that I am on the right track.

    Nice article Mike,

    Best regards, Xaric!

    • Hi Xaric

      Yes, that’s the normal response from people who don’t get it.

      When I think about the peculiar looks and responses from people that I mention my internet business to, it really brings me to realize how few people are actually selling on the internet.

      When you’re on the web all day, you start to believe everyone in the world has a website, but the fact is they don’t. We are definitely thinking outside the box when we realize there are legitimate business opportunities online.


  2. Thanks for sharing this insightful article. I found out in my life that the amount of success depends on how big I think.

    Yes, I can start a $1,000 a month affiliate business, but if I give myself the permission to think outside the box, I know I am capable of earning $10,000 or more.

    Without the mind, I couldn’t see myself succeeding in the online world, especially against an increasing amount of competition. Creativity sure does have a role in making your business stand out above the rest.

    • Thanks Dominic

      I agree with you completely! We can do what we allow ourselves to think we can do, and no more.

      Once a person understands that limited thinking has been a roadblock, then the real work begins to change our mind about who we really are?


  3. Great article Mike!!
    I have slowed down a bit with my Affiliate Marketing website as I see most people practically doing the same thing, which is fine but I like to stand out amongst the masses and leave a footprint. So whilst I have slowed down, I have been thinking but not outside of the proverbial box.
    Your article has inspired me!! I will start doing my thinking in unconventional ways.

    I have bookmarked your page and the Steve Jobs video link. This will set me up imminently.


    • HI Jackie

      Could be that if you could get to thinking in some unconventional ways you could see a way to do things a bit different than the ones attacking the problem the same way?

      That’s the where the fun and the challenges are, in looking for different ways to attack the same problem.

      Thanks for reading Jackie

  4. I’m finding this whole experience with Wealthy Affiliate is challenging me to think outside the box. First off just to jump in and make money online. And then once I got into my niche I’ve come to realize that the way people in my niche have monetized their sites is kin of dying out. So now I need to decide if I can create some new way of going at it or completely changing my niche choices. Definitely a lot of outside the box thinking. It’s been a lot of fun and I have high hopes for the future.

    • Hi Dustin

      Yes, I agree that you can challenge yourself to think of different methods to monetize your niche sites that will work for your own audience.

      That’s what I love about internet marketing — you can try a gillion different things: the sky’s the limit1

      I think the key to different everything online is split testing. Keep accurate records of everything you do, so you can see exactly what works and what doesn’t.


  5. Wow. These were some great tips on affilitate marketing and I think I am going to look into. I really liked the part about using creativity and thinking outside the box, it only takes one really good idea. Steve Jobs in an amazing entrepeneur and the world can thank him for his ingenuity. Great Article.
    Thank you, Heather

    • T;hanks Heather for reading this article

      I agree with about Steve Jobs, and surely he has raised the bar for thinking outside the box and challenging yourself intellectually.

      I’m working on coaching myself to success as we speak, write.


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