How To Choose A Profitable Blog Topic That You Love

magnifing glass looking at a graphLearning How To Choose A Profitable Blog Topic is the root of your business.  Choose right and your chances of success are great! Choose a topic that’s not profitable — and you waste valuable time and money.

Finding A Topic That Interest You and Profit

Your chances for success are dramatically increased when you adopt something that you are very interested in pursuing.

Deciding on the subject of your blog is choosing a niche to hold your interest for many months or years. Otherwise you will start a business only to loose interest and let it slide off into the website grave yard.

Choosing Profitable Topics That Interest You

A niche is a select group of people on the internet looking for something in particular to buy.

Niche marketing on the internet is profitable when you locate a small and passionate group of buyers. If you locate a select group of people who aren’t looking for something to buy, look again.

As a beginner to niche marketing it’s easy to start a website around a topic that’s far too large to get noticed. You’re job is to choose something “niche”, or “niched down” to a market small enough for you to get your blog noticed.

There are countless websites trying to attract an audience with health as a topic. But that discussion is so large, they’ll never find a select audience for a market.

If you’re not clear about niching down in a general topic, this post will help: What Is A Website Niche?

Small niches with low competition is the goal.

To start with Health is not a niche, ok? A niche is a distinct segment of a market. Health is even larger than a market. Just stop and think of everything that connects to health. Maybe a topic to talk about, but not to blog about for money; too big.

You need to break it down into something more manageable with just the right amount of competition, always looking to see if buyers are involved. This is where your research begins.

Niche Choices Start With Google Searches

As a business owner you’ll research the market — while you’re thinking about where the profits are hiding. Let’s say you’re passionate about dogs. Maybe you’ve been thinking a dog blog would be nice?

But how can you make money in the dog niche?

Let’s find a a blog topic in the dog market.

Start out by opening a page next to this one and type the word—dogs—into the search bar. 777 million results, and we have no idea what all these people had in mind when they did those searches.

There’s no way to market to these people!

Let’s drill down with another search, this time for—dogs barking. Now look at the top of the page and notice that there are over 49 million results. The subject is far too large because you have no idea what these people are thinking about.

Remember that we are looking for a select group of people looking for a particular product.

Researching for blog niches that make money

Now scroll to the bottom of that page—dogs barking—and you will see that dogs barking just went to blog topics that are profitable. My page shows 8 results on the bottom of Googles search results, and you can make money from any one of these niches.

That’s the very beginning of the journey of searching for blog niches that make money. The more you learn and research for profitable topics for your own blog, the more places you’ll learn to search. And to be successful you will need a great keyword tool to use other than the Google search bar.

Interesting blog topics doesn’t mean you’re interested

I don’t want to leave you here without telling you how fruitless your research efforts will be if you have no real interest in the subject. Blogging doesn’t happen by itself, so you’ll want to choose a topic that you like to think about.

A few task involved in keeping up an affiliate website:

If you find yourself knee deep in a niche and your interest wears out:

You’ll either quit working for success, or merely neglect your business until it’s of no value.  Choosing a profitable blog topic usually include something you’re interested in, especially at the beginning of your career.

Questions to help you choose subjects you like

  • What problems would you like to help people solve?
  • Do you have ideas about a topic you would like to share with the world?
  • How about ideas would to share with a select group of people
  • What expertise would you like to learn more about and share your knowledge as you become an expert?

If you can include one of these with a product that solves a problem people are dealing with, you have a winner.

Can you see your self enjoying the topic of your blog?

Choosing a niche based solely on how profitable you think it will be, may reduce your chances for success. Your blog is going to be a business. It will either be a part time, or full time business, and any business requires your attention, dedication,  and labor.

Choosing a topic that you know holds your interest will make blogging fun instead of work.

How To Choose A Topic That Works For You

Are you an expert at something?

If you are an expert in anything at all, there will be people waiting to hear from you? Choosing something you know about, and like to talk about will always be a great blog topic.

Do You Have a Hobby?

Do you have a hobby that you can write about once a week? People with hobbies are always searching for new knowledge and fellow hobbyist to talk with. Whatever your hobby is, there will be others investigating it online.

Are you interested in learning or doing something new?

You can start a blog about something you have little knowledge about, and share your knowledge as you learn. Just choose a topic that you think will hold your interest for at least a year.

Choosing a profitable blog topic is a skill, and like any other skill the more you learn how others are doing it, the better you yourself get at it.

In this ten day email course I walk you through choosing a topic or niche, finding a profitable product to market, and getting a website started.

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13 thoughts on “How To Choose A Profitable Blog Topic That You Love”

  1. Got motivated by this post. I have a website about losing weight does not good. Since I am an engineer by profession but love to write occasionally. I am writing since my school going age. Due to my professional life, I have a little time to write but now wanna have writing and blogging as a full timer.

    I had issues picking my blog niche, finally picked a technology, believe me, I feel like I made a mistake because I have had challenges growing the blog, this is my 9 months on the blog and is yet to start generating up to 500 visits a day. Picking a right niche is very important, am thinking very hard about a new niche cause am dumping that blog…

    Thanks for such valuable information on choosing the perfect Niche for the blog. Somehow it’s clear to me that without a popular niche none of the blogs can get traffic. I have a problem that I can’t decide what I am good in, I feel I am good in many things, I love Singing, I love cricket, I love traveling and much more. I am a professional tourist guide and I am traveling a lot in North India. So my main interest and knowledge area are traveling. So please suggest me how successful I would be if I start a Travel Blog. And what will be difficulties in it to get it with right audience and traffic.

    • Hi Barakha
      I think the first issue is time to grow blog traffic. I must look at every affiliate site as a long term business venture, or I get impatient and either quit online marketing altogether, or leave a bunch of half finished blogs behind.

      It takes time to post content, build links and a following, so 9 months is really not a long time for a long term business venture to be growing and expanding. The more post you get up, the more traffic naturally will find you. I see varying opinions about whether or not you should be passionate about the subject of your website, but for me, if I’m not somewhat passionate about my business, I lose interest quickly.

      I think travel blogs are great, especially for someone like yourself who is already into travel as a profession. Maybe you should go for a travel blog and try to narrow the focus down to only where you are presently traveling.

      Good Luck

    • Hi Mia
      I start out with tools like Google search bar, then Google keyword planner, then Answer the public, and more. But I always keep a list of interesting keywords from those, and take them to the Jaaxy keyword research tool.
      I also like to use the free Moz bar because sometimes a keyword will look great (especially for an amazon site) but after seeing the competition with the free moz bar, I think again?
      Thanks for reading

  2. Choosing a niche is simply down to choosing something which you are interested in, have a particular passion for. If you are willing to write about it and communicate with other people regarding it you are half way there.
    The next thing is to make sure it’s targeted to a specific group of people rather than a large niche as it’s so much easier to become authoritative within your given niche, attract visitors and accomplish the high ranking accolade with the Search Engines.
    Once first page search results is achieved, conversions start to run automatically and this is the prerogative.
    Thanks for your post,

  3. Good read! I like your statement “Interesting blog topics doesn’t mean you’re interested”.
    Its very true and it will be more difficult to find topics to write if you are not into the niche you have chosen.

  4. Great post, I think picking a niche is probably the single hardest thing I’ve done, I wish I would’ve read your website before I got started. Good Job keep it up!

    • The best way I know to understand a niche is as a group of people with a concrete problem that I can help them solve. A niche is an audience that I get in front of to talk about their problem, and help them solve.

      Then you have to get to the part about whether or not they are small enough to manage, or too large? The more I think about niches and how to market to them, the more interesting the process becomes. Niches are people!

  5. This post is so awesome for anyone who dose not know where to start you have given a list of things that can stare anyone in the write direction when it comes to looking for a niche that can make them some money. Great post.

    • Hey Norman
      Thanks for stopping by! I know that a lot of people struggle with the whole niche thing, but once you get a handle on the idea that a niche is an audience, everything makes sense.

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