How To Get In To Affiliate Marketing And Make Money Online

brief case sitting on laptop with words e-business vector imageCan you imagine a job where you just share you own opinions? Where you work from home, setting your own hours? If you can imagine that, you need to know How To Get In To Affiliate Marketing.

I can’t say it’s always easy, but it’s the best job I know about. If you’re willing to learn new things, and can stay true to your own business—learning how affiliate marketing works could be your ticket to success?

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is advertising someone else’s products on line. People with products for sale online pay affiliates to lead potential customers to their websites.

This is one of the best ways to make money online:

And it is an authentic business model, unlike many other online “would be” opportunities?


Affiliate marketing is commission sales

When buyers go from your own website to theirs, you get paid a commission on the sales.

This is making money online for promoting someone else’s products, and it’s called affiliate marketing.

How to Get in to Affiliate Marketing

Like any business in the world:

You will need a few tools to get started.

Because Internet marketing is…well…on the Internet, the tools are a little different than you might need for a brick and mortar business.

What you’ll need to get started

#1. A niche

The internet is too large to market to, because everyone won’t be interested in buying your product. You need a small segment of internet users. This small segment is searching for your particular affiliate product now, and is known as a niche.

Check out this article to learn more: What is a website niche?

#2. A domain name

Your domain name will be the name of your online business. Affiliate marketers like to have a domain name that suggest what their website, affiliate product, or niche is about.  It’s up to you to choose one that’s not already taken and purchase it from a domain registrar.

Want more info on Domain Names: What is a domain name?

#3. A website

After you pick a niche to work in and choose a domain name for your new business, you’ll need a website. Starting and using a website can be a daunting task the first time you build your own. You’ll find success much faster with a step by step blue print for beginner affiliate marketers. 

Here is the best place on the web to learn websites and affiliate marketing

#4. Hosting

Web host are companies that actually serve your new affiliate marketing website to the Internet, and they are not all created equal. A website and domain name is useless without having a company to host it into cyber space for you. You’ll need a hosting provider with great service, reliability, and speed. 

#5. An affiliate product to promote

You are going to be surprised at how many companies online offer affiliate programs for you to join. Amazon’s affiliate program is a leader simply because they are the largest online shopping mall in the world. Then there’s Clickbank, which may be the second most popular affiliate program. But there’s plenty more affiliate offers to choose from and use for success.

Instant access to a million products to promote.

But wait: Is Affiliate marketing just another scam?

(If you would like to download a list of 23 places to find keywords click here or in the image below)

23 places to find the best keywords

#6. Content on your website

Now that you have everything in place, for your affiliate marketing website, you’ll need content. Content is what your visitors see and read when visiting your affiliate site.  Content serves two main purposes: 1) it helps to solve problems and educates 2) it provides a place for you to link readers to affiliate sales pages.

There’s really two kinds of affiliate sites, both requiring a lot of content:

1. Review sites

Review sites are dedicated to reviewing products for readers. They usually have many products and make comparisons between the products for the best buying choices. These sites will often have many product images, and some written content. And all reviews aren’t the same.

Have a look at my product review page.

2. Straight affiliate sales sites

Straight sales sites are affiliate websites devoted entirely to one or a few products. They will have many pages of written content, often with step by step instructions. Solving problems with content will intersect with the affiliate products being advertised.

#7. Traffic for your website

As an affiliate you will be solely responsible for getting traffic to your own website to advertise products.

There are two main types of website traffic:

1. Free search engine traffic

Free, or organic, traffic is traffic that clicks on links to come to your site from search engine results, forums, other websites where you’ve left your link, and all of the social websites.

2. Paid traffic

Paid traffic is usually considered to be, but not always, Google Adwords. That’s where you pay google to advertise for you on their search engine pages.

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to advertise and pre sale the affiliate products.  You then send visitors via links to a sales page. When these people buy the product you are paid a commission.

Here’s a page with an infographic to help you with increasing website traffic.

Green check markProtecting your reputation as an affiliate marketer

Who wants to buy products from someone they don’t trust? As with any type of marketing, your first job will be to get people to trust you.

Finding niches that you are interested in and able to write content about is your first priority. When you have a vested interested in what you are blogging about, it will be easier for readers to trust you.

Two ways to gain trust
  1. Familiarity with the product

If you don’t already own the product you’re selling, buy it for yourself. When you own and use the product you can give accurate reviews and testimonials to your readers. People will relate to your personal knowledge.

2. Always see readers as people

Staying in touch with the fact that you are actually writing and selling to real people can be a challenge. Never forget that the readers and customers are real people who are depending on you to help them make their life better. Don’t forget that affiliate products help people.

As a beginner in affiliate marketing, you will need to be willing to learn tips and techniques to help you succeed. You can enter affiliate marketing by spending a lot of time on the internet searching for everything you need to learn.

Green check markMistakes affiliate marketers make today

But most marketers today find that route to be far too time consuming with little or no profitable success.

I know from my own experience how costly, in both time and money, it is to “go it alone”. When you are attempting to learn how to get into affiliate marketing and make it successful, the information gets overwhelming.

Information overwhelm with no place to turn for help is the top mistake made by online marketers today. In fact it’s what causes people to give up and quit before they start making money. Why not take a look at my own mistakes?

Read about my on online journey.

Are you getting closer to turbo charging your own life with affiliate marketing?

When it comes to getting into affiliate marketing, this post could lead you to one of the smartest choices of your life.


8 thoughts on “How To Get In To Affiliate Marketing And Make Money Online”

  1. Hi Mike, I would like to make an effort to build a website and make money with it but I do not feel that I am a writer. I guess that many people have the same problem. How do you learn writing for a website if you have not any experience?

    • Hi IIias

      That’s the greatest question! Writing articles and post was a great fear factor for me, when I started. I mean, like the whole world can see how bad I write and little I really know to tell them?

      I am still tempted today to compare my writing skills to the people who write online so much better than myself. But I know better, and I just enjoy reading what other people write and move on.

      Here’s three things I know about writing online:

      #1. No matter where you’re at, you can only learn to write by writing, no other way. So, here’s a method to write a post — google the topic, find and open 3 or 4 post about the topic you expect to write about, read each one, then start writing your own version of what you just got out of the ones you read. Don’t copy. What you’re doing is much like doing a report in school on what you read. That’s what your readers are looking for, you do the searching and compile the info for them.

      #2. Writing on the web is different than what you learned in school.   Your writing online works better when it’s broke up into 1 and 2 sentences. not long paragraphs like you learned in school. 

      #3. As you write more and more post, you will naturally “find your voice” which means it will naturally come easier to merely write as if you are speaking. There will be some that don’t like it, because who can say everybody in the world likes them……let them be. There will be some that identify with your voice and keep reading what your write. Those are the ones you fish for.


  2. Hi Mike
    You have some very compelling reasons for becoming an affiliate marketer. I agree with you on most points, but you have not mentioned time. The time aspect in your journey is very important, and leads to many giving up.
    When you have made it though, and get enough traffic, it is all worthwhile.
    The hardest thing is dealing with time, the time to success.

    • Hi Greg

      Thanks for your input. I absolutely agree with you about the time factor being the cause of most people giving up.

      I think there’s two main reasons time plays such a big part in leaving before the success comes:

      #1.  Many people are wondering how to get into affiliate marketing, and start reading the sales pages for affiliate marketing or internet marketing courses that either lead you to believe or flat out state that IM is fast and easy. Well we know that’s a lie! This is a real Business.

      #2. And I think that’s the next problem! I think the vast majority of people entering the Internet Marketing arena look at it more as an opportunity to make some money on the web, than they do opening up and starting up an actual business. I know that’s how it happened with me. It took some time before I could say hey this is just as much a business online as it would be if I had open a business in a store down town. 

      So it definitely takes time to get the business rolling, and the best way to start is with a “mindset” that affiliate marketing is a business.

      Thanks Greg

  3. Hey Mike!
    Thank you for helping me understand easily what a niche is. I understand from what you are saying, that the more targeted the niche is the better.
    I was wondering though, how should I go about trying to find a really good niche? Are there any tools that you can recommend to help me decide? I’m thinking of one in the weight loss field. Can you help?

    • Hi Marcia

      Thank you for reading!

      I don’t have any tools to pick niches with other than keyword tools. Weight loss is probably too wide, too broad to tackle. Try to narrow it down to something like weight loss for women, weight loss for men, weight loss for retired women……and even more ideas that you can mine. Weight loss for children is coming of age now, too?


  4. Hey man I just wanna say how much I really enjoyed viewing your site. I actually just got into the affiliate marketing world not too long ago so this really helped me alot because I’ve been doing a lot of research on the topic.
    A lot of my friends don’t belive in the “make money online’ thing but there’s absolutely nothing in my opinion that says it’s a scam. People really do buy things online it’s just about getting your traffic to your site.

    • Thanks Gabe

      Glad you enjoyed it! When you start an online business there’s a good chance your friends and even family won’t get it? But don’t let that hold you back. Affiliate marketing is a genuine business opportunity and can change your life. There may be some scams involved, like every other thing in the world, but affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online.


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