How To Get The Most From Pinterest Marketing Tips

how to get the most from pinterest marketing To be honest with you, Marketing on Pinterest is pretty easy? For the longest I thought Pinterest was going to take too much time for me to stop and figure out how to use it.

So, I sorta half used this marketing platform with little or no results? 

And the truth is:

I was really missing a good thing when it comes to getting more traffic and more sales. Not to mention that it’s far easier to see results from Pinterest than I had originally thought!

If you’re into niche marketing and blogging you don’t want to miss this easy to use traffic source.

This post contains 7 tips on how to get the most from Pinterest Marketing and help you get more traffic to your website .

To tell you the truth I was taking Pinterest marketing far too lightly, so I was naturally skipping right over these techniques — and seeing little to no results from my half hearted efforts. 

The following 7 tips will show you how to get the most from Pinterest Marketing and boost your social media marketing results. 

1 – Use As Many Keywords in Promoted Pins As Pinterest Will Let You

This is one place I was really missing the results I wanted from Pinterest. If I was in a hurry, I might not put any image description at all, but:

Pinterest recommends using 20 to 30 keywords with your promoted pins. For your best marketing results, use main keywords, related phrases and long-tail keywords. And be sure to max out the 20-30 word recommendation from them.

2 – Show Multiple Products in a Single Pin

I was missing a lot of opportunities to get my products onto Pinterest, even though succeeding online is my top priority? Now I make one image that displays several different items that I want to offer my prospects — dramatically increasing my chances for success.

By taking the time to make images that show several different items, I’m really adding a lot of value to a single pin. These multiple offerings, products, and services give me a much better chance of engaging with many more users when I show multiple products on one pin.

3 – Take Advantage of Image Height

There’s a lot of competition on a crowded Pinterest page, so it can be tough to stand out? This is why image size is a big deal, and the image height on Pinterest can make the difference when it comes to your pin sticking out on the page. 

So, it’s important that you choose the right height for your images. Even though Pinterest will automatically scale your images, you’ll fare better if you start out with the heights and dimensions listed in the image below. You’ll find that the taller vertical looking pins always seem to out perform the shorter or square pins.

how to get the most from pinterest marketing sizes

4 – Include Text Overlay

Add text on top of your images. The vast majority of pins on Pinterest are just graphics or images. Yours stands out and adds value to your message when you include a text overlay on top of your images.

You can go to Pablo here, upload your images, and overlay them with text with this free tool. You’ll find free images there for use on your own blog also, so don’t miss this free resource.

5 – Go for Light over Dark Image Colors

There’s plenty of research online that indicates that lighter colors for images get repinned more often than darker images. Also, shades of red in your images are far more likely to get repinned than the color blue? So keep that in mind when you’re looking for or creating your own pinterest images.

6 – Display Each Phase of a Step-By-Step Process

A great technique for more exposure is to make one piece of content into several pins. Just create a how to post with step by step directions and create an image to pin for each step of the post.

7 – Write Descriptions of 200 to 300 Words

My research into marketing on Pinterest has changed everything about how I make my pins, including writing descriptions. I’ve learned that including keywords and keyword phrases in my descriptions are vital to my marketing efforts. I’m now using descriptions of 200 to 300 words with my keywords for much better results. 


Now that I’m learning how to get the most from Pinterest, I’m seeing traffic increases across the board for all my websites.

So, you may be missing traffic and sales if you’re not getting the most from this excellent source of traffic to your website.

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