How To Have A Successful Blog?

small notebook with ingredients for how to have a successful blog

Even though How to Have a Successful Blog covers a lot of territory:

(Too much information for one post).

Your blogging success will always revolve around these two primary ingredients:

  1. Your niche
  2. The content on your blog

Creating a successful blog starts and ends with getting answers to people on the web.

There’s plenty to learn about SEO, back links, formating post, website speed, WordPress, finding affiliate products, Email subscribers, etc.

And all of that, and more, is important to your success.

But the truth is that all of that is secondary to real online success.

Here’s How To Make Your Blog Successful

No matter what part of your website business you’re working on today, remember these two primary ingredients.


Green check mark  Make your blog about something in particular

Because you can’t serve the world, you’ll need to find a smaller group of people to serve.

You’ll need to decide what your blog will be about before you start!

Without having a purpose, or general theme to build you’re blog around: it will wind up a hodge podge of ideas that have no relation to each other.

And that’s bad for blogging

That’s bad because when someone goes to a website they are usually attempting to find answers to a problem — or — they’re shopping for a product.

Either way:

If you’re website is an array of blog post about an array of topics — people who land on your site won’t stick around long.

Successful blogs have a main theme

It will need to be in a particular niche to have the best chances for success.

If you’re not sure about niches: read this article about niches on the internet.

To tell you the truth:

Choosing a niche is a problem for a lot of beginners:

  • On the one hand you want to get a blog started, so you need to take action.
  • On the other hand you need to think this website idea out, and decide on a niche — before you make a move.

If you’re not sure on an idea for your blog:

Read this article to get started.

What can I blog about week after week?

As you think about what your blog will be about, consider this:

Target with dart in bulls eyeYour niche is the point where:
What you love — or love to learn,
Intersects with what people are looking for on the web.


Some people say you should be passionate about the subject of your website:

Because it needs to be something you can see yourself fully invested in for a long time.


Why planning a blog strategy is important

Starting a blog, writing a lot of post for it, along with all the other things that go along with blogging takes a lot of work — and time.

It’s not the end of the world if you start a blog about one topic, and then choose to abandon it later on to start over:

But you might save yourself a lot of time by:

  • Learning about niches
  • Doing some keyword research to see if people are actually searching for your ideas

For more information on researching the market and free keyword research tools:

Read Internet Affiliate Marketing Tips

(If you would like to download a list of 23 places to find keywords click here or in the image below)

23 places to find the best keywords

Green check mark  Write content that answers questions and solves problems

Now that you’ve picked just the right niche for your blog, it’s all about content.

Successful blog owners are always some degree of:

  • Coach
  • Mentor
  • Advisor
  • Teacher
  • Provider of products and information that are searched for on the internet

Why People Use the Internet

I think we all have three reasons to surf the web

  1. Looking for information to help us solve a problem
  2. Searching for a product to help us solve a problem
  3. We are bored and merely wasting time

I have no idea how to address the people who are merely wasting time:

So I need a blog that falls into the realm of providing information and products that are marketable on the web.

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.  Zig Ziglar

Writing content that genuinely helps people solve their problems is the key to success.

What if I’m not really an expert in my niche?

If you chose a niche and are developing a blog around something that you consider yourself an expert in:

You’re one of the chosen few!

The rest of the bloggers in the world, become successful by researching, learning, and teaching about what they are learning.

Here’s how to quickly become an expert

You’ve chosen a keyword— based on your research — that people are searching for:

  • They need answers
  • Now you do the research for them

Google the question yourself and spend time researching the topic and learning everything you can:

  1. Read and research the topic for a couple of hours. Longer when you’re just starting out with your blog content.
  2. If I don’t know how to answer the question, I search for it and open 2-4 of the search results.
  3. I want to learn everything I can about the keyword in as short a time span as possible.
  4. Next I jot down several key points that will serve as my outline.
  5. Now explain each key point
  6. Write an introduction and a closing or conclusion to the article.


Why this works

The more you research your niche to create content for your blog — the more knowledge you will gain.

The more you teach what you are researching and learning: The more you will understand the niche.

Expert content writers solve my problems

The thing is:

If I am searching for how to write blog content, I don’t care who the information comes from?

  • When I am going through the search results, I first notice if the content I am reading is appealing to me?
  • Does this author looks like he can write what he’s teaching me?
  • Can I follow his blog post and make my own post better by doing what he says?

If I can, he knows more than me, even if he just started today!

He’s an expert:

And that’s all I was looking for!

That’s how you become an expert in your own niche.

You don’t need to wait until you’ve 10,000 hours of education on the subject.

Learn it and teach it as you are learning.

You will know more than the people searching online because:

You are actively researching your niche constantly.

In Conclusion:

There is so much involved in creating a successful blog, that it’s impossible to address it with one post.

And most of it is not cut and dry: meaning there are many ways to arrive at the same end.


  1. Highly defined and narrow niches
  2. High quality content that serves to help readers answer questions and solve problems


Will never stop being the the two most important ingredients of successful blogging.

Now, there’s an even better way to learn how to have a successful blog and make money online from affiliate marketing:

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10 thoughts on “How To Have A Successful Blog?”

  1. Mike, Nice take on successful blogging. I’m glad you hit hard on purpose. A blog whose sole purpose is to make money just won’t be able to hack it. After awhile. traffic will just dry up. I also like what you say about passion. We need to have a niche we know enough about to hold an actual conversation over, Thanks.

    • Thanks for reading Warren

      Of course the sole purpose of any business on line or off line is to make money, people expect more and more information online before an actual purchase. And they’re not by themselves, either: The way I buy products onlline is by doing a fair amount of research and information gathering before I spend my own hard earned money.

      Thanks again

  2. Hello,
    This is indeed very informative content. You have proved that you can teach everyone out there how to write a successful blog.

    Like you have mentioned through this article, before anyone can write a successful blog the person would have to know which niche he is going to write out and type of audience he is targeting. Of course no one can select a niche that will be of interest to all online searchers. Because anyone who visit the internet has a goal and interest in mind.

    And it is true that we always have to write something that will help visitors to our site get solution to their problems or answers to their questions.

    thanks a lot for this information. I appreciate it and have learned something from this post of yours. Very educative.

    • Thanks Stephen

      You are exactly right! Once you realize that you are writing to people in a particular niche and that you are now a part of that niche: you can begin to think of yourself as a part of the group.

      Thinking of yourself as a part of the group of your niche instead of someone barging in to sell something makes it easier to think of yourself as researching, learning and sharing what you learn with the group.


  3. Hi Mike, Great article. The fear of not being a great writer or not being a specialist made me have doubts about myself. I felt reluctant at first, made me fell scared. Now I can relate to learn your niche and teach it as you go. I do believe I have improved a lot and my confidence is increasing. I have to agree with MelaniLukito in this one “we must start writing the articles to be an expert on it.” Thank you for sharing it.

    • Hi Mel

      Reading other peoples blog post can really make me think I’m really just not good enough to write, or don’t really know enough?

      One thing that helps me is to remember that I will never get everyone on the web to like what I write, or how I write: But if I just keep writing there will be some people who relate to my ideas and words.

      And I know that the more I research and write about anything at all, the more knowledge I will have, and be able to write.


  4. Hi Mike,
    I love reading your article. The short, simple and direct to the point sentences made it so easy to understand.
    Agreed with you 100% that the more research we do on our content, the more knowledge we gain. This is the part I loved most. Learned so much and sharing the information is very satisfying indeed. Sometimes I do get lost writing content but I always remind myself, how can my article help my readers? What are the benefits that my readers can gain? These keep my focus.
    Great article you wrote!

    • Thanks Sharon

      I’m glad you stopped by to read my post.

      Even though I’ve been doing affiliate sites for a while now, It’s still easy for me to jump into what I thought was a great niche without really doing the research before I start.

      I have to hold myself back by asking the same questions you asked? Among the other aspects of choosing a profitable niche, I have to remember to ask myself if it’s something I am going to be interested in writing about, and helping people answer their questions?

      Thanks again

  5. Great article. I agree with you to learn our niche and teach it as we learn it. The difference level of our knowledge between the point we start to write and the point we finish the article is amazing. So I have made a conclusion that we must not wait to be expert to write the article but the contrary is the right : we must start writing the articles to be an expert on it.

    • Hi and thanks for your input!

      The secret of all learning is “that the more you teach what you learn, the more you will grasp what you learn.”

      That’s true for writing niche content as well as learning how to raise and nurture roses. Whatever you want to learn — teach.


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