How to Have a Successful Online Business

how to have a successful business online

Learning how to have a successful online business was the move that changed my life forever!

To tell the truth, success was elusive without a road map. It only came when I started over — with the basics.

It took patience, doing some things I didn’t like doing, and making sure I was sticking to the fundamentals.

But it’s no secret that making money with affiliate marketing is one of the best business opportunities online .

Why Online Businesses Are So Powerful

In the world of marketing and finance, leverage is a common term describing the act of using someone else’s money for your own profit.

But when it comes to marketing online — I get to leverage the power of everything internet for my own business.

Most of it for free!

Leveraging things like:

  • Social media
  • Blog comments
  • Email marketing
  • Online relationships
  • Even other people’s post

These and more allows me to pinpoint my efforts, and market to the world: With the click of a button!

This is what makes operating a business on the internet such an amazing breakthrough for entrepreneurs.

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Lives are changing daily as the result of people learning how to build successful affiliate marketing businesses.

And you can do this:

For the price of a daily cup of coffee at Starbucks.

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Building Your First Online Business

The great thing about this opportunity is that it doesn’t take a lot of money, and when you learn the ropes, it doesn’t take a lot of time either.

But succeeding online does take:

  • Dedication as an entrepreneur
  • Learning simple techniques to market affiliate products on your blog
  • Taking action
  • Willingness to start with the basics and then to keep up with the latest online marketing trends
  • Staying focused and organized

You make money by selling stuff. You sell stuff by finding problems people have — and then offering products which solve those problems.

Providing real value to real people who spend their real hard earned cash!

A quote from Stuart Walker at private mastermind group on Facebook. If you’re building niche sites, you can’t afford to miss this group.


Whether you’re just thinking of starting your own business, or even if you’re already marketing online:

The following basic ingredients are the starting point and never change.

So have a look through them and be sure you aren’t missing any of the fundamentals.

Finding Success In The Essentials


Successful online businesses start with the essentials


What follows is not really in any particular order:

But each is vital to the process.

They’re not new either! So if you’re looking for some brand new magic button — it ain’t here.

But for results:

The sooner you get these basics implemented, the sooner your business will flourish.

Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

How to make it happen — from the top:

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How Should I Choose A Domain Name?

A domain name is the name of your business online, so spend time thinking about a name that represents yourself, your company, or your brand.

If you’re developing a specific product niche site you might want to include a word in your domain name that indicates what your site is about?

But you’re probably better off without an exact match domain name.

In other words:

If your site is aimed at selling Sony Walkman MP3 players — don’t make your domain name

Read this post on ShoutMeLoud to see why that’s a bad idea.

What you might do instead is look for a domain name like :

The real key to a great domain name is: Short and Memorable.


Domain name registrars will tell you if the name you choose is available or if someone has already registered it.

What I mean by that is, don’t spend weeks laboring over just the right name — just to find out it’s taken?

There are several factors to consider before registering your domain name, and this post will explain more about how to get a domain name for a website .

Free Domain Generators Save The Day

If you run into a snag finding a suitable name for your business, try searching for domain name generators in Google.

I like the Shopify Business Name Generator because it’s simple and will provide plenty of business name ideas.

Domain Names Aren’t Rocket Science

Here’s what to remember when it comes to choosing the best domain name:

  1. Easy to type
  2. No numbers and hyphens
  3. Memorable
  4. Use the standard extensions: .com, .net, .org (in that order)
  5. Short
  6. Be careful about getting too close to registered trademarks

If you are building a website for a brick and mortar business, it is probably important to you to have your domain name the same as your existing business.

But when it comes to a successful online business, you don’t really need to worry too much about the domain name.

For instance never sold an apple right?

And is one of the largest Amazon sites on the web, and I couldn’t find any “wire cutters” on their site?

Make choosing a domain easy by searching for the name of your niche in Google and seeing what names people are using for their websites.


Then get creative. 

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Should I have multiple websites?


Getting a viable business going online is a learning curve for most people and involves time and patience.

It’s easy to see yourself gaining a little knowledge — get impatient — and decide it’s time to build more niche websites.

But is that really the thing to do right now?

Yes, and no!

Yes — if you’re building niche sites for affiliate products you can increase the possibility of income — with more sites.

No — you don’t need to consider more websites until you have your blog or affiliate website full of content and getting a regular stream of traffic and income.

There’s a lot to do and to learn about getting your website:

  1. Designed
  2. Writing content
  3. Getting traffic
  4. Converting traffic to buyers

When I learned of the possibilities of starting my online business, and then found out that it really didn’t take much money:

I was building affiliate sites at a break neck speed.

  • The problems I had though, were:
  • Not enough time to make any of them profitable
  • No time to learn how to make my niche sites successful
  • No focus or direction that I at last learned for one site at the time

It wasn’t until I stopped, took a look at what I was doing and why I was spending money instead of making money, that things began to turn around.

The best way to get started is with someone to teach you the basics , and grow as you learn.

It will be easy to get overwhelmed, fail, and wonder if online marketing is a scam?

Tips for Creating Your First Website

  • WordPress is by far the best Content Management Platform, so forget all of the alternatives. Choose a hosting provider that provides one click WordPress installation.
  • Don’t worry too much about making a fancy website. Free WordPress themes are all you’ll need to start. Wait until you start seeing traffic to worry about website design.
  • Include Privacy Policy and Contact pages on your site, and put them somewhere that people can find them. You can put links to these pages in your footer, sidebar, or main menu bar.
  • Create a usable hierarchy structure of your post and pages, by creating categories. Put links to categories in your menu so visitors can readily access and navigate your website.
  • Unlearn everything they taught you in school about creating paragraphs when you write. On the web people aren’t reading long and complex sentences and paragraphs. Instead they scan the page looking for interesting headlines and short paragraphs of one or two sentences.

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What are Links?

How to have a successful online business with search engine optimazation
The three main areas that cover the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Optimizing your website, Create brand Awarness and reach out to build links to your website

“Link” is the abbreviated form of hyperlink.

Hyperlinks are what you click on to move to another page either on your own website, or to another website altogether.

Links on your web pages can either be text links or image links, and the WordPress Editor has made it easy to link to other pages from either type of link.

Because hyperlinks are an important part of any website.

They are part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which includes both onpage and off page SEO.

As you add post to your site,  be sure to use links from post to post.

What Are Internal Links?

Internal links are hyperlinks from one page of your website to another page of your own website, and are a vital part of both SEO and a good user experience.

Internal Linking:

  • Keeps your readers on your site longer by sending them to other content they may be interested in reading.
  • Builds a hierarchy of post and pages for Search Engine spiders to crawl and understand how your website looks.
  • Indicates to search engines that you deem post on your website important enough for your readers to check them out.
  • Internal linking helps to build authority to specific pages and post on your site.

Best Practices for Internal Linking

  • When using internal linking, never use image links: But text links (anchor text).
  • Link from text to relative post and pages. In other words, link from your text to a post that would be relative to the sentence it links from.
  • Use do follow links for internal linking.
  • Deep linking is linking back to older pages on your website, and is a good practice.
  • Don’t link to your home page too often.

What Are External Links?

External links are hyperlinks both from your website,  and to your website. and you need both for SEO.

Remember that Search Engine Optimization (SEO)helps get your website and pages ranked in the search engines:

For free traffic to your site.

Links from your website 

Google likes to see links from your website to other websites along with the owners of these outside websites.

These outgoing links are usually used to:

  • Cite an authority that adds relevance to your content
  • Mention another author or website as an authority figure

I usually no follow these links, and open them in another tab. That way you won’t “pass link juice” and keep your own page open on the readers site.

Incoming links

Links coming back to your site from other websites are known as back links, and google places a lot of weight on these backlinks.

The more back links a site has the more Google figures other people are interacting with your content. This means that your pages have the potential to rank higher in the SERPs (search engine result pages).

Back Links usually come from:

  • Guest Posting
  • Commenting on other blogs
  • PBNs
  • Press Releases

The best practice for your website is to allocate a portion of each week for building backlinks.

Start out by reading other blogs in your own niche or genre and joining the conversation going on in the comment section.

By interacting with other sites in your own niche you will begin to see:

  • A pattern of questions being asked that you can address on your own site
  • Get yourself known by the blog author and the other people commenting

Guest Posting Lives

It’s true that Google devalued backlinks from guest posting, but these links are still good for diversifying your link profile.

But the most important part is that you will gain traffic, recognition and authority in your own niche; along with links from other website mentions.

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Social Media For Blogging


How to have a successful online business using social media


Why You Can’t Ignore Social Media

  • Increases Traffic to your business
  • Increases inbound links to your website
  • The inbound links helps you move up in the search engine results
  • The increase in traffic brings more email subscribers, fans, followers, and links
  • The more social you are the more your content is shared


Even if you have a personal Twitter account, it’s time to set up an account for your online business:

That matches your domain name, which is your business name.

If you have a Twitter account already, log out of it and open a private window in your browser. Now fill out the simple form with your business name as your user name (@BlogSkilz )and your off.

When you get to your description, put your full online business website address in it somewhere. That’s a backlink and access to your business from your Twitter page.


You will need a FaceBook page for your business, maybe still known as a FaceBook Fan Page.

Facebook is one of the largest marketing and branding tools and will be into the future, so you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

You’ll need your own personal page to get started, so if you don’t do facebook yet, its’ time to sign up for your own facebook account.

Now open your personal page and look for the little black downward facing arrow on the F/B menu bar, click it, and then click create a page. Choose “Brand or Product” and your on your way.

The FaceBook page for this site is:

I spend no time at all on the page yet, but because I post to it each time I publish a new post I get traffic from it?


Name your page with the name of your website, and every time you publish a new post on your website, share it to your own business page.

Building a community of people who trust and rely on you is how to have a successful online business for the long term:

And taking the time to build a facebook community is one of the top methods to make that happen. So keep Facebook on the top of your goal list.


There’s a lot more to do with your facebook business page so spend some time searching for and reading pages about how to get the most from your Facebook exposure.


Google+ is another  must have social sharing network.

You’ll need a Gmail account, if you aren’t using Gmail now, just open up an account.

Once you get your Google+ account opened start adding people to it, and sharing the content they post on Google+.

You will be surprised at how many people share your post when you share every new post from your page to Google+.

This social account will also get your post indexed in the Google SERPs very quickly instead of having to wait around for weeks for the search engines to find it.

You need your post indexed in the SERPs so people can find them, and they can’t rank on the search results until they’ve been indexed.

Learning how to index post fast will help Google understand that your business wants to be noticed on the web.

But the more social networks you can get your business involved in the more traffic you will see on your website.

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Stay Connected With An Email List

Email list are the most powerful marketing tool ever devised!

Once someone signs up to your list you get to stay connected to them in ways that would be impossible otherwise.

Of course only a small percentage of your readers will choose to opt in to your list, but these subscribers can be part of your tribe for years.

If you do nothing other than spam their inbox with sales pitch after sales pitch, they won’t last long.

Here’s how to keep your subscribers happy:

  • Keep your emails relevant to your website
  • Keep the subject line interesting and inviting
  • Personalize the subject line with subscriber names
  • Make most of your emails about giving without selling anything
  • Deliver Quality in every message
  • Be engaging with your content

11 Reasons to build an email list for your business

  1. Selling products online is more profitable with emails because you have the opportunity to get more friendly with your readers.
  2. You can never be as sure of reaching your target audience with social media as you can with email subscribers.
  3. With email subscribers you get the chance to stay in touch with your readers for years.
  4. Without email people aren’t likely to ever see your website or sales offers a second time, and research indicates that most internet buyers need to see a product multiple times before they purchase.
  5. When you have people on your list you have the opportunity to segment them into different list and offer them only products they are truly interested in owning and using.
  6. Your website traffic will vary wildly from day to day, so you never have a clue how many people will actually read your regular content. But with a list you can know how many people are open your emails, along with being able to count clicks back to your website.
  7. Readers are more involved with email because it’s more personal when they open it, than merely surfing the web until they find something that interest them.
  8. Email stays in the inbox until someone does something to make it go away. It will be there after vacations, when you get home from work, and when you’ve not been on the web for days.
  9. You will stay engaged with your readers for long periods of time, vs someone quickly leaving your site and never coming back.
  10. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, run polls, send questionnaires, and do up close and personal market research with your list, that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise.
  11. The list is yours and you own it! With social media, traffic comes and goes, but without getting them on your list, you don’t get to interact with them again.

How to Start an Email List?

Email AutoResponders Provider Put Your Business on Auto Pilot
email marketing at aweber
Click The Image to Start Free At Aweber Today



Because you don’t want to type out an email to each subscriber, you’ll need an email autoresponder.

With autoresponders you create your emails, set the dates and times you want them sent, and bulk send them to your list:

On Auto Pilot.

You can start out with one of the premier Email Service Providers, or use one of the many that offer you free services to start with.

However you decide to start out, you’ll want a simple to use ESP.

Because you don’t want to waste weeks trying to figure out how to use their software.

That’s why I always recommend Aweber and MailerLite as my first choices. Aweber is the best premium service because they have a very high open rate and are simple to set up and use. MailerLite is also a very simple Email Autoresponder and allows you to use their service free up to 1000 subscribers.


Create Signup Forms.

Sign up forms (optin forms) are usually provided by the email service autoresponder you’re using:

Usually a string of code to insert somewhere in your pages and website.

There’s a multitude of methods and best practices to use them on your website, but the most important thing you can do is to get them installed.

Because sign up forms are used to entice your readers to opt in to your email list, they are very short sales pitches: usually?

Sometimes you’ll click on a link and go to a different sales page with bullet points and sales copy just to get you to opt in to a list.

Does that give you a clue to the importance of an email list and opt in form?

Sometimes the email service you’re using makes using their optin boxes so complicated, it’s hard for beginners to use them?

If that’s the case for you, just Google “free email optin form plugin wordpress” and you’ll find easy alternatives that hook up to your autoresponder.

There are both free and premium versions of these plugins, so just take your pick.

Free Offers for Subscribers

Back in day, people would freely subscribe to a lot of email list:

But not so much anymore.

Merely using the a tile such as “Subscribe to My Updates” or something similar won’t get you any subscribers.

So, what you need is a free offer for people to actually want to join your email list.

This can be anything at all, as long as it interest your readers enough to want it.

Make it valuable for best results.

Here’s an example of free offers that works!

Just click on the image and get 74 pre-made headlines for your blog post, and you’ll be included on the best email list on the internet.


optin for headlines

Just like your website in general, the gift you offer subscribers needs to be something they can actually benefit from using, or reading:

Just like the offer above!

You’ll find that the more information and value you can give away on your site, the more your readers will come back.

You can use premium PLR for give gifts or write your own material and put in the form of pdfs.

Read this post to see how to add a PDF to a page to actually give it away for opting in to your email list.

Email your list regularly.

Not only is there no need to email too frequent, but if you mail your list every day they will opt out!

One a week on the same day is plenty, and can keep them looking forward to hearing from you.

Send what you ever you want: short messages, or links back to your site to read your latest article.

You can never give away too much free information, just keep your messages relevant to your business.

I don’t know about you, but:

[Tweet “The emails I look forward to reading are the ones that provide valuable and helpful information”]

Your first goal with emails is to get people to pay attention, and then you can make sales offers that they appreciate.

Send interesting Emails

I get some emails that are one sales promotion after the other, week after week: and sometimes day after day?

As soon as I realize what these people are doing, I either unsubscribe, or never open them.

Don’t do that!

The best time to offer a promotional link is in the first email, because you have their attention. But after that, be sure that your messages don’t center around links to sales pages.

That is if you want your readers to keep on reading and engage with your site?

Send real information created to help your readers solve their problems without making a purchase and they will not only trust you, but look forward to your email messages and your product recommendations.

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What’s Google Analytics?

Want to know how many people are landing on your pages? How about what they do when get to your website?

Then you need a Google Analytics account, and it’s free for anyone with a Google account (which you definitely need to run a successful online business).

how to have a successful online business with google analytics

Google Analytics will provide you with a free and in depth look at valuable statistics to help you with search engine optimization along with providing better service to your readers.

In short: you’ll known more about how and where to market your products on your own website.

Where are my website visitors coming from?

With your free account you can quickly find out where your visitors managed to find your site, and what they do once they get there.

You’ll be able to sift through all your visitors and add tracking codes for everything you’re doing online.

Adding Analytics to My Website

Most SEO plugins will have a place to add your Google Analytics code to make things easy.

If not, the next best way to add analytics code to the head of your HTML pages is to upload a free plugin.

Here’s a simple plugin from WPBeginner to make adding analytics easy.

Read this if you’re unsure about adding plugins to WordPress.

Google even provides you with free online courses for understanding, implementing, and getting the most use from their free analytics platform.

Here’s a link to the Google Analytics Academy: and I would highly suggest you take advantage of these courses.

You’ll find the information invaluable to your online business success.

· · ·

Find Other Bloggers in Your Niche

It’s all to easy to do nothing but write content, without ever knowing what other bloggers in your niche are up to.

And that’s not good for your business!


Ask more questions for more success online
Never stop asking what you’re competition is up to


Keeping up with what other bloggers are doing in your niche is vital to your business.

Here’s 3 ways to stay in touch with your niche:

  1. Subscribe to competition Email list
  2. Read their blog regularly
  3. Join the conversation on their post in the comments ( that means actually reading the post and making intelligent comments that add to the conversation

The truth is that few bloggers actually read post unless they are looking for information?

Why could that be?

Because it’s easy to get so caught up in all it takes to keep a blog or niche site going, that you just don’t want to spend the time.

Take the time to read your competitions post.

  • You’ll learn invaluable information about your niche (the old adage: “two heads are better than one” thing)
  • Reading the posts will give you a ton of ideas to write about
  • The more you read about your niche the better your writing will be
  • The comments section will provide you with a gold mine of questions and answers for your own posts

Locate your 3 main competitors

It’s time to take this competition thing to new heights!

Start out by making a list of 6 of the biggest authority figures in your niche.

Don’t decide on who you like the best, or don’t like, but who is:

  • Getting the most traffic
  • Putting out the most and best content each month
  • Has a Facebook page with regular post and a strong following of active users
  • And add your own criteria if it helps you choose

After you have taken the time to make a list of the 6 top bloggers in your niche:

Narrow the list down to 3.

These are the people who are killing it with your potential audience and buyers, right?

Why would you want to re-invent the wheel?

It’s time to start emulating everything they do to make their own websites successful.

  1. Set up Google Alerts and add each of the three
  2. You should already be on their Email list, so start scrutinizing every message for how often, how they’re written, and what they say.
  3. Join they’re Facebook groups and participate
  4. Scrutinize each of their post to the point that you know exactly what their Keywords are, where they are, and how they are using them.
  5. Link to their pages from your own pages. Yes, that’s right! You want to join their followers and help them all you can. In the end you will not loose anything from helping someone out. And in fact there’s a lot to gain when influencers learn that you’re on their team.
  6. Send them an email from time to time mentioning that you really enjoy their website and posts.
  7. Be a viable part of their comment section.

Get yourself into your competitors mind and it won’t be long before your own online business will take off.

· · · ·

Write Reviews and How to Post

Reviews and How to Post are the most sought after posts on the web.

The truth is that most people are using the internet to learn something.

They want to learn how to solve some problems or how to make the best buying decisions.

Every post doesn’t need to be a how to or product review, but you’ll soon learn that these are the post that bring in the most traffic.

The best review posts will be you reviewing a product you already own or use, but that gets to be impossible when you write a lot of these type posts.

What if you don’t know enough to write reviews and how to post?

Writing post for niche sites usually requires research to have something to write about.

It’s really not that much different than when you were in school. You research a topic and write a summary of what you wrote.

In this post “How To Write A Blog Post“, I detail the steps for researching and writing post fast.

The more you use this technique, the more you will know about what you’re writing about, and the faster you will get at research — and writing.

In fact, if you spend an hour or so researching most any topic on the web, you will likely know more about it than most of your readers.

It’s important to remember that either you or your readers are going to have to invest the time and effort to research the product.

They are actually looking to you to do the work for them. So, there you go — solving problems for your readers.

That’s what make visitors turn into readers, and then subscribers, and then buyers.

· · · ·

Talk back to your blog commenters

Use comments on your business website

At some point in your blogging efforts people will begin leaving comments: And that’s a great thing

On micro niche sites ( sites with less than 25 pages all relating to one affiliate product ) you may not want comments turned on at all.

But comments are definitely not dead! When people take the time to make comments on your site it means they have read your post and are interested enough to interact with you about them.

Take your comment section seriously and never miss a chance to respond back to your readers.

If they have any questions do all you can to answer the questions and continue the discussion.

When you’re an active participant in the comments your readers will know that you are genuine and interested in what’s going on with them.

· · ·


Getting into an online business is easy enough!

All you really need is a website, content, and a product to sell.

But as easy as it is to get into business online, it’s not quite as easy to be successful.

I’ve found my success in offering the best products available, and laboring to remember that all successful businesses revolve around solving problems for real people.

If you’re just starting out with an online business, or would like to have help making your existing affiliate sites more profitable:

Wealthy Affiliate is the premiere online university online!

It’s the place that’s making successful online entrepreneurs day after day by providing everything you need to make a go of your business.

If changing your life with online success is your goal, take a two week trial with no money and no credit card.

Start a successful online business

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