How To Increase Website Visitors And Make More Conversions

Everyone who’s ever had a website knows the frustration of getting visitors to show up. We research, write, struggle with website design and how to improve Google search rankings.

Now it’s time to learn How To Increase Website Visitors without putting all our eggs in the search engine traffic basket.

Learning how to direct traffic to your website yourself makes search engines notice your efforts—and reward you with better rankings.

You’ll increase visitors with your own efforts with these methods, and start seeing better website traffic rankings. Implement the tips in the infographics below to see accelerated increases in your website visitors and social shares.


How To Increase Website Visitors And Make More Conversions 1
How To Increase Website Visitors And Make More Conversions 2

There are endless ads to pay money for more traffic, and most of them are rubbish. However, you can increase your traffic many times over by using the tips on the infographics.

Get Hooked On How To Get More Visitors To Your Website

Actually, getting a constant stream of quality visitors to your website takes work. Consequently either you will do the work for increased traffic or you will outsource it.

Either way, somebody’s got to find the people and bring them to your site.

In my opinion it’s far better to do the work yourself, because the knowledge you gain is indispensable for staying in touch with your niche.

The good news is that there are billions of people on the web at any one moment, therefore the possibilities for some of them visiting your own blog are limitless.

There’s no substitute for knowing what people in your niche are searching for on the web.

They are using keywords every time they search for answers, topics, products, anything. The more knowledge you have about the keywords commonly used for searches in your niche the better you will be at attracting your niche to your websites.

Getting involved with Social Media and Forums in your niche, alerts you to problems and keyword phrases. Keep a running list of these questions, problems, and keywords you see gives you a great source for future post.

Use free KW tools along with the best keyword research tool online to research for KWs and LSIs that go along with them . Centering your website and articles around real questions being asked in your niche helps you to establish credibility with your audience and the search engines.

Engaging Website Visitors On Your Pages Is A Key To Success

Staring at a computer screen all day makes it easy to forget that website visitors are real people. You’re job is to let them know you know they are real people.

Interactions between your website and your visitors isn’t much different than visiting a home or brick and mortar business.

First time visitors want to know something about you, who you are, and what’s the purpose of your website? And that’s where a well written and informative about page comes in to play.

All research indicates that your about page will likely get more hits than any other.  Take the time to use these easy-to-follow best practices to make your guest feel at home on your site.

 Interaction with your readers lets them know you too are a real person.

When you’re writing your post, write as if you were speaking directly to a person. Try not to make articles read like encyclopedias. Use the word You, and make sure everything in the article leads directly to benefiting the reader.

Visitors don’t really want to know how much you know.  They want to know how you can help them with their own problems. Niche marketing centers around helping people solve pressing problems.

People are searching the web experts to solve their problems.

People normally visit your website page for a single problem. So keep your post centered on the topic of the title. If you’re page doesn’t live up to the title, visitors won’t come back.

They’ve seen an interesting post you made on social media, landed on your blog—now it’s time to deliver the goods. Giving each post all you have and deliver the best information to solve the problem.

Quality content is what keeps your visitors sharing and bringing more readers.

How To Get Website Visitors To Keep Coming Back

Visitors returning to your site over and over means you’re solving their problems with fresh and interesting content.

The people who come back to read your post again are the ones most likely to share your content, and this is what increases your website visitors.

Watch this short video to see how important fresh and interesting content is to expanding your reach and traffic.

And by the way, I need to increase my website visitors too. Did you find this article interesting? If you did, how about sharing it? Thanks.


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18 thoughts on “How To Increase Website Visitors And Make More Conversions”

  1. Thank you so much for this informative article. I am going to bookmark it so I can go back to reference it again. You had some excellent suggestions and I am curious about the syndication and aggregation sites, I have never heard of that. I intend to look into it. Great info! Take Care, Heather

    • Thanks Heather

      Websites are all about traffic, and traffic is where the real work begins. Sites like Stumpble upon, Reddit, Scoopit, and the rest were all the rage a few years back, but seem to have gotten lost in all of the “advertised” traffic sources. But you may well find great connections and traffic on these sites.

  2. Hello Mike
    Your post discusses what affect almost all bloggers, lack of traffic.No one tells you when you start a blog that getting traffic will be harder than writing content even if you`re not a writer.
    And to make sales, one does not only need traffic but targeted traffic that converts, this can take a lot of trial and error before you have it right, I know i struggled for a long time before I started seeing traffic to my site and I felt like I was writing to no one.
    All the tips you gave are great for getting traffic, unfortunately all take a long time and one has to be patient and just not give up.
    Forum marketing in my opinion, gets you time to not only socialize but to meet people with the same interests and with time, this can bring some positive results(traffic)very informative and well explained, thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Roamy

      I sure agree with you that no one ever explains that it could take many months to start seeing results from your efforts.

      For me the worst part was seeing so many ads along the way about people making money and getting rich. All of the ads and even reading what people are saying in forums about getting sales and traffic serves to undermine my own efforts and make me think I am failing.

      There are many pieces to the internet marketing puzzle, and each one takes effort and dedication. Sometimes getting the right visitors takes more time and personalized efforts than the other pieces for me. And IM isn’t magic, it’s work.

  3. I recently started my first affiliate website and was/am having trouble with getting traffic to it. This page has been so helpful and informative, some of the things you list I would have never thought to try. I certainly still have a lot of work to do that’s for sure. Thanks so much

    • Just don’t give up Livia. Some niches can start getting a little traffic, some it takes longer. I really believe the traffic you go after yourself is much more valuable than waiting to rank in search engines.

      Just take one of those ideas at the time, and you will start seeing your visitors increasing. The more that come, the more will come.


  4. Great sharing. I’ve read so much that forum marketing could get very targeted leads. However, there are some very big forums that does not have signatures. What’s your strategy in getting traffics? If it’s about dropping links in discussion, how can we do it without sounding like a spammer? I actually got banned from a subforum where I never dropped any link there. But for the sin of submitting links to subforum that actually permits it.

    • Hi Kenny

      Thanks for sharing!

      Forums are still a great way to get exposure to other people in your niche, for A link sometimes even when there is no signature. Forums are generally quite a bit different than they were a few years ago, due to more and more spam.

      I think the best way to receive any benefit from forums (and facebook groups) is to see it the same as if you walked into a large party at someones home. You wouldn’t merely walk in and start telling people to leave and come to your place, but rather you join the party. If an opportunity arises you tell them about your place?

      This is a great post on using online forums on ShoutMeLoud by Anand. Check it out.

  5. My website has been suffering since the start, I can not get that many visitors. I know traffic equals money but it just is not happening for me! I need some sure way to get more traffic and it sounds like I need to study this page a little more. I would love to hear back from you! I am looking for help!!!!

    • HI Kenny

      I know that some niches take more time (sometimes substantially more) than other niches when you are depending on free organic search engine traffic alone. That’s why implementing these tips into your traffic strategy is so important.

      And it’s possible to flood a website with traffic and still not have it convert to money. So we must have traffic—and then we must be able to convert it to “something”. Something could be email addresses or converting to the affiliate sales page.

      I think to start implementing the tips on the infographics, AND DON’T GIVE UP!


  6. These are some excellent ideas many of which I have never thought of. I love how easy it was to read as well.

    It is very important to understand that building a web presence is like a race. It is a long road and things that will get you to the finish line in a great time.

    It is not always sheer speed but other little things that add up to a lot . I will be reading this again to make sure I got it all. Practice implementing these options.

    • Thanks for stopping by…..

      Yep, traffic builds over time as you keep adding content and working to find new sources of people to invite to your website.

      I have to be careful to work on one source at the time, or I’ll get overwhelmed and not reap the full potential from any one of them.

      Good to see you, and come back

  7. I am very impressed by this page. There are so many good ideas that will help anyone trying to develop website traffic. I can see me taking the time to look at every single item listed on your page.

    You didn’t mention anything about costs, I realize that sharing on social media and things like that are free, but what about some of the other items you mention?

    Is there any method to trying these, something that should be done before another, or is it just keep trying things until you find those that work for you?

    This is a very informative posting and I am sure that it will be beneficial to all that read it.

    • Hi Frank

      Well, as you know good quality content is the cornerstone, so that comes first. After that I think optin boxes for email subscribers (which you can get free at places like MailChimp and MailerLite). Then sharing your content on all the social media options you choose (and that’s free).

      After that you start looking for active niche related forums to join, and on and on. I think the only cost incurred is when you get to the point you’re ready to start your video approach to traffic.

      I think spending the time to look for new traffic sources is where the rubber meets the road for new websites. And where most people start falling out of the race because of the labor and dedication involved. But this is traffic you can count on more than only the people hitting your website from search engines.

  8. Wow! This post has tons of really great information. This is definitely the kind of thing that makes me come back to a blog!
    This is a great post because no matter what you do, if you work online you need traffic period. So it applies to a lot of different people!

    • Thanks Ally and I sure do hope you come on back!

      The thing is that there is a lot of traffic to get without depending entirely on google to make you popular.

      And the more traffic one can round up for them self, the more google will like it, and help you out.

      I always tempted to do a little bit in a lot of different places, but it’s better to work at one method until you figure out how to get the most out of it. Then tackle another.

  9. Hi

    Great Information on how to increase website traffic.

    This is a lot to take in but is all completely understandable. I think great content is the best starting point to getting more traffic. The traffic increase seems to take time, but I have noticed that once visitors know you are an expert in your niche, then you can get lots and lots of traffic.

    I have struggles to find good information on how to properly implement email marketing.

    Do you have any suggestions?


    • Hi

      Yes, the traffic takes time to build up but comes as the site ages and has more and more content.

      And please check back as I am sitting here now beginning a series of post on how to use email marketing effectively, and the best auto responders to use.


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