How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners

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Learn How To Make Money With Your Blog

It’s no secret that millions have learned how to make money with a blog. You can learn how too!

There are two primary methods to learn How to Make Money With a Blog for Beginners:

  • Spend years and 10 million online searches for everything you need to know.
  • Pay someone who already knows how to make money online to teach you.

Either way, blogging sites that pay include 5 essential components.

Here’s the 5 essentials for making money with a blog:

1. The fun begins when you start a blog

A. First, you’ll need a domain name for your blog

For our purposes we are going to assume that a blog is a website. Your website begins with a domain name and a place to host it.

A domain names is the URL address of your blog. When you look at the address bar at the top of this screen you should see followed by the name of this post. 

So, one of the first steps is to decide what your blog will be about , then to choose a name for it. This will be your very own domain name. 

Learn more about domain names and how to purchase them on this page. 

B. You will need hosting for your domain name

You can get paid to blog about anything, but it’s important choose a general topic for your blog before purchasing a domain name. 

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to learn about hosting. 

Be careful about choosing free hosting if you want to make money with your blog. 

Most free hosting platforms severely limit the functions of your website, including the ability to use it to earn money.

I wrote this article about the best place to host your blog for free, while learning how to produce income. 


Now that we’ve got that out of the way, what is hosting anyway? Well, it’s the technology used for your website to be viewed on the internet that you can’t do without.

You can find places to host your blog for free, however free hosting makes it much more difficult to profit from your online business.

And you can find decent places to host for as little as 3-10 dollars a month. By paying a monthly or yearly fee for hosting, your website business will be much more reliable, trouble free, and faster to load for your customers. 

2. Creating Content That Helps People Solve Problems

Have you noticed why you get on the web most of the time? I have a suspicion that like the rest of us, you spend most of your time on the internet searching for:

  • How to solve a problem
  • How to relieve a fear
  • Learn how to do something
  • To be entertained
  • Improve your life or health in some way

You’re not alone, because the internet is primarily used to solve problems. Problems can be anything from How To Get Into Internet Marketing, wondering how much a new baseball glove would cost, or how to cure psorasis? 

So whether you’re a beginner or a internet guru—making money with a blog comes down to providing answers and solving problems. 

And the method of solving problems and answering questions on the web naturally involves written content. 

Once you’ve decided What to Make a Website About, your blog content will center around that topic.

3. Go Find Readers for Your Blog Content

It’s easy for beginners to spend all their time creating useful content for their blog.  Sometimes it’s more comfortable to write content and get in to the “build it and they will show up to read it” mentality. 

They don’t! To make money from your blog, you’ll spend time promoting what you write around the web. 

I’ve written this post about numerous ways to grow an audience for your blog, and you’ll spend a lot of time pursuing your readers. 

You’ll spend time thinking about the type of reader you want to attract to your website, and create a reader profile. With a good idea of the person who might like your website, you start searching for places they hang out.

Now you know who you want to attract, so you start a list of potential gathering places:

  • Do they participating in forums?
  • What are their favorite Facebook groups?
  • Have you searched for them on other social media?
  • Does your readers listen to podcasts?
  • What blogs are they already hanging out on?

First you learn where your potential readers are spending time on the web. Next you’ll start socializing with them and listening to their conversations for their pressing needs and interest.

Just like socializing with friends at a party, you’ll slowly begin to build a presence and foster relationships. 

These relationships and the ability to tune into problems you can solve on your own blog is what brings readers and the ability to make money.

4. Building Engagement With Your Readers

It was a proud moment for all of us when we could read your first blog post online, and then the work started. 

You learned how to find your readers online, and quite a bit about their own struggles. In fact you’re beginning to see them on your own site now, and are more excited by the day.

But now, your focus changes! It’s time to re-focus on engaging with your readers and building your own community of readers. 

Read this article to learn how to write great content that engages your readers.

You might refer to this as building your own tribe of readers. Now you are providing them a place to hang out on your site and you notice their showing up regularly. 

As your tribe grows and comes to depend on your blog for interactions and information they’ll help you get the word out. 

This engagement is th place you’ve been growing toward since the first day. Engaged readers trust you enough to spend money on your products and the products you recommend.

This is how you make money with a blog! With engaged readers that you found and interact with on a regular basis.

5. Choosing Income Streams That Match Your Readers Interest

What you’ve done so far with your blog is to build a niche site. Niche sites locate a select group of readers with a problem that you can help them solve. 

This post is about choosing a website topic that interest you and is a natural fit to write about.

There’s no doubt that this has been a lot of work and taken some time to accomplish. However, you now have a firm foundation in place to make money from blogging. 

Earning money from blogging could take a degree of experimenting. There are a multitude of methods to make money with your blog—you’ll just need to find the right fit for yourself and your readers.

A few methods to make money with a blog:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling physical products from Amazon
  • Selling digital products from Amazon
  • Now that you are writing content—selling your own Ebooks and Kindle books
  • Coaching
  • Advertising banners from private networks
  • Google Adsense
  • Webinars
  • Courses
  • Website Design
  • Copywriting
  • Promoting local businesses

Because the ways to earn money are almost infinite, this list is only what comes to mind at the moment. As your own experience grows you will naturally notice more methods to experiment with.

It’s important though to not get hung up on one income stream. If one produces, try two. If one doesn’t produce, try another. 

Multiple Streams of Income are Best

There’s no need to cover your blog with advertisement banners before traffic show up. But once you have your own tribe and a steady source of website visitors don’t limit yourself to only one source of income. 

Online businesses are no different than any business. They come and they go. If you put all your eggs into one basket and an income stream drys up, your blog drys up financially.

As your traffic multiplies you’ll want your income sources to multiply also. 

This not only keeps you from depending on only one source, but also allows you to reach out to a variety of readers. ☺

Learning How Beginners Are Making Money With A Blog

I hope this article gives you a little more insight into the process of starting your own blog and making money from it. 

As I am sure you could see, making money on the internet involves several steps. The steps are only foreign until you learn how to do them and keep them in the right order. 

You can spend a few years learning, experimenting, succeeding, and failing when it comes to making money online. 

But what’s the point? What’s the point of trying to reinvent the wheel and when you can join a tribe of people already making money.

Read my review of the best place online to learn How To Make Money With A Blog For Beginners and learn more about the process.

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