How To Make Your Own Blog

blog page icon image with pencil for how to make your own blogLearning How To Make Your Own Blog opens up a new and wonderful world of opportunities.

Blogging is a terrific way to:

  • Express your own creativity and thoughts
  • Share information and knowledge with like minded people
  • Learn new skills
  • Make money with countless sources at your fingertips

Blogging is where creativity, learning, making friends around the world, and earning money all intersect.


How To Start Your Own Blog


Like yourself, more people are taking advantage of the internet every day. We are all searching for helpful information to solve problems, products to purchase, and people to meet.

There’s really no reason not to learn how to own your own piece of the internet — a blog.

See for yourself the worlds most remarkable place to get started blogging.

What You Need To Get Started

Your blog needs to have a main topic that keeps it centered. Without a main topic, often referred to as a niche, it quickly becomes a hodge podge of articles and post.

Without having a pretty good idea of what you want it to be about before you start, you’ll likely waste a lot of time and effort.

1. Decide why you want to blog before you start

What to start a blog about stumps a lot of people, so you’re not alone if you’re baffled at first.

If you’re not sure yet, start with a general idea of why your want your own blog.

Here’s a few popular motives that inspires bloggers:

People use blogs for:

  • Simple personal websites
  • Advertising for brick and mortar businesses, to
  • Learning how to write
  • Share some skill or knowledge
  • Making money on the Internet

Your goals may well change as you grow, however, knowing why you started  will help you focus.

2. Choose A Niche That You’re Passionate About

Choosing a niche is choosing the topic of your blog. If you’re wondering how to make money with a blog, choosing a niche will be important and a first step.

If you haven’t decided yet, just start thinking about topics you’re interested in pursuing.  It could be something you’re already quite knowledgeable about, but doesn’t have to be.

A niche can just as easily be a topic you have no knowledge about, but are interested in reading about and telling someone else what you’ve learned.

3. Deciding On A Domain Name

A domain name is the same as your street address at home. If I want to come by for a visit, or the postman has mail for you, we must know where to find you; same thing for your blog.

Your domain name is how I locate you on the web. Advertising for your brick and mortar business usually means trying to have the same name in your domain name.

If you’re thinking about becoming an author and publishing books, you may want your name to be your web address?

However, as an affiliate marketer, perhaps something related to the product you sell on line would be beneficial.

Registrars Sell Domains

Just like houses with street addresses aren’t free, you must purchase your domain name from someone. Domain Registrars take care of all domain names around the world.   There are thousands of Domain Registrars, some cheaper, some more expensive.

Here’s a few popular Domain Name Registrars:

4. A Blog Needs Hosting

A hosting provider is a business that provides the technologies for your blog, or website, to be viewed on the internet. These providers store your website on computers called servers that connect to the world wide web.

There are great hosting services, terrible hosting services, and everything in between. Hosting is an integral component of blogging, and how to get started.

5. Install WordPress Software

At this time you’re URL (your domain name Internet address) is just an empty lot. Time to get the foundation in so you can build your house. The foundation needs to be

This is a very large group of people who provide you with the foundation of your blog! FREE! These people provide your foundation platform completely free, and provide any help you need.

6. Pick A Theme

It’s important to visualize your blog as a book with page tabs to make it easy for people to navigate through it. A theme is the way your website looks, and how it’s laid out. As you are reading this page, you are seeing it on my WordPress platform with a WordPress theme.

There are many theme choices, both free and premium. You will choose a theme based on your own taste and needs.

7. Install Essential Plugins

As soon as your theme is installed, you will need a few plugins. Plugins are very easy to add. The essential plugins are free, and they all are for adding different functions to your blog.

Plugins are used for things like keeping your blog safe, making it easier for your site to be found in the search engines, changing things around on your theme, and a million more uses.

8. Write Your Own Blog Post

Congratulations!  You can now open up your WordPress Editor inside your own Bog and start writing to the world.  No matter how many blog post you publish to the Internet, clicking the publish button will always be a thrill.

What now?

Now you know the basics of starting your own blog. Does owning your own website seem like something you could be interested in?

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