How to Overcome the Fear of Making Decisions

How to Overcome the Fear of Making Decisions

We all face hundreds of decisions each day!

Most are simple choices such as getting out of bed, what shirt to wear, or what to eat.  But some decisions require thought and courage.

If you’ve never learned How to Overcome the Fear of Making Decisions,  you are missing out on the best life has to offer.

You neglect opportunities that could take your own life or affiliate marketing business to new heights. 

The Courage To Choose

“Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong”.

Peter McIntyre

You start to worry that there are too many choices, or you will make a mistake!

You wind up doing nothing and your life stays the same.

I know the feeling!  I’ve been there!

But can I be totally honest with you?

If fear is stopping you from making decisions that can improve your finances, your business, and your life — it’s time to overcome it!

We all need assertiveness techniques to break through our comfort zones. Without enough confidence to make decisions we build walls between us and where we would like to go.   

A particular fear always lies at the root of indecisiveness.  

  • The fear of making a mistake
  • Fear of spending money
  • The horror of others recognizing your ability to be wrong
  • Afraid you don’t have enough information to choose
  • Etc.

Whether the decisions you’re shirking are small or earth shattering — it all adds up to the fear of taking responsibility for your own life.  

Think about it:

The more control you take over the outcome of your business and life, the more decisions you’re faced with!

The good news is that decision making is a learned skill, and the more you think through and act on your own choices — the better choices you’ll learn to make. 


The first step to taking control, is to ditch the fear that’s holding you back!

How to Overcome the Fear of Making Decisions


You must come to grips with the fact that ignoring choices, or depending on someone else to make them:

Doesn’t make them go away.

And doesn’t make you feel good about yourself.

The need to take responsibility is always there in the back of your mind.  

And  leads to stress, anxiety, blame, and guilt.  You may think you are doing yourself a favor by avoiding decisions, but you’re wasting your life.  

If you are stressing out and suffering with anxiety abut making decisions, or letting someone else take responsibility for your life and business choices

Your life could be better — by far!


No doubt about it:

Life includes choices, failures, and successes — both large and small. 

Here’s a post to Learn How to Prepare for Success.

The more you want from — and for — your life, the more choices must be made.

If you’re tired of a ho-hum life, meager income opportunities, and a failing business:

It’s time to take responsibility for your actions and the outcomes of decisions. 

Ignoring decisions freezes your life

Here’s your world:

how to overcome the fear of making decisions

Fearing failure, ignoring, denying, or allowing others to make your decisions puts you at the mercy of “whatever”.

You have dreams of a better world for yourself and your family:

But you freeze, and bypass the hard choices.  The ones that winners make everyday.

“Whatever” is your favorite defense!

Imagine what it would be like

If you could ditch the fear of taking responsibility?

Overcoming the fear of making decisions with responsibility

What if you pushed your way through the boundaries that are holding you back?


The rest of this post includes the signs that your fears are holding you back,

But more importantly: 

Three simple first steps to changing your life by taking control of your own decision making process.


Signs common to the fear of decision making

Based on my experience along with watching others who balk at running their own affairs, these seem to be the most common problems:

You make attempt to avoid decisions

  • You change the subject when asked what you’d like to do or what you will do about a certain thing. Maybe you’re polite when you pass the decision onto somebody else.
  • Maybe you say  ‘Oh, you decide!’ 
  • Or do you pass request and messages to someone else at work — to avoid decision making opportunities?

You look for other things to make decisions for you

  • This could be in the form of paying a visit to a psychic? (God forbid)
  • You sometimes ignore situations and choices: thinking to yourself “it will take care of itself!” 
  • Are you one of the countless people on my Facebook page asking other people what you should do? When you could just as well resolve the matter yourself?

● You’re worried about making the wrong choice

  • Are you so fearful of choosing the wrong option — that you do nothing?
  • Instead of settling the matter, you worry yourself sick with apprehension over which route to take

Well, I’ve got good news for you:

No one has a magic ball to assure them of perfect outcomes.  We all take as little time as possible — or as much time as needed —  and then pull the trigger.

If it turns out to be a great decision, we take responsibility for our choice.

If it really sucks:  We also take responsibility!

We look to see what we can learn, and move right along with life. 

How can you overcome the fear of making decisions?

The problem with having a fear of making decisions is that it makes your life difficult, and mediocre at best?

Relying on other people to make decisions for you or help you to make decisions — whether big or small — causes even more worry and fear in the long run.

Are you avoiding decision making opportunities altogether?

Do you think that by not making any decision, the best thing will just happen?  

The truth is: That never works out to improve your life!

Here’s 3 Better Options

● Stop being so worried about the outcome!

Sometimes you have to go for it and not worry so much about the outcome.

Overthinking can cause fear that cripples your decision making process, and your success.

If you just can’t bring yourself to pull the trigger on something that needs to be taken care of, try this method:

how to overcome the fear of making decisions

Imagine that you’re putting all of the cons on one side of the scales, and all of the pros on the other side.  

When you see which side is heavier, don’t think another thought about it.  Just choose that side for your decision.

Here’s how:

  • Take a piece of paper and pen to a quite place
  • Draw a line from top to bottom, right in the center of the paper
  • Start with the cons, and list every single negative aspect you can come up with on one side of the line.  They don’t have to make sense, or have someone else to agree with them.  If you have a con, list it.
  • Now go through all of the positives, and list them on the other side of the line.

When you have exhausted all of your plus and minus ideas, the decision is made. Waste no more time with it!  Act on your decision, and get on with the business at hand.

● Make more decisions

The more decisions you make, the higher the chance of making right decisions.  

Make it a life priority to take care of business, and decide your own path (without making excuses or procrastinating).  

You don’t have to start out looking for earth shattering choices to make, either. 

Just take responsibility for yourself, and see every smallest choice as a decision to make.

● Step outside your comfort zone

Remember that all success starts right outside your comfort zone!

Push yourself to make decisions you would normally leave to other people, or simply ignore.

Talk to the people close to you about your worries, and they will reassure you that it’s okay if the decision you make doesn’t work out that well.

The interesting thing about overcoming your fear of making decisions is that you will notice yourself overcoming the fear of failure in every part of your life. 

Overcome the fear of making decisions

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