10 Timeless Tips For How To Start With Affiliate Marketing Like You’ve Been A Pro All Along

The attrition rate alone is proof that few people know how to start with affiliate marketing and stay the course.

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Don’t start affiliate marketing blind

Truth is that successful affiliate marketing is still new and emerging onto the market place. So don’t be discouraged—or seduced by the sales ads.

Getting Started In Affiliate Marketing

All of our in boxes are filled to brimming with sales copy promising get rich quick schemes on the internet!

Between all of the people telling you internet marketing is fast and easy, and the hyped up emails:

It’s no wonder so many people think it’s all a scam!

Affiliate marketing is a great stay at home business:

But it’s a business, and somebody has to put in the work, if it’s going to be successful.

Beginners in affiliate marketing naturally need to work harder to get started.

But the work and the marketing must go on.

How To Start With Affiliate Marketing

1. Start slow until you get the hang of it

I was overcome with the sheer number of places offering affiliate programs when I was a beginner. So much so that I was spending all my time looking for new opportunities.

It wasn’t long until I was drowning in too many affiliate websites.  In trying to swap back and forth from one to the other:

  • I didn’t have time for any of them
  • I was still a newbie and didn’t really know how to grow any of them
  • I wasn’t able to concentrate on getting traffic or being of service to the readers I had

Green check markMy advice to you

Find out what to make a website about  and then add your affiliate products that line up with your audience.

Resist the temptation to build more sites until you are sure you are capable of devoting your energy to another one. 

It won’t be long before your websites will have traffic. When you do—that’s the time to repeat it and start a second site.

(If you would like to download a list of 23 places to find keywords click here or in the image below)

23 places to find the best keywords

2. Don’t sell a products you don’t believe in

Because you can’t actually see any product on the internet before you purchase it, you buy on blind faith. That goes for your own buyers.

The people who visit your website and make a purchase do so because they trust what you say about the product. When you sell something you know is not the best choice, most people will see you  — personally — as a scam!

Green check markMy advice to you

The best solution is to test products yourself. Then when you promote it you will be an authority on the matter.

When that’s not feasible, spend a lot of time researching products you promote.

Affiliate marketing works by actively promoting products and assuring readers they are making the best choice.

Your readers purchase from you based on a trust factor you develop. You’re putting your reputation on the line. Be good to your readers, and they will help you make more sales.

3. Where do you send your customers?

As an affiliate marketer it can’t be long before you hear about click bank, a decent place to find products to promote.

I was so over zealous as a beginner that I just picked any product with a decent gravity, without thinking about my customers. I was losing sales because the customer couldn’t find a buy link on the affiliate page.

Green check markMy advice to you

I like to link from my post to the sales page of the product, skipping right by anything else on their website most of the time. 

When your affiliate link leads to a website home page, your readers may not ever find the place to actually buy the product.

Send your readers to the buy page, and you’ll make more sales.

4. Diversify your product portfolio

When I was building site after site, each for a different affiliate offer, I never considered that they may go out of business.  They do!

With websites devoted to only one product with no links to other offers, when a product disappeared—my website was useless.

Green check markMy advice to you

Secure your income by promoting several products from different companies.

You can never be sure how long a particular product will continue to sell successfully.  Try not to put all your eggs in one basket.

5. Let’s talk money

There’s nothing worse than actively promoting affiliate products and not getting paid. At first I rarely bothered reading affiliate term pages.

It’s disheartening to learn you broke a rule and forfeited your right to the commissions, or to see your money not paid because you haven’t met some quotas.

Green check markMy advice

You must check out the payment terms for every affiliate program you join. You need to know exactly what to expect so there will be no surprises later on.

Don’t think you’re getting paid for leads or clicks, and find out you’re only getting a commission from actual sales. 

And you’ll also want to be very careful about rule that pertain to link cloaking and I frame cookies.

6. Lifetime commissions equal lifetime profits

There are multitudes of affiliate programs eagerly awaiting your arrival. Many of them are anxious for you to sign up with a brand new website, while others wait for site and affiliate maturity.

When my readers go to amazon, they have a 24 hour cookie that pays me for their purchase; then I’m out of business until they pass through my site again.

On the other hand Extendlife provides you with lifetime commissions for any customer who makes a purchase through your website.

Green check markMy advice

I like to find affiliate programs with life-time commissions. That way as long as customer buys from the site I originally sent them to, I get paid.

All it takes is for them to use my affiliate link once, and they are always my customer.

You may think these programs don’t pay as much as others sometimes, but considering the long term will add up to substantially more sales.

7. You gotta introduce your affiliate products

Affiliate marketing takes your attention and devotion. It’s easy to get involved in the parts you find interesting and fun, while neglecting others.

I love writing articles and fiddling around with wordpress themes. It’s easy for me to spend all of my time starting affiliate websites and neglect the advertising that brings readers.

Green check markMy advice

No matter how attractive your website and your affiliate products are, they’re dead in the water without traffic.

To find success, plan on spending most of your time on marketing, and less time on actually building more content and working on your website.

8. Sneaky or subtle?

I see many beginner affiliate marketers trying to make money from banner adds in their sidebar, and even in the content pages. In fact I too thought my banners were so pretty they were irresistible.

Looking back, I can see that it was just easier for me to plop a big banner add in the sidebar than to learn how to make inviting contextual links.

Green check markMy advice

Modern browsers now try to hide sidebar banners, and even then most people want click on them. So, don’t waste your time and real estate shaming up your sidebar with banners.

Your readers are much more apt to click on subtle links that embedded right into a sentence of text. They’ll feel comfortable moving through your site one page at the time, and also on your affiliate links.

Learning to give your post a natural feel of pre-selling your affiliate products is a skill that you should learn. When you’ve done a good job of pre selling and your reader clicks through, they more apt to make a purchase.

9. Using your affiliate resources

Joining an affiliate program without checking to see what kind of support they offer is for amateurs.

It’s easy to get excited about a clickbank offer and spread their links over your website before you find out they don’t have any affiliate resources.

Green check markMy advice

Before you join an affiliate program check their site out and look for free resources to help you promote their product.

Look for relevant articles and emails you can re-write and use in your own sales campaigns. Especially as a beginner, you’ll need all of the support you can get.

10. The money is in the list

Once you get into starting your own blog, tweaking it to perfection, and finding affiliate products—the real work begins.

I kept reading and hearing that the money is in the list, but didn’t think I had time to take on another task. That led to a lot of one time buyers who could have still been my customers.

Green check markMy advice

Just as soon as you get a few people visiting your site, which you can see at Google Analytics, get set up with an email auto responder.

The best method to promote affiliate products is through your own email list. This way you are building business assets.  

You’ll find that making sales through emails is much more productive financially than click throughs from your blog post.

With your own email list of subscribers, you can build long term relationships to promote your products with more sales.


My best advice on starting with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is great, with tons of great products to promote to your readers. But as the internet evolves and changes, so does affiliate marketing.

You can get yourself a domain name, a website, and an affiliate product pretty easily. But to have a real business, you need to make sales.

To make sales, you need a constant flow of the best information available. And a support team to hold your hand and walk you through from the beginning to the online money.

See for yourself how to get started with affiliate marketing and start your own profitable business.

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