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Danger scam alert is legalshield a scamPre-paid legal is nothing new, it’s been around for awhile. In fact Legal Shield was known formerly as Pre-Paid Legal. But there’s a lot of people online asking if LegalShield is a scam?

The two reasons you could be considering buying into Legal Shield are:

  • Pre paid legal advice
  • Business opportunity

And securing the most information possible before spending your money, or going into business is always a wise decision.

Is LegalShield a Scam

If you’ve been spending much time on the internet these days, you’ve undoubtedly seen the word scam used over and over.

But to tell you the truth, everything online is simply not a scam.

So, lets find out about this company. Is it a scam?

What is LegalShield?

It’s a network marketing company retailing pre-paid legal memberships. 

So there will be no confusion on the matter, network marketing is a term for Multi Level Marketing.  

They mean the same thing — MLM.

And multi-level marketing means that in order for you to make money you’ll need to build your own downline of people. People you recruit to buy and sell the product.

MLM is the term that makes some people think that LegalShield is a scam.

Some people have quite strong feelings about network marketing and believe anything MLM is simply wrong?

If that’s you, I doubt if you could ever bring yourself to think highly of this as either a business opportunity or a good legal alternative.


How Does LegalShield Work?

As a paying member you have access to participating law firms anytime a legal need arises, or you have legal questions.

Even though they have a toll free number to discuss any legal questions you have, Legal shield now uses an app that you can dowload for free.

In fact the webpage says that you don’t even have to be a member to use the app?

Even though I didn’t download the app I have a suspicion that it covers the 5 most asked questions Legal Shields gets.

Here’s how Legal Shield works for you

  • First you become a member and are introduced to a participating law firm in your area.
  • Next you download the app that gives you access to that law firm
  • Now you can contact your law firm when you need them

What’s covered at Legal Shield?

Their adds say:  “everything from writing letters and reviewing documents, to traffic violations and trial defense”

Who’s covered?

You can choose between the family plan, or the small business plan.

Legal Shield Business Opportunity

Legal Shield is first and foremost a MLM business opportunity. When an associate sells a membership he makes a commission from the sale.

image of a pyramid of people making up LegalShield business opportunityWhen the people he signed up signs up someone, he also gets a part of that fee. And as the process continues down line — it builds a compensation pyramid.

A portion of every sale made in a downline travels up the pyramid structure.

Recuruiting enough people on a regular basis to join the business pushes you up the structure.

Is LegalShield a scam or a real opportunity to make money?

A scam is a dishonest scheme: a fraud

I don’t think there’s anything at all dishonest about Legalshield.

But I also don’t think I would want to pay $20 a month to ask legal questions. And personally, if I need a lawyer, I doubt that I would want to use a $20 a month lawyer?

The truth about MLM companies is that very people make enormous sums of money from them or even enough to make a living.

The vast majority never make anything from their investment. 

And there are hardly any people at all that fall in the middle and make a sustainable longterm income.

The world in general is moving to online everything, including shopping, solving problems, getting questions answered and even legal advice.

The fact is that there are plenty of genuine opportunities to make more than enough money online.

All you need is this inside information on succeeding online.


As a business opportunity,  your chances for success with LegalShield are about the same as winning the lottery. 

If you could feel more secure in paying $20 a month for years — to get a will drawn up, or ask questions that you can find on the internet for free:

Go for it!

By no means do I think the MLM business model or Legal Shield is a scam.

I personally would never pay LegalShield $20 a month in case I need a question answered, which is what they do best.

And I’ve been involved with network marketing companies enough to know that unless you are a champion at recruiting and managing down lines — there is simply no way to turn MLM into a thriving business.

On the other hand:

By investing that same $20 a month — wisely — into a

Genuine long term business opportunity:

You could join the masses that have changed their life with a real long term business model.


simple image discover the worlds greatest business opportunity


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  1. I thought I HAD DISCONTINUED SERVICE WITH LEGAL SHEILD IN MARCH, 2017 BUT WHEN I LOOKED INTO MY BANK ACCOUNT REALIZED I WAS STILL BEING CHARGED. NO LETTER INDICATING HOW TO GET OFF, I THOUGHT I WAS DISCONTINUED IN MARCH. THEY CONTINUED TO CHARGE ME AS OF JULY! It is not a customer friendly company and I believe it is a scam. We never used their services and it is a way to get money. they refused to reverse what they had charged from March onto today. no letter from them informing me how to disconnect from them…..only a request at the end of the call giving me instructions…..don’t be a fool as I was !

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