Is Wealthy Affiliate Any Good?

Is wealthy affiliate any good advertisement bannerTired of spinning your wheels? Sick of trying to make money online with no results?

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Digging for last straws — find yourself wondering:

Is Wealthy Affiliate Any Good?

Have you been wasting time:

  • Searching the internet for good advice
  • Filling up your computer with Free PDFs
  • Attending webinars that promise the moon
  • Signing up for every email list on the web
  • Wondering if affiliate marketing is real after all
  • Spending tons of money for products that you thought would help

Can I be totally honest with you?

If you’re not making any money: you’re in the top 95% of internet marketers online today.

And most of that group fit into most of the above examples.

Did you catch that? Over 95% of the people who are in internet marketing never make any money at all.

Just think about it:

Most of us spend thousands of dollars on what turns out to be junk:

Just trying to make money online!

Bear with me now: There’s still hope for you to find success online.

Because you do not have to be a part of the 95% !

The key to affiliate marketing success online is:

  • Someone to help you 24/7
  • Not Internet Gurus, but honest people, already making more than enough money from Internet marketing
  • Sound training that really works
  • An active community of people that includes years of experience right along with beginners

Whether you’re a beginner, or already have a business on the web:

Wealthy Affiliate University is the place where 1000s are learning how to find success with internet marketing.

Every day!

When it comes to good training, and good community, there’s simply not any place as good as WA.

Wealthy Affiliate is not by any means a get rich quick scheme.

No fancy cars and giant homes to see in their advertisements. No ClickBank statement images to lure you in.

In short:

This is truly a place where people are learning every day about the real nuts and bolts of owning their own internet business online.

There are plenty of seasoned veterans on the chat board to:

  • Share and teach you personally what they have learned
  • About everything from choosing a niche to how to find traffic, and even ways to expand your affiliate marketing business as your success grows

But that’s probably not the most important part, either?

good dash board at wealthy affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

There’s the:

  • The step by step training courses and the hours and hours of videos to watch
  • And then there’s the once a week live online classes that can really make a difference in your learning.

Imagine this:

There is absolutely nothing to buy from Wealthy Affiliate once you pay your tuition.

Did you get that? They have nothing for sale, no up sells whatsoever!

You know how it is when you are so excited to have bought just the right tool, or program:

Only to find out that this was just a part of what you really need, right?

That’s right:

It’s truly a rich experience to make one purchase and find everything you need.

  • Hosting is included (with free SSL certificates)
  • If you choose to (which I wouldn’t) you can even use a free domain, and not spend $10 to $16 on your own
  • WordPress website builder with free themes
  • Keyword tool to learn what people are searching for on the web
  • Miles and miles of training and support

The training is comprehensive, complete, and step by step

The training is all simple and easy to understand.

You’ll want to jump right in on one of the main courses.

Even if you’re not a beginner.

As soon as you’re inside you’ll hear new people who have been marketing for awhile—making remarks about how much they are learning from the course material.


Beginner or not, you’ll find it hard to believe:

  • The thousands of written training pages
  • Thousands of videos that show and explain virtually every part of every thing you need to learn
  • The chat board where simple and complex questions are being asked and answered 24 hours a day

Wealthy Affiliate has been up and running on the web since 2005

Since 2005 Kyle and Carson have helped thousands and thousands of people just like you and I see learn the ropes of affiliate marketing.

They have put together quite an astounding and impressive place to learn how to make money from internet marketing.

They teach you every thing you need to know about niches, keywords, article marketing, links, and provide every tool you will need to make money on the web.

And they are still there, on the site, and actively reaching out to students.

Then again:

The only people who succeed at anything are those willing to learn, work, and take action.

Let’s be honest:

The material, the people, the support, and the training is right there at Wealthy Affiliate.


None of will work without your own whole hearted participation.

You’ll be taught by some of the most honest, legitimate, and successful internet entrepreneurs of the day inside of WA.

You can expect to quickly learn how to have a real online business.

But only if you are willing to put down what you know, and what you think you know.

And put in the time to learn about affiliate marketing.

I know from personal experience that far too many of us:

  • spend money
  • try every way
  • every method

to get through this maze of internet marketing.

Usually with no success or very limited success.

That’s usually because the training we are using is not focused on learning from the beginning; step by step.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Any Good?

But, on the other hand, you can learn everything you need to know in the most logical order.

And start making some sales while you’re learning from the best at the Wealthy Affiliate University.

Right now, I’m inviting you to

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10 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate Any Good?”

  1. Hi Mike, I’m really interested and passionate about making money online ad I’ve tried a few things but without much success.

    Sometimes the programs I signed up for were scams but most of the time they were just shoddy and low quality with upsell after upsell.

    Wealthy Affiliate does sound different though and I like the idea of taking a systamtic approach to the training. I think it’s awesome they have a free Starter ember option, Im chekcing them out now and everyone seems super welcoming. Thank you for the recommendation!

    • Good to see you Simon

      The odds are too long that you would ever make money online without someone to teach you the ropes.

      Go ahead and get the free starter option, and you’ll never look back!

      Patience,knowledge, and the willingness to learn is no different than starting any new business in the world.


  2. Hey Mike,

    You nailed all the key points that make being a member of WA a such a great experience. Not having to be one of the 95% of internet marketers who make no money is probably the highlight, not to mention you get 25 customized domains with hosting by going premium.

    That alone would cost upward of $4000 if hosted separately.


    • Thanks Wes

      Yes! Even though it initially looks like you’re spending money for the affiliate training—when you see everything included, it’s the deal of a lifetime!

  3. Hi Mike,

    I have read your very well presented post and at first I thought 95% don’t make money, you got me hooked. So reading on you eventually ease Wealthy Affiliate into the post.
    By gradually saying many positives about WA which I totally agree with. I have been a member of WA for about 11 months, I had zero knowledge about computers never mind having my own website.
    I have learned so much in this small space of time. Every bit of training, cost, owning your own website and members support you have written in your post is absolutely spot on.
    The way you have tabled each item out gives all readers a very easy organised follow, if they are serious about affiliate marketing they should sign up.


    • Hi John

      Thanks for reading this post. And it’s true, only a handful of aspiring internet marketers ever make any money online.

      Of course the reason is that so many of us wind up taking bad direction from what we can find surfing the web for direction. And it’s easy to get sucked into half baked courses and full out scams to teach us how to be affiliate marketers.

      Of course there are some great people with great affiliate marketing courses online, but none of them cover the bases for long term success like Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks again

  4. You had hit the nail on the very good review of Wealthy Affiliate I am a beginner as well and I find the materials very informative and educational You cannot go anywhere else to get this kind of training or guideance like here wealthy affiliate especailly such a large community to help you along when you run into trouble

    • Thanks James

      The training can’t be beat, the community is advantageous to knowledge and the push to keep on going when affiliate marketing gets confusing and patience is wearing thin.

  5. I like your website because it explains how well Wealthy Affiliate is. I like how you discuss the training that is done on the site and I think the training has helped me a lot. Learn about how to create your site, how to add plugins, how to engage in social media and a lot more. Anyone that comes to this site can get a better understanding on how WA works and I think you will continue to get visitors on your site for a long period of time. Great job.

    • Hi Martin

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I have no idea where a person could get as good and well rounded education for online marketing. There are a lot of other good places to learn, but I haven’t found any that is as well rounded. WA leaves nothing to seek elsewhere.


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