What To Write A Blog Post About

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You know it’s gotta be done! But you keep putting it off because you just don’t know what to write a blog post about. What you need is some drop-dead cool ideas to write about! Right? And as you might imagine—I’m going to show you … Read more

What To Make A Website About

The sky is the limit when it comes to what to make a website about in 2017!  But making the decision can be as confusing as making ear bud cords untangle. I knew I wanted my own website, however, what to make it about seemed … Read more

How To Choose A Profitable Blog Topic That You Love

Learning How To Choose A Profitable Blog Topic is the root of your business.  Choose right and your chances of success are great! Choose a topic that’s not profitable — and you waste valuable time and money. Finding A Topic That Interest You and Profit … Read more