Should I Use Done For You Affiliate Sites?

Done For You Affiliate Sites
Are Done For You Affiliate Sites For You?

Are Done For You Affiliate Sites the way to go for beginners?

I’ve built quite a few affiliate websites over the last few years, and can assure you that each one takes time, effort, and even money when you consider the best themes and plugins.

Especially Amazon affiliate sites!

I knew that there was a pre-made Affiliate Site market, but had never checked them out as a viable option.

To tell you the truth, I’ve mostly used Amazon for marketing Kindle books, and occasionally throwing in a link to a product that coincided with some other affiliate product.

But I’ve never built a site exclusively to Amazon affiliate products.

Until recently, that is?

But a few months ago, I decided it was time for me to jump on the band wagon and start building Amazon Affiliate sites.  That’s when I started thinking about a

Done for you Affiliate Site

And here’s what I was thinking:

  • I’m way out of the loop on using plugins to get the most out of their affiliate links
  • Even though I’m familiar with a lot of premium WordPress themes, which one is the best for Amazon products?
  • I was going to need to spend some time learning the most productive ways to set up a theme for Amazon products
  • I would need to learn the best ways to create review pages for their products on my site

The more I thought about it, the more I wondered if I could purchase a site that’s already done — and:

  • Use my time working on existing websites — while having a new one built by someone else
  • Then use it for a model for more Amazon websites I plan on building?
  • Study the site instead of buying a course to show me how profitable amazon sites are set up
  • Learn just what plugins are being used, and how, by other successful marketers

Plus, I was curious to see if these done for you, pre-made affiliate websites were suitable for beginners?

Having been marketing on the web for a few years, I know that I can either spend a lot of time searching through free stuff, or go ahead and pay for my education.

Therefore, I can:

  • Save valuable time
  • Learn how others are marketing and running their business
  • Often be involved in support groups that come with the purchase (sometimes at least as valuable as the product)

Where to Buy Done For You Websites?

I had seen Dom Wells on the Wealthy Affiliate chat board, and had even bought an inexpensive video course from him in recent weeks.

Dom Wells is a soft spoken, very slow talking on his videos, nice, successful affiliate marketer with several years experience under his belt.

But do those qualities make a good place to buy done for you websites?

I knew from his bragging on the chat boards about his own success — that people were buying his pre made sites.  And I also knew he had a lot more experience with Amazon than I did.

So I thought I would check into his products and see if they were something I would be interested in for myself?

Like most people, I felt like I could trust someone I sorta knew of — more than doing business with a stranger?

On his website, HumanProofDesigns you can’t miss the menu item – “Services”. That’s where I first started looking at the “pre-made” affiliate sites he sells.

Which type of affiliate site to purchase?

There’s actually three options:

  1. Ready Made
  2. Tell him the niche and let him build the site
  3. Sites that are already built and aged

Keyword research is done for each option, and buyers get a spread sheet of keywords with a purchase.

To tell you truth:

Keyword research along with marketing research is the most time consuming part of starting any niche site, if you plan on it being profitable.

And in the end, niche affiliate sites are always somewhat of a gamble. Some hit, some hit big, and some just fizzle?


With that in mind, my idea was to save a good deal of time by choosing what Dom had already determined to be a good bet.

His pre-made niche sites aren’t actually pre made?  Only the market and keyword research into the niche is done until someone makes a purchase.

Read more about what niche sites are in this post.

Opting for The Ready Made Niche Site

I knew from the start that I was looking for what I considered to be the biggest bang for the buck for my own business.

I didn’t want to start right out with an investment for an aged site, because if you build your own links (or even buy them) you can start pushing your pages up in the ranks quick enough.

What I wanted besides the site to learn from was to save my own time and effort when it came to choosing a niche. So there was no interest in letting them build a site around a niche I had already researched.

In fact I think the research and few articles that come already done and published is the most value of it all? And you can buy that research into any niche you choose without purchasing a site.

I bit the bullet, and ordered a niche website that would be done for me.

I was excited to see my own site already put together and operational.  A website put together with:

  • A Premium Theme
  • Amazon affiliate products review pages
  • An Excel file with a list of their keyword research terms
  • Free and Premium Plugins
  • Obligatory disclaimer pages
  • 8000 words of content ( 2500 word home page, and about 5 more articles)
  • Support for questions or problems I may have

What About Support For My Pre-Made Affiliate Site?

I fully expected the process to take at least 4 weeks according to their sales pages.

As soon as I received an email affirming that I had made the purchase, I had two questions.  In hind sight I wish I had received the answers before I made a purchase.

I had two questions I thought was important to both sides of this business proposition:

  • Should I install WordPress and decide on a theme (because I was never clear from their information as to how that would work?)
  • Should I put the process off for the two weeks that it was going to take my primary hosting provider to get started with free SSL

I have spent thousands of dollars around the website purchasing everything IM for my affiliate business.  I have received much better support from $9 purchases than from Human Proof Designs for a $500 purchase!

These are actually the first people I have run across that had no intention of trying to answer my questions — until I asked them to shut it down and refund my money, that is?

All of a sudden, instead of getting the same message over and over from someone who definitely didn’t have a command of the English language:

I got an email assuring me that everything was fine, and my site was almost completed.


  1. It took 20 emails to learn that I should install a theme and they would then take that theme down and put their own theme on it?
  2. These people had my hosting credentials in order to go into my hosting account, but I simply didn’t understand what part I was to play in getting everything set up. And I couldn’t get a simple answer to say “we will take care of everything” or “you should do this, this and this.”
  3. I have more than one hosting provider and my last choice provided free SSL, but my first choice was a week or two away from turning on their free SSL.
  4. I really needed to have some sort of conversation about whether to hold off for the couple of weeks? If that would work for them?

They actually told a lie about the site being ready ahead of time, when I asked for a refund.  It took 3 more weeks for them to complete it:

And to this day, I have never received any notice of completion from them?  No word of “ok, the site is now complete and we are turning it over to you”?

I didn’t expect a refund, I expected some sort of help with my questions?

I never expected a refund, but have learned over time that the squeaking wheel sometimes gets greased, and nothing else was working.

When it comes to getting a niche site built,  you have to realize that the research and writing is started well before you see anything taking place on the actual website.

I wanted support, which they Do Not Offer!

Having someone respond to emails is by no means support!

Support is having someone to take the time to actually read your questions and attempt to give you a satisfactory answer.

After doing business with human proof designs for both a website, and monthly pre-written articles this is what I say about their support system:

They don’t really have one in place, which is a sad omission. 

His business is 100% B2B (business to business), but there is no indication that the operation recognizes that they are dealing with people using their services for their own business.

Even though I have read that Dom is out to create the #1 done for you site, article writing, link building service on the web, my take is that he has no idea that his clients are actually depending on him for their own business.

It seems like many other businesses online that are only interested in your credit card # and could just as well do without you bothering them with the details?

What About the Actual Website That Was Built?

The theme and the plugins all work and look good.

But I would never ever wish Thrive Architect themes onto anyone, and more especially complete beginners.  Niche affiliate websites take an enormous amount of time to research and write quality content for:

So what beginner needs to spend many many hours learning how to use Thrive Architect?

I already own Thrive, and rarely use it, because it eats up too much of my time.

But I must say that part of me making the purchase was to learn just how he is setting up the sites, and now I know.

But I am against advertising that your done websites are for beginners and then put a theme on it that can be destruction to a days work in a moment?

Done For You Sites Come With Plugins

Dom delivers plenty of premium plugins with the site that make Amazon affiliate marketing easy, and safe.

But like everything I’ve found concerning his products, he makes no attempt at explaining what they are for or what you should do with them.

So, on the one hand it’s great that these come with the purchase:

On the other hand,  most of them are just more learning curves if one is unfamiliar with them,

Affiliate Marketing is a Learning Curve

The point is that humanproof designs advertises that beginners should start with their done for you sites, but makes no attempt to explain how to use their sites.

And knowing how to use themes and plugins can be one of the most time consuming and confusing parts of the entire matter.

In fact many people get so tied up trying to figure out the whole WordPress thing — that they basically quit before getting to affiliate marketing?

My Personal Take on Done For You Affiliate Sites

This is the first one I’ve purchased to see for myself what I would get?

Because of the time savings, I can see myself buying another one down the road.

I am not sure if I would buy another website from Dom or not, because being a “good guy” and providing what I pay for isn’t necessarily the same thing, is it?

I don’t know about you, but anytime I make a $500 up front purchase, I expect a real support system that really works to aid me.

What About Beginners?

I definitely do not believe ready made sites are for beginners, and I’ll tell you why:

You could never learn how to set up your own hosting plan and install themes, plugins, nofollow links, and more

You could never learn about keyword research

You will have a website on a WordPress platform with complicated themes that you have no idea what to do with

The fact is that there is a growing market for this way to start an online business.

But the next fact is that if you don’t start at the beginning and learn how to use a CMS, whether it be WordPress, SquareSpace, or something else:

You will always be lost and confused about what’s going on with your business.

Building Your Own Website

As an affiliate marketer, chances are good that your business will get to a point that you need to outsource a lot of work.

But if you never learn how to do it yourself, you will never know if you’re getting a good job or not?

Plus, you will never know what to ask for or expect when you hire other people.

Affiliate marketing is comprised of two primary aspects:

  1. Building and maintaining websites
  2. Actual niche marketing

For less than half the price of the cheapest done for you sites on the web, you can recieve training on every aspect of starting and operating an online business for a year.

At the end of that year you would know for yourself how to build a website, choose a profitable niche, how to market your business across the web, and how to start outsourcing parts of it.

As a matter of fact you can take a look at learning affiliate marketing from the ground up— absolutely free — today!


Should I use done for you affiliate sites
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