What Are Keywords About and Are Keywords Important

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Are you new to having your own website, and wondering what keywords are about, and are they important to your success? When you start your own website you’ll start hearing about keywords and keyword research pretty soon, and it can get confusing. In this post, I’ll give you a good overview of what keywords are, where to find them, and what to do with them.


First of all you need to know what exactly is a keyword

Anytime anyone types a word, group of words or a phrase into an internet search engine, that’s a keyword or keyword phrase. Whether you’re typing those into search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, or even Social sites like Facebook or Instagram — they are known as keywords.

We use them to find stuff online, and offline. Just so you understand just how important they are in your life, think of this: If you go to a department store and ask someone where the water bottles are, you’ve just used the keyword “water bottles” to help differentiate water bottles from dog food in order to simplify your search.

Same thing online. Typing “what are keywords about” into the search engine on your computer and winding up here answers the question about their importance.

What are keywords used for besides searching for stuff online?

Here’s another phrase you run into over and over when it comes to online marketing: solving problems. Sometimes we think of problem solving as something large and maybe abstract. However, I want you to see problem solving on the web a little different than that.

Let’s say you really need a water bottle to take to the gym this afternoon, or maybe your child needs a great BPA free water bottle to carry in a school lunch box?

For the purpose of niche marketing, the problems you could have are:

  • Where to purchase a water bottle
  • The best water bottles
  • Water bottles that are BPA free
  • How much are water bottles

You are typing each of those keyword phrases into a search engine and expecting to find a webpage to help you solve the water bottle problem for you. The keyword phrase is now important to you because you DO NOT expect to find a page of results explaining how to buy a domain name, right?

Niche Marketers answer questions and solve problems

As a niche marketer we must, first of all, find out what people are searching for online to solve a problem, what questions are they asking? Next, we join the conversation the same as if you saw me in the department store and asked: “excuse me, do you know where the water bottles are”?

Bear with me now, as I change the terminology from niche marketing to affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, I now have the opportunity to explain to you why ABC bottles are the best and point you towards the ABC bottle website to make a purchase. If I have done a reasonable job of explaining the advantages and benefits of the product and you make a purchase on the ABC site, I get to make an affiliate commision., and that’s fun.

How to use keywords in a post to answer questions

Here’s the thing: in the department store all conversations or face to face, but online you’ll need a middleman to help you meet the people searching for your answers.

If you want Google to hook you up with people asking questions about the affiliate product you’re promoting, your primary job is the use of keywords in your own post.

  • To start with it’s vital that when you write a post about water bottles, you don’t stray from the subject. Always keep on topic or your readers will become uninterested and click off your site.
  • Be sure you put the subject of your post in the post title. And what is the subject of the post? It’s the keyword, so put it in the title, so both Google and the reader will know immediately what you’re writing about. Interesting side note: People actually see the first 3 words of your title, and the last 3 words, actually blanking out the rest of the post title.
  • Use the keyword phrase in the very first paragraph if at all possible. And even if you must wait until the second paragraph, it is vital the first paragraph leaves no doubt in the readers’ mind what your post is about and how it can help them.
  • If your entire post is answering the question or on the subject of the keyword and post title, you shouldn’t use it more than another time or two. Search engine robots that scan your site are very good at making accurate decisions about what a post is about. If you overuse the keyword they quickly decide that you are attempting to game the system and push your post far back into the SERPS, so don’t do that.  Just write your own very natural response to the Keyword.

Search Engine Meta Keywords

So far, we’ve been focused on the use of keywords in your content, which is important. However, Meta Keywords are also vital to your work showing up in the Search Engine Results Pages.

Spending time answering questions and solving problems on your own website is a real drag if no one is paying attention, so you want your pages and post to rank. Meta keywords are still important to the process, and without them, you may leave search engines guessing where you would like your work indexed.


To start with, you need to know that getting your pages indexed in the SERPs is going to be much, much easier with the use of a WordPress SEO plugin. Even though you can purchase premium versions of most any SEO plugin, all you need is a free version. This post has step by step directions for adding any plugin to your website.

Now that we have that settled, let’s see where you’re going to put your Meta Keywords for the best SEO results.

  1. We’ve already talked about the importance of putting your keyword in the actual post title
  2. In the WordPress Editor, you will see the Permalink directly under the title. Sometimes the permalink will merely be a post ID# until you click save, but then it will be the same as your title. Some people leave everything just like it appears. However, this is what you should be aware of: the title will be the title that shows up in your post and in the recent post widget in the sidebar. The permalink is the actual URL for the post. There may be occasions where you want to edit your permalink and have only your keyword phrase in it but leave the title alone.
  3. In the Meta Description box found in the editor under your post.

2 thoughts on “What Are Keywords About and Are Keywords Important”

    • Like a lot of “stuff” relating to blogs and making money online, the concept of keywords, their importance, and how to use them can get confusing for beginners.

      I think a simple way to know what keywords are about is to think of asking a friend “do you own a car?”. you just opened a conversation about owning a car, right? The KW of the conversation is evidently do you own a car, so the conversation will naturally follow along that course.

      So, you wind up with the keyword having two purposes for a blog: 1) Answering a question or solving a problem as you write a post concerning a keyword. Without either of those two purposes, a post has very little usefulness on the web.

      2) Telling search engines what audience you are trying to attract with the post, right? In order to do that, having your KW in the post title and in the URL lets search engines and searchers know what the post is about. It seems that if one does those two things and then include the exact keyword in the 1st or 2nd paragraph, Then make sure the content of the post stays true to the KW, everybody will know what the keyword is and what the post is about.

      In a normal conversation about The Keyword we started with – Do You own a car? – it’s likely that that exact phrase will not be used again. However, if one joined the conversation late, they should know what it’s about merely by the intent of the content. That’s how people and search engines know what keywords and content are about.

      Thanks for stopping by

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