What Does Wealthy Affiliate Do|Top Wealthy Affiliate Review

man in front of black board explaining affiliate marketingThis post is for the several of you each month who ask the question, “What Does Wealthy Affiliate Do?

WA is a comprehensive and fluid resource university for learning about affiliate marketing and how to put your knowledge to use.

You’ll not only learn about marketing online at Wealthy affiliate, you will have step by step directions to put your knowledge into action!

At WA you will have at your fingertips everything you need to become a profitable on line business owner.

You can learn to be a part of the phenomenal online sales and marketing growth at Wealthy Affiliate.

Take a look at this chart to see the potential of affiliate marketing.  Every product you can imagine is open for you to market online as an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing school online growth chart

The internet is where product sales and information to make the best purchases is happening today.  And financial success is open to you through both marketing your own products, and as an affiliate marketer.

It’s open to you with no college, and has nothing to do with age, race, creed, color, or education. And compared to most businesses, affiliate marketing takes very little cash outlay for you to get started.

The fastest and most sure route to success is by allowing someone to teach you how to take advantage of this business opportunity. And there is no place like Wealthy affiliate to learn, and no better investment for your future.

Affiliate Marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires    —Bo Bennett American Businessman

Using Done For You affiliate sites

What you can expect from Wealthy Affiliate

This university provides students with affiliate marketing courses to  help you step into affiliate marketing and find your own success.

And the knowledge available to you at wealthy affiliate can transport you into every conceivable corner of Internet marketing; and make it profitable.

1. This is a place for you to consume knowledge

There are countless places for you to “seemingly” invest in your online career, but wind up with only spending opportunities.  This is without a doubt the best consumer experience and inexpensive investment into your future on the web. This is where using the internet to make money comes alive.

2. There’s no need to be a Techie or computer geek here either

If you were able to get to this page on your computer you have the tech skills to learn and become successful online. This on line university is built and operated for raw beginners and experienced web masters of every level.

3. Learn authenic skills to create your own success

vector drawing of business modelWA actually imparts skills to you, and it would be impossible for you to miss the opportunities for the highest achievements. The questions I see answered each day range from how to copy and paste to the most technical questions concerning thriving businesses. With such an interactive community available to answer all your questions you can’t fail; you can’t help but to learn how to do affiliate marketing.

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation    —Zig Ziglar

How to make comparison reviews of Wealthy Affiliate?

When it comes to comparison reviews, there’s nothing else on the internet to compare with what Wealthy Affiliate does. Since 2005 Kyle and Carson have been active participants in and on this online campus. Because they are also active and super successful as affiliate marketers themselves, they don’t run the university from the side lines.

WA is an affiliate university manned by the two original owners on a day to day basis along with an involved community of thousands.

As I read, watch videos, and participate within the interactive weatlthy Affiliate community each day, Kyle will often be there interacting and imparting knowledge.

You hear from Carson more often about the newest and up to date improvements and additions to the technical side of WA University.

The Wealthy Affiliate Reviews 2017

Thousands of students and alumni collaborating daily to make individual careers successful truly sets this group apart.

The constant vibe is learning and interacting for individual success.  From the greenest beginner to the most advanced super affiliates—there is a non stop flow of reliable information to advance you to your personal goals.

That’s what Wealthy Affiliate does: they teach you everything from A to Z when it comes to starting and running your own successful affiliate marketing website.

This is not a place for you to watch one video after the other by yourself.

I am astonished each day at the passion for learning and helping others learn. A wide range of people from around the world enter each day with an even wider range of internet knowledge. With over 800 training updates each year, the training is here for raw beginners as well as experienced marketers wanting to expand their business capabilities.

See it for yourself right now with Free Admission To Wealthy Affiliate University.

Using Done For You affiliate sites

A library of knowledge that is yours for the learning

Once you’re inside it’s vector drawing of hands working on a laptopakin to being at a physical university. You will find 1000s of lessons easily accessed through a powerful search bar at the top of every page.

Wealthy Affiliate is people helping other people succeed  —Mike Mahaffey

There are complete courses to undertake along with a steady stream of daily educational blog post added. There are scores of very successful marketers answering questions everyday on the live chat.

High value information is constant with both PMs (private messages) and the live chat board which operates 24 hours a day.

The knowledge is real, interactive, and up to date

This is not, as so many internet courses are, a bunch of videos and pdfs to download! Oh No!

This University does indeed consist of thousands of courses, videos, and pdfs, but with real people to support, encourage, and answer questions anytime you need them.

And you can see from this post from Kyle that up to date is always a priority at Wealthy Affiliate University.

I can’t tell you how much different that is to the alternatives, and how profitable it is to your own business aspirations.

You never need to be stuck trying to guess what to do next—And that is important.

Is Wealthy Affiliate For Beginners?

Lets start with the support you can look forward to.

support testimonial

Beginners are the most important people to support

Support is paramount in learning how to operate a business on the web, especially for beginners.  From choosing your first niche, getting a website up, finding products, marketing and selling, to upscaling and growing there’s always someone to stand with you.

The support usually starts on the chat board with live people to answer our questions. Everyone is always willing to answer your questions and help with solutions.

Of course there is always the Wealthy affiliate direct support line, or even sending Kyle or Carson (the original owners) a PM.  There is no other online support system like this.

See Wealthy Affiliate in action for free

Training is what we all came for, and what we all stay for

I’ve explained the training already, but failed to mention the live blogging board.  This is where people are posting blog post about successes, what they’ve learned recently to make them more profitable, and where they see they missed the mark.

Just type a word in the search bar and simple and easy to follow courses pop up to teach you how to do everything you could ever need to do.

These courses cover simple methods to do everything you may face with your website or business.  And of course there is the Get Started Course and the Affiliate Boot Camp course that when followed through—is your ticket to unimaginable success.

It’s not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters   – Paul “Bear” Bryant

It all hinges on a website and hosting

You’ll need a domain name for your website and you’ll need it hosted.

You could spend the rest of your life reading reviews for who has this or that kind of hosting, but it will be hard to beat what Wealthy Affiliate has for you.  Not only is it fast and reliable, but it also sports almost instant support for hosting questions and problems.

And where else can you get free SSL for all of your hosted websites. That’s important because popular search engines are leaning more and more towards placing emphasis on

You can either purchase your domain name through the WA University, or buy it somewhere else and point it their servers. It’s up to your own business needs. Either way there’s plenty of experienced success to help you make the best choices.  There simply are no other affiliate training programs like this.

Live video classes every week with replays

videos and wealthy affiliate
A recent screen shot of Jay and Magistudios that is so important to my own Wealthy Affiliate Training

For over 5 years there’s been a weekly live video class for members of this affiliate community.

These live affiliate marketing tutorials cover everything from the basics to more advanced techniques for everything you could need. With a different topic each week, and replays for those of us who need to miss one from time to time, you will quickly come to depend on this resource.

Jay, a seasoned and successful veteran of online marketing, makes these videos informative and casual at the same time. There’s always plenty to learn and have your knowledge refreshed when it comes to online marketing. Jay makes it easy and fun to learn week after week at Majistudios.

What does Wealthy Affiliate teach?

First of all let me tell you that you will never hear anybody tell you how fast you can get wealthy. No, this is not a bunch of junk to take your money. At Wealthy Affiliate U. you learn about places to earn commissions and how to hook up with those vendors.

Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.  —unknown

But that information would never help you without learning how to get your niche picked out to start your business around? So, you learn about niches and choosing the best niche for your business.

Next you learn how to pick a good domain name, and how to get your own website put together. Then you’ll need traffic to visit your website pages, so you learn how to get ranked in the search engines.

Seo rankings keyword chart

At WA you’ll learn plenty about how search engines depend on your keywords, as indicated in this chart, to know what to do with your website.

But they don’t stop there, because you can learn how to write post and sales pages, and more and more.

The courses and the videos and the community that you will become a part of is always there to teach you what to do next.

It sounds like a lot to learn

You’re right, it is a lot to learn. And to be successful and profitable online you need ongoing support. With thousands and thousands of realistic lessons, courses, and videos that are constantly updated with new information—learning is easy and fun.

The live chat box at Wealthy Affiliate never slows down.  There is a constant stream of questions and answers going back and forth 24 hours a day. You will get quite the education by just spending 30 minutes a day reading the questions and answers there. And you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you jump right in with your own questions☺—☺and answers.

And will you succeed? Yes you will indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteeed) —Dr Seuss

Is Wealthy Affiliate for You?

What you learn is

  • how to get your website or blog going
  • Finding a product to market
  • Marketing the product on line
  • Growing into a profitable business

Think about that for yourself? Does that seem like it’s going to be a get rich quick scheme? Of course not! This is for you if you are willing to put in some real learning and growing time to have a real business. Income could start in 4-6 weeks, or maybe 3-5 months?

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

  • People willing to learn affiliate marketing
  • People who need an extra income
  • Retirees who want more out of life
  • Students who need money to get through college, and find out they have a 6 figure business on their hands
  • People who are fed up with working for someone else, and are ready for their own success
  • People who are able to see themselves learning and growing personally and financially

I don’t know if you fit or not, or if you want to start for free or not?

I don’t even know if you believe what I’ve told you?  But if you are at all interested in learning how to make money from the interent, this is the best place to learn affiliate marketing.

And that’s experience talking, and that’s the truth!

Start at Wealthy Affiliate Free Right Now


10 thoughts on “What Does Wealthy Affiliate Do|Top Wealthy Affiliate Review”

  1. I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a complete newbie. I had no experience in building websites nor running an online business.
    I was expecting to learn a load of technical coding but as you say none of that is necessary today as WordPress have made their user interface so easy to build. It really is a once shown, you’re away process and thanks to Wealthy Affiliate’s training, my knowledge has moved on in leaps and bounds this last 6 months.
    It’s one heck of a learning curve yet it’s great fun to do.
    Fun working hey!

  2. Hi Mike,
    Great to get a different perspective on wealthy affiliate, rather than just the nuts and bolts version that I have seen before.
    The very fact that there is a free membership option would be a big selling point for me. I am sick, sore and tired of being promised the moon if I just sign up to this plan or that plan first. Only to find out later that the moon doesn’t exist and it’s just another scam.
    I also love the idea of 24/7 community support. As a newbie to affiliate marketing that would be a big bonus.
    Certainly plenty of food for thought here. Thanks.

    • Hi Eddie
      Thanks for stopping by!
      I have been round and round and through and through the Internet myself. It was easy for me to become an Internet offer junkie and wind up with, well, not so much?
      There truly is no place like Wealthy Affiliate if a person is ready to learn how to build a profitable and sustainable online business.
      No body can do it for you, and WA never suggest they can, but the simplest and most pure and honest information is here for anyone who believes they want part of this phenomenal Internet marketing world.

  3. I like how your review is different and unique compared to other reviews. Also like your emphasis on the community and gaining knowledge, letting new users know that this is an actual learning process.

    Good Job !

    • Thanks Lucas
      I wouldn’t mind writing the standard review, and have vowed to take the time to do it! I have a hard time with the idea that I would rather just spill my guts?

      And Wealthy Affiliate is truly a learning place and when you join the conversation there, it is truly a learning experience. There’s so much to tell about WA that I think it would take several well organized post to get to it all?

      Thanks again

  4. Good content. You present the information in a different way that is more engaging for readers. I like your statement “Beginners are the most important people to support” and the emphasis on knowledge.

    • Thanks Diranew
      I’ve been a beginner so many times that I know how it is to be overwhelmed with information I can’t make heads or tails out of. I know for sure that there is no other place to receive the support and honest interaction that we each, beginner or not, receive at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thanks for reading this post

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