What Is A Niche Audience?

If you find yourself struggling to wrap your mind around what a niche audience is — you aren’t by yourself. The vast majority of people starting out with affiliate marketing strain to understand the concept of niche marketing. 

Let me say this straight:

Understanding a niche and a niche audience is the single most import aspect of your online success!

Want to know the best part? Once you understand the concept of an online niche — your audience will be clear to you. 

Why Marketing to a Niche Audience is Easier

As beginners we all have the same basic steps to complete:

  1. Build a website
  2. Find an Affiliate Product
  3. Write content for post on our website
  4. Figure out how to get people to visit our website, read our content, click on affiliate links

In 2018 there are over 1.8 billion websites online.

You simply do not want to compete with 1.8 billion websites when it comes to getting your website found online, right? Of course not! And if that’s not interesting enough, there’s about 4 billion internet users worldwide in 2018.

Can you imagine all the different things 4 billion people search for online?

It’s impossible to market to 4 billion people!

So the next logical step is to narrow down your efforts to a smaller group of people.  In many ways selling products online is no different than selling face to face.

The more personal you are with your readers, the more success you will find. That’s where niche marketing comes into play.

You want to try to sort out smaller groups of people with common interest in one particular topic, problem, or product. This sorting and seeking out smaller audiences is the crux of niche marketing.

What Is A Niche?

There’s a lot of ways to describe a niche, and in fact I use a variety of descriptions on this website. Here’s the definition I want to use today:

A niche is a group of people who use the internet to look for products and answers to solve a common and specific problem.

So, what does all that lingo mean?

Let’s say you want to sell golf products online, ok?

We know there are about 4 billion internet users today. However only a very small percentage of them play golf.

Here’s why niche marketing works online:

I never need to filter through 1.8 billion websites looking for one site that sells golf products. I only need to type golf into the Google search bar, and Google returns only the results that have to do with golf. 

Google has reduced 1.8 billion websites down to a niche of golf related websites. 

However, that golf niche is Too Broad (Too Broad is a common term when it comes to finding a niche audience). Because it’s too broad there’s too much competition and we really have no idea what they are looking for — or how to market to them.

How Do I Find A Niche Market?

Remember your original idea to sell golf products online? Well, people come online searching for everything concerning golf. Right off hand I can think of these things people search for when it comes to golf:

  • Golf clubs
  • Golf balls
  • Golf Ts
  • Golf courses
  • Golf shirts
  • Golf clothes

Unless you have millions to spend, attempting to reach the golf audience in general is too expensive, too time consuming, and virtually impossible. Plainly said: there’s too much competition to reckon with. We need to narrow the golf topic to an audience we can get more personal with.

How To Narrow Down Your Audience

The most profitable way to make a dent in online marketing is to narrow down your niche to a more focused group of internet users. 

In fact any one of the topics relating to golf in the list above could be a reliable and marketable niche. However, the money for new websites and beginners alike is in niching these down even deeper.

I’m not a golfer, but believe there are several different types of golf clubs that people playing golf use on any one day. So, what about marketing to a group of people who look for drivers online?

List of Keywords that describe what a niche audience is

Even being pretty ignorant of the golfing world, I searched “golfing drivers” in my favorite keyword research tool, and immediately see 4 niche audiences waiting for me to help them.

Each place an arrow points in that image is a definite group of people looking for products and answers to solve common and specific problems. And That’s What A Nice Audience Is!

How to Create A Niche Website

Niche marketing and affiliate marketing are so closely related that many people consider them one in the same. The startup cost of niche marketing online is relatively inexpensive and by choosing specific niche audiences that are small and actively spending money on the internet you can have your own business quickly.

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own niche website:

  • A predetermined niche audience
  • Website
  • Hosting
  • Knowledge of how people are searching for your niche or what search terms they use (keywords)
  • Training to teach you how to create a website, pick a niche, write content, reach your online audience, find products for them to purchase 

More people make online purchases each day than the day before, and there’s no end to that growth in sight.

Combine that with the low cost of training, operating and maintaining your own website and online business, and you can see why there are so many people taking advantage of the business opportunity of the century. Maybe of all time?

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