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what is niche marketing explained


Confused about niche marketing?

When it comes to marketing products, a niche is any small group of people with common problems to be solved. 

What Is Niche Marketing In A Nutshell

Every business in the world employs niche marketing. Think about this way:

If you sell oranges you market them to people who eat oranges, because every one is not an orange eater. 

There’s the population of the world, and then there’s the smaller group of orange eaters.

That group of people is a niche.

A group of people with a common problem to solve is a niche.

Of course the common problem to solve for that group of people is to provide them with oranges, right?

So you concentrate your marketing efforts on to a smaller group of potential buyers who are in the market for your product.  

Online Niche Marketing

This type of marketing can be highly productive online. 

In 2015 there were over 3 billion people online and that number is much higher today.

Online marketing gives you access to highly sophisticated tools to search out groups of people with common problems within that 3 billion. 

Smaller groups of people with common problems that you can solve from a website.

Another reason niche marketing is such a powerful concept is that there’s virtually no problem you can’t help people solve online. 

What Is Niche Marketing Strategy

As a niche marketer I keep my eyes open for problems I can help solve. 

For instance, I know that high blood pressure is a rampant problem in the United States. I know there’s a lot of people online trying to solve that problem.

People with high blood pressure is definitely a niche, but it’s too large for me to market to effectively.

I need a strategy

I drill down into this group — “high blood pressure” looking for smaller groups within that niche with my favorite keyword research tool.   


What is niche marketing with a strategy


You can see the some of the results here returned for the KW phrase, high blood pressure.

Stopping to think of all the thousands of products and services being marketed to this group, I knew it was too large for me to get noticed in it. 

I needed to find a smaller, more manageable niche within this group. 

This is called Niching Down, and is an important online business concept. 

Looking down the list I see a smaller group of people searching for a real product: high blood pressure monitor.


That’s a niche of people who are actively searching online for a product. A group of people searching online for information to help them purchase a blood pressure monitor is a niche market.

Niche Marketing  is for Small Audiences

For myself, that was a hard concept to grasp in the beginning.

I thought surely the larger the audience, the better my odds at making a sale.

But with a little help, and experience, I see how marketing my products to a smaller niche actually produces better results.

One of the reasons for that is that the larger the market, the more fierce the competition. When you’re just starting, you want a smaller audience with less competition.

Once you have a blog with content on it to help people solve their problems:

You need an audience!

Marketing is Always for Solving Problems

And you need to think and produce content constantly that solves problems for that audience.

When it comes to Choosing A Profitable Blog Topic:

You want a niche that serves an audience small enough to reach, and large enough to produce buyers.

Here’s a niche market definition that clears up a lot of misconceptions:

A niche is a distinct group of people with a distinct problem willing to spend money to solve it.

Can you even imagine all the different products that would come under the umbrella of Health?

Just to begin with, almost every piece of merchandise in a hospital could come under the health niche. And that’s not even the beginning of health.

Some groups are too large

Under health, comes the diet industry which is a sub niche of the health industry; But still far to broad a topic for marketing to, with success.

Under the diet industry falls lose weight, gain weight, healthy eating, diets for diabetics, and on and on as far as you can think.

Looking for small groups of people to market to is money in the bank

So niche marketing is breaking down extremely large groups of buyers into smaller and smaller groups of people, or into micro niches.

You can go too deep and wind up with the buyer pool too small to pay for the time and effort.

Doing your research into various micro niches before you begin a sales campaign keeps you from wasting valuable resources.

Wanna Be You Own Boss With Your Own Business?

How To Start Your Own Blog

Affiliate Marketing Is Niche Marketing

As you delve deeper and learn more you will see how all successful online affiliate markets build around the same characteristics:

  • Customers with common problems
  • Customers who want to buy
  • Customers who have resources to buy
  • Enough customers to make it profitable

Because your market is small your business will be profitable, as a result of less competition. As you focus on your niche you will learn to know, understand, and anticipate your prospects needs.

A smaller market will make it easy to fine tune your efforts to solve problems and add value to people’s lives.  And the more people you help, the more people will help you.  The immutable law of all business.

Strategies for Niche Marketing

Success will be yours because you do your homework on the prospects in your niche. Because you have no way to face your prospect in person, articles like this will be your means of communication.

Each niche will be made up of certain age, education, and gender groups and you’ll know which group you are writing to.

1. Discovering where you’re market hangs out online

You’ll spend time becoming knowledgeable about your niche, and the demographics of your potential prospect, before you start selling.

Here’s 3 ways to learn about your prospects needs and problems:

  • Keyword tools to discover questions people are asking search engines
  • Hanging out in forums lets you interact with the people in your niche
  • Search out and join FaceBook groups who share like interest

2. Be ready to establish trust with your blog visitors

There are millions of websites, and they all look alike to your blog traffic. Your job is to establish trust.

You will provide valuable information and products via blog post, emails, and other resources.

Some research indicates that prospects average as many as 7 interactions before buying.  Your blog will need to resonate trust from beginning to end.


3. Developing an advertising program

Successful interaction on the internet involves locating prospects for your product and letting them know you can help.

You’ll learn about getting your website out on social media platforms, email marketing, getting your blog noticed by Google and other search engines and reaching out to other bloggers who can help you.

Profiting from internet marketing can happen overnight

It’s possible to see a deposit into your PayPal account quite soon, but to be honest you should plan on 3 months or more to see your business develop.

If you’re new to the ends and outs of having your own website, you’ll probably feel a little overwhelmed at first. But as you get involved with the aspects of niche marketing, you will see how everything fits together like the pieces of a puzzle.

Marketing to small niches of buyers on the internet allows you to custom tailor your efforts to solve the problems of very select groups of people.

Got questions? Wanna say something? Drop me a line in the comments below.

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