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Authentic places to find legitimate blog post ideas to make you cheer!

You know it’s gotta be done! But you keep putting it off because you just don’t know what to write a blog post about.

What you need is some drop-dead cool ideas to write about! Right?

And as you might imagine—I’m going to show you how to get those fresh ideas for your next post.

When you run out of captivating ideas to write about it’s time to start listening to your audience.

It’s time to hear the questions real people in your niche are asking.

Find the Questions and You Will Know What To Write About

Come to think of it, I think I’ll show you a few great places to ease drop on your audience’s conversations.

9 Places To Search For Good Ideas To Write About

  1. Read about using Keyword research tools
  2. Join facebook groups related to your niche. Then participate and interact regularly with the group.  Look for questions that come up in the groups and write post about them.
  3. Search Google for forums in your niche. If your niche is chicken farming, do Google searches for chicken farming forum and chicken farming forums (with the s). When you get to the forum, look to see the latest post so you’ll know if it’s being used. Join any that are being used and participate. You’ll make new friends and get great ideas to write about.
  4. If you have people visiting your website you should have a mailing list?  Subscribers will give you ideas to write a blog post about if you ask them.  Whether you have 6 or 6000 subscribers send them an email asking them to reply with anything at all they would like to see you write about.
  5. If you don’t have a mailing list and do have visitors to your site,  ask your readers what they would like to see you write about and to leave suggestions in the comments section.
  6. Google your niche, a keyword, or anything at all pertaining to your niche or website topic. Now go through a couple of pages of results 1. look at each title 2. look at each url under the title 3. read each meta description 4. open up each post and read it. This will give you insight into what your competition is writing about and a lot of fresh ideas.
  7. Spend time reading other blogs in your niche. If they have comments read as many as you can to mine for blog post ideas. Reading other peoples comments gives you a good indication of the questions readers have that you can write about.
  8. Answer The Public is great for finding questions that are being asked on the web. And it’s free! Just type any keyword in the search bar and remember to choose the country you want the results from.
  9. LSI Keyword Generator does pretty much the same thing, and also free. It too is indispensable for finding great LSI keywords.

And that’s how you get involved with internet users who are just itching to find out about your blog posts.

The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Research Tool is an essential tool for beating writers block when it comes to websites.  It’s all ears—and hears only the best and easiest to rank for questions about any topic.

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However you should get plenty of ideas for your blog posts from the suggestions in this article.

And this is only the beginning!

Check out the rest of this post for 7 amazing ideas to post about.

7 Ideas For Writing Content For Your Blog

1. Example Post Are Show And Tell

Try showing your readers exactly how to do something instead of written explanations. Taking screen shots of your computer as you explain could make your post easier to understand. People reading your example post are also more apt to share the posts you’ve written for them.

2. Try Reviewing A Product For Readers

Your audience will appreciate any product review that you have personal experience with.  The product doesn’t even have to relate to your own website. If your blog isn’t an affiliate site, you might think of reviewing a book, or even a cook book.  Write a good review about anything your readers may be interested in. An added benefit of reviews is that the search engines like to rank them.

3. Everybody Loves Quote Post

You can make an entire page of quotes. Search Google like this: quotes about ? . Just replace the question mark with any subject under the sun, and read quotes all day. Writing a post with nothing but a list of quotes is all the rage these days, so join in the fun with your own. I see blog post with nothing but a list of a hundred or more quotes.

4. Write  a Post That Answers or Responds To Comments

Responding to comments is always important.  Your responses helps both you and the reader realize that real people are involved. However, sometimes you can get some great ideas for new posts from comments. Look for opportunities to answer or respond by posting articles relating to the comments.

5. Promote Your E-book Lead Magnet

Do you have a Ebook you’re offering as a email give away for opting in to your list? Or an Ebook you’re offering for sale? Either way, you can explain what your ebook is about and how it could benefit your readers. If it’s long enough, you could even use a chapter or a page out of it for a post.

6. Inviting Bloggers To Guest Post on Your Blog

It’s always good to reach out to other bloggers. When you are participating in Facebook groups and forums you should make friends with other writers. Now when you run out of ideas it’s easy to ask for ideas and if anyone is interested in guest posting on your blog.

7. Are You Using Infographics?

Infographics are a great way to provide visual information on a blog post. Creating the material for infographics is fun and readers enjoy being able to review them quickly. Pack a lot of powerful information into one easy to scan inforgraphic for your readers. You can create as many as you like at Canva with a free account.

Follow through on the tips and idea in this post and you will generate plenty of good blog post ideas. These tips will get your imagination working and you’ll know what to write a blog post about that rocks.


We’d like to hear from you. What’s some of your favorite ways to generate blog post ideas? I’m inviting you to leave us some tips in the comments.


4 thoughts on “What To Write A Blog Post About”

  1. Wow thats
    great, I never would have thought of using forums, and I never heard of Answer the public or the LSI keyword generator. It’s my goal now to try to hit all nine of your ideas! Thanks Mike!

    • Thanks Nicol
      Forums and Facebook groups are great for both ideas and followers! Just pay attention to the dates to be sure they are active. If not, just move on to another one. Join as many of both as you have time to participate in……

  2. I like how you explained seven effective ways to write content on one’s blog. I’ve never thought of going into forums for suggestions but it is a good idea! I wrote my first review and I definitely agree that taking screenshots is more engaging than just telling people what to do. I’m considering your “quotes” recommendation since I could cite from other articles on my niche.
    Now I don’t know much about keyword generators but they sound like an alternative to Jaaxy since my trial ran out.

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