What’s Wealthy Affiliate?


When it comes to learning how to be successful with affiliate marketing online, there’s no place like Wealthy Affiliate! But there’s still a lot of people wanting to know What Wealthy Affiliate Is, and if it’s real or a scam.

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Like any product, course, college, item in the world — you can find completely different opinions of the value and benefits of using Wealthy Affiliate. In fact if you search for Wealthy Affiliate Reviews you’ll find everything from it’s a scam to it’s a miracle?

Some people are calling it a scam because they are representing another online affiliate course, and some people really do believe it’s not worth the money.

Why Wealthy Affiliate May Not Help You

A few reasons why WA could not work for you:

  • You just can’t see your self as a success
  • Can’t follow directions
  • Think you already know everything
  • Think learning affiliate marketing is a piece of cake with overnight riches
  • Not really smart enough to read and understand
  • Are spending your last money to eat on – in hopes affiliate marketing will get you rich overnight

Well — if you find yourself in that list, don’t waste your time or money with any legitimate course! There’s a good chance you won’t make a go as an entrepreneur.

I’m not sure how many people come through the chat board each week, but I can assure you there are already people that fit each of the above descriptions. And after a day, a week, or a month, they are off to the next program and telling everyone how WA is a scam.


On the other hand:

If you actually want to learn — and you are actually willing to follow simple directions — and you are not looking for a get rich quick scheme:

There is no place like Wealthy Affiliate to learn affiliate marketing and learn how to build your own successful online business!

What’s Wealthy Affiliate

There are thousands of people who have invested their money, their time, and their energy with Wealthy Affiliate and changed their life forever.

Here’s just the basics of what you’ll find inside Wealthy affiliate University:

  • Simple step by step training in the form of videos and written courses and tutorials ( thousands of them)
  • Built in tools that include free keyword research tool, free state of the art hosting, free SSL Certificate for your website, Free website builder with thousands of free WordPress themes
  • Live video classes each week
  • Live community of entrepreneurs at every possible level of internet marketing

To tell you the truth: I think what makes it all work so well is the live chat board. 

This is community at it’s best. As you go through the step by step directions with videos and more courses and videos found in the wealthy affiliate search engine, the chat board is there 24/7 to help you understand and go deeper.

Try It Free
The best way to discover What Wealthy Affiliate Does is to Try It For Free, right now!


The chat board is people at every level asking and answering questions about everything you can imagine when it comes to learning how to be a successful marketer online. Don’t be fooled into thinking marketing products online is easy, but as you go through the course, the community makes it all fit together and usable.

Community Post

You are going to be pleasantly surprised at how many members, both very successful and beginners alike, are posting articles about what they’ve learned and how you can also implement it into your own business. And it won’t seem like anytime at all, before you’re sharing your own success stories on the activity board.

Wealthy Affiliate Is Everything Affiliate Marketing In One Place

SiteRubix started out as the hosting platform and place to build your WordPress website, but has evolved into much more over the years. When you click on the SiteRubix Tab you’re taken to the core of your website hosting adventure.

What's Wealthy Affiliate in SiteRubix

  1. The Site Manager is where you see all of your hosted sites at WA along with everything you need to know about each.
  2. The Site Builder is the place you start clicking your way to a new website.
  3. Domains is the place to buy your own domain names with no hassle and no upcharges. Each comes with Whois and is safe and private.
  4. Content is definitely the premiere writing platform for all your post. Write and format your post in the the editor, pick from thousands of free images, and instantly move it into your website editor.
  5. Comments is the place to share website comments with other community members. Comments are a great way to get search engines to notice you, get more traffic and inter act with readers.
  6. Feedback is where you ask the community for their ideas about your website business and how to make it better.
  7. You simply cannot find better support for your website and hosting that the state of the art WA hosting and support

The WA University

Taking a look at the image above you will see from the top left down, the Certification Course and the Affiliate Bootcamp Course. These are the tabs that take you straight into step by step directions to start your own affiliate marketing business. These courses are lined out in perfect order and all you need do is get started and stay the course.

WA courses at What's Wealthy Affiliate


I think you can see from the image above that the courses at Wealthy Affiliate are comprehensive and cover everything you’ll need to go forward. But the fact is that each lesson goes into more depth than you can see here with videos and lessons to be completed along the way.

Each of the Classrooms contain must have training:

• Getting Started
• WA Affiliate Program
• Keyword, Niche and Market Research
• Everything WordPress
• Authoring & Writing Content
• Search Engine Optimization
• Social Engagement & Marketing
• Website Development & Programming
• Local Marketing
• Video Marketing
• Email Marketing
• The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
• Pay Per Click Marketing

The Certification Courses are 5 levels deep, and contain:

• Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started
• Building Your Own  Website Business With Traffic
•Making Money
• Mastering Social Engagement
• Success With Content Creation

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The best way to discover What Wealthy Affiliate Does is to Try It For Free


Tools included with membership:

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t only a learning experience, it also provides you with the tools every online business must have to succeed as long as you are a member. To tell you the truth the cost of the tools alone pay for the membership and include:

  • Websites and state of the art hosting with speed and SSL
  • Keyword tool to stay on top of what people in your niche are searching the web for
  • A modern content writing platform with free images and built in spell check to write your content and publish to your website
  • Link tracking right on the campus to keep up with your affiliate links that make you money
  • Search for and purchase your domain names from SiteDomains with no worries about security or upsells

Search Thousands of courses and tutorial on demand with the onsite search engine

See in the image that I typed How To Get Started in the Wealthy Affiliate Search Engine and got these immediate results:

Wealthy Affiliate Search Engine

But you will type anything you can imagine about affiliate marketing into this search engine and get results to keep you busy for days. This is a powerful method to keep you on the cutting edge with new information added daily by both the owners and thousands of members sharing their vast knowledge.

Working From Home With Wealthy Affiliate

Looking for the best work from home opportunity of the century? Online affiliate marketing is the best work from home business I know of, and the knowledge of how to get started is here at Wealthy Affiliate.

But don’t miss the fact that getting started is only the beginning at WA. Whether you’re looking to own your own full time business or just need to add some extra income to the budget, there’s really no end at all to the information to keep you successful.

WA Stays Up To Date By The Day

Online marketing is constantly growing and evolving in different directions as the web itself is constantly fluid, and Wealthy Affiliate stays up to date with the latest changes and trends.

Whether your online home business is full time or part time, you’ll get to the point of scaling up and outsourcing task. Staying up to date with the WA community will help you know the best places to outsource such as Upwork, fiverr, and other places to grow your own business.

Of course in the beginning you’ll want to learn everything from inside and the community so you’ll know exactly what to expect as you upscale and outsource your business needs.

How Long Will It Take To Make Money At Wealthy Affiliate

This is probably the foremost question on your mind, how long does it take to make money at Wealthy Affiliate? And I want to be absolutely perfectly clear:

There is Never Ever A Guarantee to make money in affiliate marketing!

What you will find is the information, education, and community at Wealthy Affiliate to help you pick a niche, get a website started, get it online, and find appropriate affiliate products to represent. The information available even goes into how to upscale your business, and how to plan for your income —

But the results are up to you!

If you’re able to read this post and get the gist of it, I am sure you can understand that any business online, or otherwise, depends on your own efforts and wisdom. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best place online to learn affiliate marketing from the bottom to the top, but it’s purely up to you to get the education, and put it to work.

Here’s What I Suggest For Getting Started At Wealthy Affiliate

Why Wait? Try It Free Today!
The best way to discover What Wealthy Affiliate Does is to Try It For Free


If you are really interested in starting your own affiliate marketing business online with your own website and working at it to become successful — join for free with the free starter membership.

The starter membership IS NOT

  • Designed to teach you everything you need to start and run a successful online business (because it takes more than a few days to learn what you need to know to get started)
  • Going to provide you lifetime free access to the free tools at WA

The WA starter membership Will:

  • Give you an opportunity to see EVERYTHING inside
  • Provide you with a free website to keep (a sub-domain website example = yourdomain name.siterubix.com)
  • Give you access to the chat board, certification courses, bootcamp courses, and WA search engine to poke around in for a week to see for yourself what’s offered
  • Find out for yourself if you want to invest in your future with affiliate marketing at WA

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Opportunity

Starting with the free starter membership gives you the chance to see just exactly what’s inside without any upfront cost or even a credit card. The ideal way to start is to take the free tour and then decide if the premium membership is something that makes sense at this time in your own life.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Of course the question is always is it worth it, does it really work, will I really make money? Those are all great questions, and only you can really answer them for your self. I know that for myself, and thousands of others, online success either would never have come, or taken an extremely long time to come.

The premium training at WA is some of the best and most comprehensive available anywhere. The community is made of people just like you and I, from all over the world. We are all at different levels of success and expertise, and all striving to learn and help others learn to be successful affiliate marketers.

Venturing out on my own to learn all it takes to market online cost me thousands of dollars wasted along with years I could have been making money. I don’t think affiliate marketing is for everyone, and maybe not you?

But I do think that if you want to find out for yourself, trying the Free Starter Membership at Wealthy Affiliate and learning for yourself “what’s Wealthy Affiliate” could change your life forever.

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    • Hi David
      If you host a website at wealthy affiliate you are automatically eligible for sharing comments using the SiteComments function. When it comes to siterubix that is only a name given to the WordPress builder on the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting platform. Not all, but the vast majority of websites online use WordPress, and WA specializes in wordpress hosting. So, as it works out, if you host your website on one of the greatest hosting platform on the web it will need to be on a wordpress cms, and that means that it will start out on siterubix.

      With a free membership your site is hosted on a sub domain which looks like this yourwebsitename.siterubix. com. However as a premium member you can take advantage of the powerful hosting and your own domain name would look like this yourdomainname .com. Wealthy affiliate contains thousands of training pages, some posts and some video and continues to grow and update daily as internet marketing continues to evolve. With the training is included a very fast and very reliable hosting platform that includes the wordpress builder. Read more about siterubix.

  1. Very informative article Mike, thanks for sharing. You have definitely mentioned, in great detail, insightful information regarding the WA program.

    As an affiliate marketer myself, I couldn’t agree more with the importance of having a mentoring system in place, which Wealthy Affiliate undoubtedly provides.

    The Free Starter Membership appears to be a great starting point for individuals who may want to test the ‘Affiliate Marketing Waters’ before diving right in.

    Thanks again for sharing this detailed article on Wealthy Affiliate and the pros and cons of becoming an affiliate. This information will be invaluable to those looking for a legitimate way to make money online!

  2. This is a great review on Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been wondering exactly what I would encounter inside Wealthy affiliate, and this post really helps me understand.

    I’ve been spending a lot of money a few dollars here and few dollars there doing my best to learn about affiliate marketing but still don’t even know much about how to set my site up?

    I don’t think I’ve bought into any scams, I just haven’t found any useful information to help me build a real business.

    Thanks for this post that explains what wealthy affiliate has to offer. I am going to give it a try. After all I can get in for free, can’t I?

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