Why Blog? Top 9 Reasons Why Smart People Blog

Why blog about blogging


Why in the world would you want to blog?  

Maybe you’re thinking of:

  • Becoming a published author
  • Earning extra cash
  • Sharing your ideas with the world
  • Learning new skills
  • Starting a blog for your existing business

Those are just a few reasons why people start a blog. 

No matter what your own motives are, it’s easy and inexpensive to get started. In fact, you can even have your own website and write post completely free.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection to begin this journey.

Why Blogs Are Good

Some people try to start blogging without really knowing why, and that’s a recipe for failure. 

That would be like leaving on a vacation trip without knowing where you want to go.  You might eventually wind up in just the right place, but you’ll waste a lot of time and money getting there.

1.  Curiosity

You spend some time surfing the web.  You start noticing how blogs look, and wonder how they do that? You start to wonder if you could have your own website?  I think that’s what happened to me several years ago.  

I purchased my first computer and managed to get it hooked up to the internet via a phone line.  After a few months I wanted to know how people were doing that, and why they were blogging.

2.  Making Money

You suddenly become aware that you are spending money on the web.  You are seeing everything from jet airplanes to $2.95 ebooks for sale on websites.  

Then you start paying attention to the spam emails promising to get you rich while spending your days in hammocks on remote islands.   You take the plunge and fill out the optin box to receive the latest information on selling affiliate products.

3. Selling Affiliate Products

Now that you finally started reading the adds you are slowly being hooked on the idea that there’s money out there waiting for you.  But how can you get your hands on it? You’re reading more and more to discern just what an affiliate product is?

Then the light starts to come on? You can get your own blog and get people to buy an exercise bike from Amazon and get paid for it. When you see how simple it is to sell affiliate products, you wonder why it took you so long to start a blog and start writing?

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4. Blogging is Writing

Got the itch to be a published author?  That’s a good reason to blog; maybe the best.  No matter what you’re using your blog for, it must have written content on it.  

Just as well be you that hits the big blue button that says “Publish”. That button will never know if you’re a skilled and polished writer, or if you just enjoy learning the craft of writing for the internet.

The question “why blog?” may answer itself as you slowly find your own audience to read your writing.  When that happens you’ll wonder why you haven’t blogged before?

Wondering how to know what to write about

5. Blogging for Brick and Mortar Businesses

Businesses everywhere are enjoying this inexpensive and effective method to advertise. Whether you are a local restaurant or building a billion dollar presidential airplane, people need to know why you’re in business.

Because the whole population is either at a computer or on their phone, no advertisement could reach more buyers. And blogging for a business on the corner isn’t any different than blogging just for fun.

6. Blogging is Great Fun

Like any of life’s adventures, you get to make.  Blogging is no different.  Of course you could feel overwhelmed with information overload at first, but remembering why you started your blog will keep your attitude right.

Remembering that you set out to have fun with your blog you will know when to take a breath and relax. If you love reaching out to people to help them, then blogging was made for you.  

If you’re willing to stay open minded to learn something new each day, then you will love your blog.

Here’s a few methods I used to fail at blogging: Some Methods I’ve Used to Fail at Internet Marketing

7. You Have a Message But You’re Introverted

This is the place for you if you are shy.  That may be the biggest reason why so many people start their new blog. Shy people can finally find a place to excel, be famous, get rich, and get noticed.  

The truth is though, that once you get started you will likely get over being shy.  On the internet as your own community of people, your own tribe, grows you will be pleasantly surprised at how you become an outgoing personality.

8. Your Nest Is Empty

Life is pretty hum-drum since the kids started their own life. You’ll soon learn the internet is full of happy empty nesters. What a great way to get to know people all over the country, and the world.

Another good reason why empty nesters and retired people are blogging is the opportunity to get back to learning.

Learning how to start up your own website, and all that goes with it will not only give you something to do, it will keep your brain and mind active.

9. Why Blogging For Money Only Makes Sense

No matter why you are thinking about blogging, you can monetize your blog for making money. You can easily sign up for for Google Adsense, get an add block on your blog and make a few dollars a month. Anywhere from $1 to thousands just from allowing Google to place adds on your website.

Once you have a regular audience you may want to create your own product or just sell someone else’s products. You can do that with little or no cost-to the skys the limit.  A blog is always capable of making money, depending on why you are blogging.

The more you know about blogging the more you will see how knowing why can help you make decisions on the way.  Of course you can always just get in the car and leave out on vacation with no destination in mind, but if you know where and why you’ll get there faster.

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