Why I Use Wealthy Affiliate?

The reason I’m writing this post is to explain why I use Wealthy Affiliate for my online business. I have several different WA reviews on this website. However there’s so much to tell, they all get pretty long? So, I’m writing this shorter post as my Wealthy Affiliate Overview.

So, let’s get on with it!

I’m so convinced that Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best platform for:

  • Learning how to build your first website
  • Hosting your websites to the web whether you are a beginner or already making money with websites
  • An ongoing mastermind group to keep you on target and help you reach your goals
  • Easy access to the largest, most comprehensive, and uptodate compilation of resource materials for starting, building, maintaining and making money from a website on the web

That I stake my personal online businesses and reputation on Wealthy Affilaite everyday.

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I’ve been working online, building my own websites, and making money from them for about 10 years now. I’ve seen just about every sorta advertisement and program one could spend money on to get started blogging and building websites.

Not all, but most of these programs are provided by good people. However, the majority of them have little to nothing of any long lasting value to help get your business profitable.

In all honesty, I haven’t seen anything that compares with WA.

Here’s What Makes Wealthy Affiliate The Best Choice

1. Everything is Step by Step and Easy to Digest

  1. The training is simple 1, 2, 3 …. step by step training in perfect order to follow along even with -0- experience. 
  2. Training is both video and written to make everything simple
  3. Internet marketing is constantly evolving — making newly updated methods and techniques a necessity. WA has new training available every day that covers everything related to affiliate websites.

2. Live and Real Time Chat

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a silent website!

There’s constant and real time give and take between the members, both beginners and gurus, 24 hours a day.

Even with the simplicity of the training there are still questions that need to be answered. I’m never alone on the website. Because there are members from all over the world, the action is going 24/7 on the chat boards. 

Look on the bottom right of the image and you will see the continously moving live chat board. But live chat is just the beginning. Check out all the options for getting help at WA:

Why I Use Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Honestly, you just can’t find this level of training and support anywhere else.

3. Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

There’s only one package to purchase, and it comes with hosting. In fact many seasoned online marketers come only for the most modern and up to date hosting package online.

Hosting is what it takes to get a domain onto the worldwide internet, and by enlarge the most confusing part of an online business to most entrepreneurs. But, you can’t have a website without hosting.

The great news is this: You don’t need to know anything at all about hosting at Wealthy Affiliate. 

SSL is included at no extra cost and you won’t need caching plugins or back up plugins. WA Hosting is tops.

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting provides state of the art and blazingly fast WordPress website loading. (competitive with FAR more expensive hosting platforms). In my time on the web, I’ve never found better support.
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4. All The Tools You Need Right On The WA Website

I told you from the start I wanted to make this review as short as possible, so I’m just going to let you have a look at these screenshots I took today. And leave you very short descriptions, ok?

list of Wealthy Affiliate Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Short Descriptions of the items in the list above from the top down:

  • Site Manager is where you see a list of your hosted websites. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to host up to 25 websites and unlimited subdomains.
  • Site Builder is where with the click of a button a Free WordPress theme of your choice (thousands to choose from) is installed on your website.
  • Site Domains is where you can purchase domain names for your website. (You are not forced to purchase here and can merely point existing domain names to WA.
  • Site Content is an editor you can use to write your post in, and then click a button and have it published on your own website. It comes with spell and grammar check, duplicate content checker, and thousands of free images to use on your website.
  • Site Comments is great for having other members leave comments on your website as you return the favor.
  • Site Feedback is for allowing other Wealthy Affiliate to have a look at your website and give you pointers for making it even better.
  • Site Support is the top hosting and technical problem support online. 

Checkout the WA Dashboard in this image

Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard

Do you see where it says Research in the image above? 

That is the entrance into one of the top keyword research tools online that comes included with your membership. (Any online marketing requires a keyword research tool, and it’s great to have the best included)

This is what you get when you click on Research. It’s the free lite version of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool. And have no fear! The Lite version does everything you need in a KW tool and returns the same results and accuracy.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Lite

I’ve only tried to hit the high spots here, and there’s plenty more to see once you’re inside the Wealthy Affiliate Website.

Here’s a recap of why I use Wealthy Affiliate everyday:

  • There are two owners — Kyle and Carson. They are both alive and active on the website.The owners are as honest and straight forward as the day is long.
  • There is no other place I am aware of to find the amount of up to date, quality, step by step training, and information to start and maintain a successful website business.
  • The monthly or yearly price includes training, mentoring, community, hosting, one click website builder, Jaaxy Keyword Tool, content editor, free SSL, and much more. All for the sole purpose of helping you make money online.
Get Started Now – It’s Free!

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